Part 49 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Daughter’s BFF (since they were 12) showed up just as Ben was going to bed last night. She’s also Ben’s Godmother, so he was happy to see her. She had come for “Best Friend Date Night”. She and Daughter get together every month as their schedules allow and eat and watch a movie. Daughter made spaghetti with meat sauce. I have no idea what they watched.

I was awake until nearly midnight and the Bounce occurred at 2:45. Well, I can’t expect to sleep in until 6:30 AND take a nap every day, now can I?

Ben was full of ants in his pants, wiggle jiggle energy. I gave him my tablet because I didn’t want to get up and get his. I dozed a little, but mostly I was trying to stay ON the bed. Bed had wiggle jiggle nudged me to the last 6 inches. I have a California King size bed. It’s as big as two single beds, but Ben insists on cuddling (which I like) and nudging (which I don’t like) until I’m hanging on for dear life.

At 4:45 he jumped up and ran out, yelling “Gramma come living room now!” over his shoulder. He was having another potty emergency, but wanted to keep me in sight. Between Ben and Zeus, I’m very well looked after.

I was couch sittin by 5:00, waiting for 6:30 meds time. Ben had my tablet and a couple of his Kittys  and was saying  “Get the kitty” over and over. I wanted to yell “Enough already!”, but I didn’t. Bonus points for me & my patience.

I think I’ve written before about how we’re attempting to teach Ben manners. Things like Please and Thank you. We’re also trying to get him to say “excuse me” when he burps or has “rumble booty”.

So this morning we’re sitting on the couch and he lets one rip. I didn’t say anything, not ignoring… waiting. He says “Gramma?” I say “Yes, Ben?” He says “rumble booty”… sigh… so I said “What do you say?” then he said “excuse me”. It’s a game now or a script. He knows what to say and when to say it, but he won’t (or maybe can’t, maybe his autism won’t let him say it without the scripting game?) Just once, I’d like for him to excuse himself without the prompting.

Meds were given, Sven was uncovered and his lights turned on.  I was surprised that I woke him up. All the noise and commotion appeared not to have bothered him. Even Zeus barking at and chasing his  own tail didn’t bother Sven.

Around 7:15 Daughter got up. After a trip to the bathroom, she asked Ben if he wanted to go to her room. She helped him gather his stuff, and off they went. I got more coffee headed to Horizontal Time.

I dozed, I read articles and posts, I dozed some more… just me and Zeus, hangin’ out on my bed. I could get used to this!

The 10:30 meds alarm went off and I went to see if Daughter had taken the meds box to her room or if I should get them ready. It wasn’t in the usual spot, so she had it. I stopped and checked on Sven, he was on his rock, looking very unhappy. Shower Time!wp-15888746692835489978858475035070.jpg

I noticed today that the underside of his tail is peeling. Poor Sven… this shed just keeps going and going…

“NO! No pictures of me eating. How many times must I tell you?!”

I told him I would leave him alone to eat in peace.wp-15888750021037780747869028654575.jpg

Around 12:30 I heard Ben tell Daughter that he wanted to go to the living room. They both headed that way, but Ben decided he had been negligent in the Bouncing and bedquakes area, and decided to rectify that oversight. Yes, in plain english, he jumped onto my bed, ran off, jumped back onto my bed, tried to push Zeus off the bed with his feet, ran off and so forth and so on. Dang ditty dang dang dang!

I guess that little burst of energy set things right, because after 30 minutes or so of bedquakes, Ben went out into the Air Conditioned living room and did his chalk thing. He was still doing it at 2:00 when it was time for more meds.

If it wasn’t for the 2:45am wake up and the afternoon bedquakes, I’d start exploring that alternate universe idea again. It was just so completely bizarro for me to have all this down time. I’m not complaining, I could seriously get used to this.

At 3:30 Younger Daughter stopped by to bring another can of grasshoppers for Sven and some money for me. We pay for her phone and car insurance so I ask her to give me money to cover it. When she wasn’t working, I didn’t charge her, and she owes way more than she pays, but it’s the principal of it. If she’s gonna adult, then she needs to pay her bills.

Older Daughter got her knickers in a twist over Younger taking 3 juices when she left. Younger always grabs a soda or a juice when she stops by. It’s not like she takes the last juice or even leaves us short, she wouldn’t do that to Ben. The petty nonsense between my daughters is so annoying. It’s like they’re stuck at ages 10 and 4, instead of 31 and 25.

Things took kind of a turn from there. Ben was happy doing his chalk thing, but he was doing it in front of the bathroom. When I went to use the bathroom, Zeus tried to follow as usual and got in Ben’s way, messed things up. I hurried so I could take Zeus back to the bedroom.

Daughter dozed a little on the couch and Ben came to take a break and eat Oreos on my bed. I decided to brush his hair while he was watching his tablet. I guess the noise of Ben yelling woke Daughter up. She was grumpy!

Ben asked me to go to the living room. I told him Mommy was just in the bathroom. When she got out, she started cooking his steak and washing dishes. She was putting off  serious bad vibes. It almost made me cry it was so uncomfortable. Ben kept telling me to sit on the couch with him. I did sit with him and tried to keep my emotions neutral. It had been a mellow day, I didn’t want drama right before his bedtime.

I told Daughter that whatever I did or didn’t do that pissed her off, I was sorry. She said it wasn’t me, she “might as well be dead” because Ben always wants Gramma. I told her it was the same as her preferring her father when she was little. She said she didn’t remember that. (I guess since she doesn’t remember, it’s not valid??)

She was just grumpy and it was like a poison running through the house. I sat with Ben while he ate, and put him in the bathtub.

And that’s where he is now… I’m going to end here. I need to keep neutralizing until Ben is in bed. Then I have to put on public clothes, a mask and SHOES to go to the pharmacy/grocery. Two more prescriptions are ready and there are 3 or 4 things on the running list we keep by the fridge.

Thanks for hanging out while I did pretty much nothing all day. Things got weird at the end, but they do that sometimes. Life is unpredictable and people are even more so.

Come by tomorrow, it’s a full moon tonight so my excursion in public should prove interesting. Maybe. Or maybe it will be boring. We just never know…






15 thoughts on “Part 49 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Negative energy kills! Gosh, I hope you were able to clear out the negative vibe when you were able to get out of the house. I feel those things too. I have to go to the store today too. I only need a handful of things but they are important things. I’ll probably come back with a lot more stuff too!

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    1. There was a gorgeous sunset last night, so that helped. The store was busy & my glasses kept fogging up🙄 but I got my mini pies so hurray! I only bought one package (even though they were on sale 2/$5.)
      I had thought Ben wasnt affected but he got up at midnight to use the bat6and 1:30 for good. The word of today is COFFEE!☕
      Good luck at the store!🤞🍀💌

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    1. I dont even know where “rumble booty” came from🤔 my little brother used to call it “floating a biscuit”😮🤣🤣 and my ex called it “barking spiders”🙄😂
      I wonder how many different euphemisms there are for fart??🤔
      Okay… excuse me, I’ve been awake since 1:30… I’ll stawp already🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Rumble booty” and Sven both have me giggling. I love that Ben reminds you verbally of rumble booty just in case you missed the nonverbal cues so that you can help him with “excuse me” He definitely has the pattern right. 😄 Hugs! 🥰

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    1. It makes me wonder what he does at school??🤔 Does he point out to his teachers and therapists so they can say “What do you say, Ben?” 🙄😂 I’ll have to ask them in…in… September 😭😭🤣🧸💌

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  3. Well, since the Rumble Booty barrier has been breached, three things:

    One, as a child, I lived in mortal fear of producing such in public, despite many of my friends and family having no trouble doing so. I had to leave the county before I could relax enough to be productive. Unlike now, with the delight of my body decay, as there’s not nearly as much control. A mere sneeze can lead to an unexpected toot…

    Two, still in childhood, there was a tooting incident at a grocery store (with the fireworks coming from my grandfather) that still haunts me to this day. I really need to scribble that one out.

    Three, I DID scribble out a different incident. Should you be bored and in need of useless entertainment, here’s a link:

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    1. I’m still laughing! Excellent story!
      Yes, our bodies are no longer under our control. I have to be careful with a sneeze especially because not only does the booty rumble, but the bladder sometimes takes a break too. 😱
      I used to be very self conscious…extremely so. But after birthing 2 children and numerous surgeries, not to mention that horrible bowel issue I had… I just don’t care anymore. I still observe the polite social customs… I’m not a complete heathen, but the human condition is funny. Laughing about stuff is better than being mortified all the time. Besides, I dont have any pearls to clutch🤷🏼‍♀️😂

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