9 thoughts on “Empty Nest

    1. This one is really low, I was surprised. I found it when the Pecans started to get ripe and I was harvesting them. The tree is completely wild and untrimmed so it grows every which way.
      We have a different kind of nest up at the peak of the eaves in front, but it’s hard to even see the nest, forget about what’s inside.🐦🕊🌻💌

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  1. What a cool find! We had a bird make a nest in our wreath on our front door once. By the time I had realized she was there for good there were eggs. So, I had to wait for the eggs to hatch, and the babies to fly away. took a while, but was a fun process!

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    1. At the old house we had House Finches that would nest in the honeysuckle, jasmine, and other climbers that we had growing over the beams of the porch support. They were there every year. It IS fun to watch the process! 🐦💌

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    1. You dont have Pecans there in northern England? I was really surprised when the nut pods appeared this past autumn. The tree wasnt here when we moved in. A passing bird must have dropped a nut and the tree sprouted and grew. With absolutely ZERO help from us.
      I love that tree now, and the nest is like a decoration or something 💫💌

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