What Is The Deal?

Well, it has finally happened, my Blogging Buddies. I have witnessed the panic-buying that goes with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Back up, Angie…

Everything has been fine here in my corner of SoCal. San Diego County, to be exact. Yesterday was the first news of the virus being anywhere near us. There were five cases reported in the county. The county is huge, I wasn’t worried.

Younger Daughter has had my car all this week, except for Monday evening and Tuesday morning. I had stocked up on groceries for the week, knowing I wouldn’t have the car. We have plenty of food.

It’s been rainy and yucky all week, and Ben has been having a rougher than usual time lately. Changes in the pressure affect him. Since today was Friday, I was feeling bummed that he’d be home for two days and I wouldn’t get a break from him.

Well, Murphy likes his games… Just as Ben was getting off the bus, his teacher called. Uh-oh… Yep! School is closed until after Spring Break. I won’t get a break from him until April 6th, when the Glorious Little Yellow School Bus comes back. Angie is not pleased.

Older Daughter started freaking out about the schools closing, people freaking and panic-buying…she was worried that we wouldn’t have enough of the things Ben eats and drinks at home. She ordered some stuff online and I went to the local grocery store. I needed to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy anyway.

The store was packed! Even for a Friday evening, there were a lot of people. I got my prescription and walked on to get the few things on my list. When I passed the toilet paper aisle, I stopped. Everything was gone. WHAT is the deal with the toilet paper??? Can anyone explain this to me?

Also completely gone were water, ramen (which I needed for Ben) and lots of canned and frozen food. The panic has hit. The little corner market had Ben’s ramen, so we’re good. I may have to get more ‘juice’ (Fruit Punch flavor Capri Sun) before what we ordered gets here, but there seemed to be plenty. I didn’t buy out the store in a panic.

Anyway, we’re all healthy, we have everything we need for a week or so, then the deliveries should start coming. But I am seriously bummed that Ben is gonna be home for the next three weeks.


(featured image was taken by me tonight. I was laughing at the ridiculousness of it)

43 thoughts on “What Is The Deal?

        1. The corner market is fully stocked😂 if I need anything else, I’m going there! Or 7-11 across the street, or the liquor store down the block.
          People arent thinking! A bunch of sheep or lemmings… I’m glad I’m an introverted hermit. People scare me more than any virus!!

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  1. Is like that globally!! Is crazy!!

    Up in Nor Cal – we are all shut down!! All schools closed … they said yesterday we are closed until April 3rd… but April 6th starts spring break… so schools will NOT reopen until April 13th 😮

    They also closed down my mothers nursing home – no visitors allowed!! (Which I am thankful for – I want her safe!)

    So I am out of my “during the week” job… and my kids all home too! 😮… plus cant really go anywhere

    Lol… quite an experience! Who would have thought all this would happen about a month ago?!

    It’s just panic, it’s the unknown and no one knows how long this will be or what will happen.

    It is crazy though!! 😮

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    1. I’m glad that California is being proactive. Better safe than sorry!
      Ben’s Mama works at a Post Acute Nursing Facility and they are stopping visitors too, except for patients on hospice.

      I really do NOT understand the obsession with stocking up on toilet paper though. I mean, it’s a respiratory illness, not a stomach bug🤷🏼‍♀️🤣🌻

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      1. Yes … but while it is mostly respiratory… some of the initial symptoms are reported as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

        I think people just want to be prepared and also have “some” kind of control when things are sooo incredibly out of control.

        But anyway… yes totally appreciate California acting swiftly!! I can withstand a little inconvenience as long as no one I love dies

        They also say – while younger people may be young and healthy and hopefully don’t have bad issues with this, and will most likely be fine… they can also be a carrier and infect many others

        So yeah looks like people will panic for a little while. Is what is though. Hope you are all safe and have what you need. ✌️

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  2. Ugh you poor dear! Dearest Dude, I’m so sorry about that. So happy to know you and your family are ok and healthy, but man, that’s a long time to go without a break! Yikes! They’re closing schools here, too; I think we just had our spring break, and schools are remaining closed for at least another week. Meanwhile, the streets are quite desolate! We were out running errands yesterday (Friday!) just before 5p (!!) and it felt like before noon. Seriously. I haven’t ventured into grocery stores much in the past few days, but when I was there earlier this week, the shelves looked pretty normal. “Sanity Tonio” indeed 😂😂. For now, anyway.

    Honestly this thing—I’m less scared of the bug itself than I am the massive over-reaction to it. Our mortality numbers are skewed, overstated. It’s primarily hitting elderly people with chronic disease like diabetes or lung problems. It’s pretty mild for everyone else. Even the little kids are being spared the severity of this one.

    I hope y’all stay healthy! We’re holing up at home until the hysteria passes…except for going out to live our regular lives lol 😉. Much love to you and yours!! 💗🌸🥰🍻❣️☯️💜☮️🍀🌺🌴🌵🐾

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    1. Thanks Dearest Dude!😍 I’m with you, the ‘Lemming’ (what I almost titled this post) are scarier than the virus. Ben rarely gets sick, my immune system is OVERactive (plaque psoriasis, fibromyalgia) so I rarely get sick, Older Daughter is a nurse so is extremely aware of precautions… I just hate going to get my list of groceries and having to go to more than one store cuz stuff is out.
      OMG!! Ramen is like GONE, everywhere… some site had a case for $35.00😯🙄… puh-leeze…
      You guys stay safe and tell the other dude Happy Birthday on Wednesday in case I get distracted by His Highness, Mr Bootyhead 😘🤣❤🌻💌

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  3. Wow, that is a long time! Mine are off for two weeks, will hopefully go back for a week and then we have spring break the week of April 6th. The buying is insane. Yesterday Bob went to the store and came home with stuff we didn’t need all on the basis – “It was the last one.” Got to his head! Stay well – mentally and physically 🙂 Thinking of you through this mess!

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    1. We’ll get through this just like breaks in the past!
      Yeah, the panic-buying is ridiculous. There was ramen at the corner market and Older Daughter asked if I bought all they had… I told her No! I’m not gonna be that jerk.
      Hopefully people won’t sit in front of their TVs obsessively watching ‘news’… bad for mental health.

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  4. In the last 2 days I did a regular monthly Costco run. They had their own brand of TP so I succumbed to the hysteria and bought 2, but I knew my 93-year-old mother-in-law needed some. Stood in line for thirty minutes to buy my few items. Needed a few things at my regular grocery store yesterday. There were people stocking shelves on every aisle, except the empty TP aisle, trying to keep up with the demand. There I just bought what I need for a week or so and their last bottle of cough medicine. I figured if I get sick I will need that more than TP. We only have 3 confirmed cases in the whole state and this is happening. Sorry about the whole school thing.

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    1. I read this morning that California has a lot more confirmed cases now, and some deaths. It’s a huge state, with a huge population, so I’m not surprised. I think our county is up to 10 or 12 cases. I’m honestly more afraid of the hysterical people than the virus.
      It’s a bummer about schools closing, but I get it. A lot of the students at Ben’s school are not only autistic, but have medical issues as well. They’re a risky group as far good hygiene too, so closure is better. Being proactive is better.
      I’ll be hanging on by my fingernails by April 6th, but we’ll get through it.🤷🏼‍♀️💃🏼💪🌻

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  5. I totally agree that people are scarier than the virus. It’s absolute panic fuelled by media stories but so selfish and with no thought for those who are unable to bulk buy. I’m sure this madness will soon pass and we’ll be on to the next big disaster. Hope your additional time with King Ben is not too stressful and you can continue to get the food items he especially needs. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I agree, I think the panic will pass soon enough and yes, it’s people with extra money buying bulk…the big packs of toilet paper are like $7-8 for the store brand. Not outrageous, but not cheap either.
      I think we’ve got Ben covered. I tend to stock up on his favorites just in general.

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    1. Thanks Teri! I hope your family is keeping safe & well🙏🤞
      When I read about Italy, I think about your recent trip and how sad it must make you.

      Since Ben is no longer going to school, our risk of exposure is extremely low. We’re hermits😂 Older Daughter works at a Skilled Nursing Facility and they’ve restricted visitors. They recently went through a quarantine when a bunch of the residents got the regular flu.

      I think if people use their brains & wash their hands and quit panic-buying, we’ll get through this, together.

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      1. Well it’s going to get much worse before it gets better. Yes. My dad had the same experience at his skilled nursing facility in December. And they’ve restricted visitors too. Know that because there hasn’t been testing, it’s been spreading for a month without us knowing it.

        We are self isolating other than seeing our kids. And I’ve stockpiled plenty for the next couple of months in case we can’t get food.

        Take a listen to the podcast. It’s good to stay informed.

        Virtual hugs


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    1. Thank you, my kookaburra friend!💌 I went out to the same store last night for cat food. All the jumbo bags were gone, but I got what I needed. People are silly!! Its so bizarre to see entire rows of shelves empty😲 Maybe it’s my twisted sense of humor, but it makes me laugh.🤣💌

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      1. Our supermarket’s shelves and toilet paper have been restocked but there was still a long queue when I went there Friday afternoon. It makes me laugh when people talk about social distancing, us hermits and introverts have already been doing that!

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  6. The toilet paper rush appears to be a worldwide phenomenon. We have it here in the UK, my family reports it from Germany. I don’t get it either. I’ve bought some extra, but I’m not exactly hoarding it. My local supermarket still has some, but last time I was there, there were absolutely no eggs left. And only expensive pasta.

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  7. Its crazy! Why toilet paper! I just don’t get it either!
    Our schools might now be closed until September!
    I am in Ireland! I really don’t know how we’ll get through this!
    How are you now? Hows ben doing?

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    1. We’re doing okay, thanks.🌻 We’ve heard that Ben’s school still plans on reopening on April 6th, but California is on lockdown, so who knows. I really hope he goes back then. September would make transitioning SOOOOO much harder for his autistic schoolmates and all the ‘regular’ kids too.
      I haven’t been back to the stores in a few days, but I’m going to need to. All the pickup and delivery services are booked for at least a week. Oh well, we do what we can, what we have to, and ‘just keep swimming’ 🐠😉

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