Are You Strange?

Rory at A Guy Called Bloke is asking the questions again. These are really thought provoking. I figured since I’m past due for a post and since my thoughts are jumping around, I might as well see what my fingers types out.

The use of the word Stranger made me think of this:


Now, the questions:

Who are you closest to that you can entrust your deepest concerns with?

My daughters are the people I talk to about most things. Each of them for different things.

Older daughter is for day to day life stuff like money, household things, Ben’s daily care, those sort of things. Since she’s a nurse, I also talk to her about all my medical stuff. She’s the one who will help me die with dignity if it comes to that.

Younger daughter is who I talk to about philosophical things. I talk to her about my feelings and lack of alone time. She’s also the one who appreciates the arts and nature like I do.

When both my daughters are making me crazy, I ‘talk’ to a few of my blog friends. We’ve built up friendships away from the blogs that are every bit as ‘real’ and treasured as any friendships I’ve had outside the cyberspace.

How likely are you to discuss a confidence with someone other than a friend, a loved one, a companion or indeed family?

I dont discuss secrets with anyone, mine or other people’s. I used to be more trusting but I got burned too many times.

Who are you likely to talk to – stranger wise – when you need to tell someone – ‘something?’

I can’t imagine needing to tell something to a stranger. Anything I need to tell someone, I can tell any of my friends or my daughters without fear of judgement.

If I had good news I just had to share, like winning the lottery or something, I’d tell everyone I met. Of course you gotta actually play to win, and I’m a hermit so I don’t see many people.

If you were to confide in a stranger – what would be the reason to do so?

The only scenario I can imagine would be like a spy movie kind of thing. Like a code or location of an object that must not be lost and my life was in danger.

Or maybe if I’d been in an accident, I’d tell a stranger my daughters’ names and phone numbers to contact them if I wasn’t able to.


How about you? Would you share a secret with a stranger? Who is your confidant?




(featured image is something I downloaded in 2017. I don’t know who to credit)

24 thoughts on “Are You Strange?

  1. Well sometimes is easier when telling a stranger? They are removed from a situation and perhaps can offer a clearer perception or different viewpoint?

    There are things I can not speak about to my children, and there are things I am very private with, and feel too many emotions with people close to me.

    But a stranger is removed. The emotions are contained, and speaking on things you can’t normally speak on – sometimes talking with a stranger or posting on a blog – helps to think things through rationally without emotions getting in way?

    I am not afraid of people – just cautious … don’t trust … also do not care about judgement…

    Plus what I go through could possibly help someone else at some moment in time.

    Is good in any way for someone to have a way to release their heavy stuff – family or stranger – just depends on the experiences and who that person is.

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  2. You’re right! I tell stuff to different people – Bob, my friend each get different things. They each get the things that they are best suited for to talk about. And I love my blogging friends – you all keep me sane!

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  3. We essentially have the same philosophy, especially the aspect of telling certain people certain things. Each of my friends and family members has their special “area”, and I can share things with each of them that the others might not fully appreciate. Of course, Partner gets most of my musings, whether he wants them or not… 😉

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    1. When the ex was sober, he was my best friend and we talked about nearly everything. There is a part of me that never gets shared, it’s mine! Partners should be best friends, that’s the point. Aside from all the sex of course😉

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  4. That’s was one of my mums fav songs. She loved Frank. I’ve got all her cds now so must listen to them. Also got all my partners cds – these are classical (which is cool) and 80s dance music (not so fine). I’m so sorry you’ve been burned too many times.

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    1. Words always seems to associate with other words or songs… actually, EVERYTHING causes associations in my brain. Sometimes it’s a weird twisty trip.
      Yeah, having people tell others your business is no fun. Or having a partner read your diary/journal…not cool.

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  5. I was thinking about this the other day that sometimes it is easier to tell strangers all that weighs on my heart than my own friends and family. I have great support, but sometimes it’s just easier to tell someone who doesn’t have any preconceived notions about your life situations, if that makes sense.

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    1. Yes. Also, I live with some if the same conditions so I understand the fear and frustration part too.
      That’s part of what I love about the blogging community. Everyone is so supportive and the other parents with ASD kids “get it” with the violence and the isolation and fear.
      Hang in there… our school was just closed until April 6th…I’m facing getting beat by an 11 year old boy because I want to keep him from breaking everything and running away…
      We’ll get through it🙏💪


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