Part 21 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

It was an odd morning at the Casa. I woke up around 3:30AM, someone was in the bathroom. No Zeus sniffing my ear, so my enormous powers of reason deduced that it was Daughter. I figured that Ben would be up soon, so I went to WP, and read a little.

A little while later I heard Ben’s door open and the thumping of Zeus’s tail against the walls. I thought ‘here comes the Bounce‘, but I was wrong. (I know, I can’t believe it either) Daughter was escorting Zeus to the side door. He’d heard both of us awake and wanted to join, so he was pawing at the bedroom door. Daughter gave him the opportunity to go potty, then put him back in Ben’s room. He knows he’s supposed to stay with Ben while Ben is sleeping.

I was dozing in and out, so I wasn’t sure what time the Bounce actually occurred. Daughter heard ‘the children’ get up, so she came and got Ben from my room. Zeus stayed.

At some point, Ben got back in bed with me and there he stayed until about 10:00AM. I clawed my way to conciousness, with lots of help from Ben. Zeus was also very helpful.

Daughter gave Ben his 10:30 meds, then went to lay down, and I took over Living Room Duty. Ben was doing his thang with his chalk in front of the stove, grunting his song.

Ben got tired of his chalk, grabbed some Ritz crackers and his tablet, stole my blanket, and sat next to me on the couch. When I got up to pick up his chalk and sweep up the dust (still working on getting him to clean up after himself), I saw that Sven was still mopey. Okay, into the shower


Still grumpy… extra blueberries on his greens?? (I think the canned crickets or the shedding process slowed his works down…he hadn’t poo’d in a few days)


After shower (where he finally poo’d) and food. Much happier Sven, basking in warmth and UV light


Around 1:45PM, Ben was playing with his chalk again and I was in the bathroom, when I heard him yell “Mommy!”, followed by the sound of his feet pounding down the hall. I quickly finished up and went after him, knowing that I was too late. Yep! He Bounced his Mama. I started to feel bad and apologize, but I stopped myself. She’s off work, he’s her son, she’d been in bed for 3 hours. I had NOTHING to feel bad about. I asked him if he wanted his tablet or my tablet (he chose mine) and went and got it for him.

Then I found his tablet, put it on the charger, cleaned up the chalk again, and went to lay down in my room. I debated whether or not to turn off the 2:30 med alarm, but decided to keep it on. It’s better for Ben when his meds are on schedule, and Daughter wasn’t very awake. She has a memory foam mattress top, so no bedquake with the Bounce. Or the wiggle jiggle.

I was starting to get the peaceful dozey feeling when the alam went off. I got Ben’s meds and took them to him in Daughter’s room. He jumped up and ran to the living room, temporarily waking Daughter up. I followed him, made him take his meds, and told him I was going back to my room. He followed me. Dang! I was hoping he’d stay with his Mama so I could rest. No such luck.

Daughter got up a little after 3:00, telling me she was going to be in the living room now. I asked her why bother? She mumbled something, but with Peppa Pig blasting out of the tablet, right into my ear, I couldn’t tell what she was saying. Rather than yell over Peppa, I got up to ask her what she said. It was something about her schedule being messed up. Yeah, that kinda happens when one takes a 4 hour nap. I didn’t say that to her. I can play nice.

Ben decided to join us in the living room, he didn’t want to miss out on whatever was happening. Okay by me. I wanted my room to myself anyway. I went and hid in the bathroom until Ben beat on the door saying “Ben to go potty”. No problemo. I gave over the ‘throne’  to the King and went back to my room.

I was playing around on my phone and saw another Holderness Family video (this one made me cry…good tears)

We’ll get through this together.  My offer of any kind of help or whatever I can do is still open. No expiration date.

I hope this attitude of gratitude (poet didnt know it) that people are showing continues after we’re all able to do more stuff. Anyway, another song popped into my head, by someone who recently passed


Heading toward dinnertime and all that follows. I think I’m going to end early again. Take care of yourselves, smile when you can… cry when you need to.

Come on by tomorrow… adventures and Dragons and Bouncing, ya never know what might happen next.

Call me…


21 thoughts on “Part 21 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. You know, I’ve resisted the urge to focus on Sven, because I’m all about supporting you, but this one got me in the feels from a Sven angle. I fully understand not being able to poo when one needs to poo. I’m sure it’s because I’m so anal-retentive that I can backlog the system for weeks on end. Okay, that’s a lie, maybe it’s a day or two, but still.

    I’m really not sure what my point might be. Maybe it’s because we just watched the final episode of “Modern Family” and I’m feeling a bit maudlin right now…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can also commiserate with Sven. I had a very rough few months a couple years ago. Its somewhere here in my blog. There’s a reason I have “constipation” as a tag. We take that function for granted.
      I love that we’re chatting about pooping!😂
      I had a heavy feelings day Thor’sDay… too much rain, not enough sleep or I’m picking up all the unrest in the collective unconscious.🤷🏼‍♀️ Whatever the reason, feel the feels. 🤗💃🏼✨💫💌

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I can see Sven smiling – he sure does look happy! There were a lot of tears here yesterday too. School is officially closed for the rest of the year – online learning only. It was Declan and Bob who felt it the most. Bob I think is more looking for “when are things going to change” more than he was upset about the school. I think we are all just waiting to hear something positive, or some positive change. I spent almost two full hours at the grocery store this morning – the line wrapped around the entire store. I am ready for more positive – I gotta try and find ways to bring the sunshine in 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww… I’m sorry it was rough. I think a lot of people had a rough day yesterday…different reasons but it’s all connected to COVID-19.
      Maybe it’s time for a family meeting, let everyone talk together about how to make the best of the months ahead. I bet you guys could come up with some great ideas.
      We’ve been planning for September. And planning for transition problems then. I feel bad for people who aren’t introverted hermits like me. My life hasn’t really changed much. Just a very long school break🤷🏼‍♀️

      Things, unfortunately, won’t ever be the way they were before. But, (again, hopefully) they might be better. Our country, our planet was falling apart. Maybe some good can come of this🤞

      Poor Declan…first Easter, now school…so tough for little ones. Especially autistic little ones. Too bad you’re not closer, I have about 10 big cardboard boxes I could give you😂

      Sending hugs!! 💌💌💌💌💌

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      1. That was the message I was trying to give last night at dinner to some sad faces. Things could be better when this is over and let’s focus on the positive. I think we need one happy person here to keep pushing us to “positive-ville” and I’m gonna try to be that guy! I think that is why it is so hard for Bob who is an extrovert. He just wants people, he wants sports. I’m content, you’re right! Thank you!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. No, things aren’t the same and won’t be the way they were. This will have long lasting repercussions. Too many businesses closed, too many people out of work, too many lives lost.
      We lived like hermits before, so this hasn’t changed a lot of our day to day lives. Ben seems to have adjusted to being home. He doesn’t even ask about school anymore. We’re probably going to have problems whenever it starts back up. But we’ll cross that bridge later.

      How are YOU doing Teri? Is your family all okay?


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