Part 26 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

All good things must end and today was the ending of the sun rising without me. Yep, at 3:00AM I got Bounced! And it wasn’t even a snuggle, wiggle jiggle Bounce. It was Bounce and bedquake followed by an urgent “Gramma! I need your help! Gramma come living room!” Zeus just sniffed my ear.

I got out of bed to see what was so  urgent. Apparently, the problem was he couldn’t get the TV on. A problem of epic proportions. Life as it is lived at Casa Cuckoo couldn’t continue until Avatar was playing on repeat. His jail was parked in front of the TV, so the remote wouldn’t work. Luckily I have the knowledge and skills to point the remote at the correct spot and, almost like magic, the TV came to life. I put the movie on repeat and went back to my room, hoping Ben would follow.

Ben didn’t immediately follow, but Zeus did. I didn’t get comfortable because I didn’t want another rude awakening. Smart move. Before 4:00, Ben was back and demanding my presence in the living room again. Aww, dang!

Things were kinda hectic for a while. Ben needed help getting his PJ Masks figures set just so. Ben wanted to set his tablet up in front of them like a TV, he needed help. Ben wanted to watch his PJ Masks watching his tablet, but Zeus wouldn’t move, he needed help. Ben really needed to use the bathroom but he was wearing a zip up onesie pajamas with a jacket and tie over them (we don’t ask…) and couldn’t figure out how to get out of everything to go potty, he needed help.

He was finally settled down on the couch watching his tablet and making me script with him, when Daughter wandered out around 5:00AM. I told her she could go back to bed, we were good, but she didn’t want to. No problemo! I gladly went back to my room. The sun hadn’t even started to lighten the eastern sky.

I dozed off, not on purpose, I’m just always tired. Ben came and Bounced me around 7:30. I was awake when he took his meds at 6:30, so I wasn’t asleep for long… just long enough to be fuzzy and muddled when the bedquake hit me.

Ben spent the next hour doing the wiggle jiggle, elbows in my back, fighting with Zeus over who was going to be closest to me… ugh! If their goal was to make sure I was awake, they accomplished it, admirably. I got up and went to hide in the bathroom, uncovering Sven and turning his lights on along the way.

Back into my room with the wiggle jiggle elbows and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang blaring out of Ben’s tablet. At 10:25 I went and asked Daughter for his meds. She told me she was aware of the time, she’d been watching. I told her that he was driving me crazy and I had to get away from the bedquakes and elbows, so I might as well “dope his face”. I gave him his meds, cleaned up the chalk all over the kitchen tile, and gave Sven his food. Sven stayed in his ‘pouty corner’.


If he’s wanting a shower he’ll have to wait, Daughter is dying her hair before she goes back to work tonight.

After Daughter finished her hair and took a shower, she asked Ben to go in her room with her. He went, but was back out within 30 minutes…sigh  I had put Sven in the shower and Ben was messing around with the water. I had to chase Ben away and adjust the water temperature. Ben had made it a bit too hot. No wonder Sven was on the other end of the tub, away from the water…double sigh

Daughter called Ben back to her room, got him to settle down a little bit and allowed me some quiet time. I left Sven in the shower for a little while longer, made him mad with the toothbrush and got more of his peeling beard to come off. He was very yellow when I took him out.

Another thing that was yellow today… the sun. Yes, yes, I know it’s yellow every day, but here in SoCal it’s been hiding behind clouds for-ev-er! It’s been so cold this Spring that 75 felt a little too warm. I went all day without my hoodie! The Weather Guessers guess the weather will stay nice…for a couple days anyway.


The problem with nice sunny weather is to get it, the pressure goes up. Higher pressure makes Ben more agitated. A more agitated Ben is more likely to go Taz on us. Daughter kept him in her room for most of the afternoon. Her room is cooler and he doesn’t spend as much time there, so it’s ‘newer’, not the same old thing. I contemplated a nap, but Ben randomly ran into my room with demands for help or tape or just to make sure I wasn’t having a Pony Party without him.

Around 4:00 both Daughter and Ben moved to the living room. Ben was playing with his chalk and Daughter was watching her tablet. Mellow afternoon after a very hectic, very early start was nice.

Daughter found out that she can get Olive Garden delivered and nearly wet herself with excitement. There was a minimum amount so she ordered a LOT of food. Guess it’s good that cheesy pasta is something I’ll gladly eat every day. She goes back to work tonight, after being off for the past 8 nights. She has no idea what has been happening at the facility as far as staffing goes or if any of the residents have tested positive. Being full of her favorite food will make going back to work easier. Things don’t bother us as much after we’ve eaten our favorite food.

It’s time for me to bathe HRH then off to brave the store to pick up meds and search for TP. I wonder what they’d think if I wore Ben’s Guy Fawkes mask?

Be safe, take care of yourselves and stop on by tomorrow. We’ll have some adventures….






18 thoughts on “Part 26 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Wow, that’s an early bounce. The weather does look great! Here’s hoping the pressure isn’t too bad for Ben. I have to go to the store today too. Totally dreading it. Stay well!

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  2. Whilst I greatly enjoyed your daily ruminations, as always, I must confess that you lost a considerable amount of my concentration with the phrase “Olive Garden delivers”. This is something I simply must check out, as I am also an adherent to cheesy pasta, so I may or may not have processed every one of your words… 😉

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