Melanie Has Questions

That swell gal and fellow Pisces, Melanie, over at Sparks From A Combustible Mind has recently received two blogger awards. Well deserved if you ask me. She chose not to do the nominations part of the award since a lot of us don’t really DO awards. She did offer up some links to blogs she enjoys and explained why.

Goodness gracious, she gave my blog a mention on both of her award posts, the least I can do is answer her questions, right?!

And if you aren’t familiar with Melanie and her blog, I recommend that you correct that oversight at your earliest convience. She writes stories and shares funny or interesting things from other blogs she reads. She rants with the best of us and she also hosts a weekly prompt called Share Your World. Oh, and she’s a liar, liar, pants on fire… but only on Fridays.


1.   Does blogging make you happy?   If not, why not?

Yes, blogging makes me happy. The blogging community fills me with hope for humanity and gives me chuckles and tons of support.

2.   Pets?  Pro or con?   If you have a pet or pets, what kind of pet?  Share a photo or tell us something about your pet. 

Right now we have Zeus the Big Dumb Dog, Diesel Cat (that’s him in the featured photo), Sophie Anne Cat, she’s a Tortie and has the ‘tude to prove it. There are pictures of her floating around my blog, and last but not least, there’s Sven the Bearded Dragon.

I’ve had pets most of my life. They give SO much! They are family, and I miss every single member of our lost tribe.

3.   Apples, peaches, pumpkin pie?

Yes, if they’re very crisp, not mealy

Yes, juice dripping down my fingers and chin (Behave!)


4.   IF this is supposed to be a blog oriented question session – what sort of blog is your personal favorite to read?

I like so many different blogs. I guess my favorite kind to read is one that teaches me something or sparks something inside me, a post that affects me in some way.

5.   What words of wisdom would you offer a new blogger to inspire them?

Keep writing, your readers will find you. Interact with other bloggers. Comment on their posts, and they’ll be more likely to look at yours. Relax and enjoy yourself. Be your authentic self, write anonymously if you like, but be real. Your “voice” comes through your writing whether it’s fiction or prompts or a journal type post.



What’s your favorite holiday/celebration?

My favorite holiday used to be Labor Day, because that was Pow Wow Weekend. Now??? Meh… I really don’t care about holidays. Too much commercialism, too much stress… no thanks.

Do you enjoy snow, if you have it in your area?

Snow will occasionally fall in the local mountains (40 miles east). It’s fun to drive up and play in it, then come back home. I wouldn’t want to live where it snowed. I’m a delicate, SoCal flower… I would freeze and die.

What do you think of the current news (generally, not today specifically)?

🎶 I read the news today, oh boy…🎶 No, I didn’t. I stay away from the “news media”. I like to know what’s happening in the world and I’ll glean info from various sources, but most of it has nothing to do with my daily life. I’ve sent myself spiraling into depression with helplessness and hurt over world events.

Dog or cat or guinea pig/ferret/fish/bird?

1 Big Dumb Dog named Zeus

2 cats, Sophie Anne a Tortie and Diesel who is long overdue for a snip snip surgery🙀

1 Bearded Dragon named Sven

Do you like bacon?

Is this a trick question? Yes, I like bacon. In fact a BLT sounds pretty good right now.

If you’re more vegan or vegetarian (someone please explain the difference.  Briefly.  I get confused! 😛 ) what’s your favorite veggie?

Vegans don’t consume ANY animal products…no eggs, no milk, no butter…everything they consume is plant based.

Vegetarians don’t eat flesh, they will eat cheese, eggs, butter, etc.

I’m not a huge meat eater, but I do like “real” meat when I decide to have a burger, or bacon, or chicken breasts.

My favorite veggies are broccoli and zucchini. I pretty much like all veggies except asparagus 🤢 I can’t even stand the smell of asparagus cooking🤮

Sunshine or rain/snow?


A little bit of rain is nice, at night, when I’m comfy in bed listening to it. Snow is pretty to look at. From a distance. Or a short visit.

Bright, cloudless sunshine is okay in the winter, but not the summer.

Perfect weather would be sunny, with big fluffy clouds, warm (mid 70s F), but with a cool jasmine scented breeze. Springtime weather… or what used to be Springtime weather🙄

Frozen treat on a hot day?


Do you have a favorite type of tree?

The giant sequoias in NoCal. The redwoods are unbelievably beautiful… sacred really. They are thousands of years old.

I also love the wild Pecan tree that is growing in my back yard. It wasn’t there when we moved in 10 years ago. I was able to harvest nuts this past autumn.

I like all trees. I’m a treehugger.🤷🏼‍♀️

What generational nomenclature do you use?  (explanation:  which generation’s lingo do you most identify with?  Or are you a linguist who embraces ALL the words from every generation? )

Dude, I can use words from every generation. I was born in ’68 so I grew up hearing Boomer, Hippy and 70s lingo. Then the 80s were totally rad, we had some gnarly lingo, especially here in SoCal (don’t say “Cali“, it’s grody to the max), plus I have 2 millennial daughters, so I learned their bomb diggity lingo, don’t trip potato chip, no bad sauce today.

Mostly, I just love words. I like unusual words for how they sound, like Pumpernickel, Eclectic or Ubiquitous… then there’s bombastic, flabbergasted and discombobulated. There are SO many words and I love finding the perfect one, le mot juste.


And that’s the end of the questions. Thanks again to Melanie for reading and recommending my blog. I was/am honored to be in such good company.




(featured image is mine… blah, blah, blah)



19 thoughts on “Melanie Has Questions

    1. Don’t be hatin’ on asparagus. It does smell ‘interesting’ and it makes one’s urine smell ‘interesting’ too (don’t ask how I know… I did NOT sniff my own pee btw). Asparagus, prepared and cooked properly, is ambrosia (aka food of the gods). It melts in one’s mouth and with lemon butter sauce frugally applied? Oh my goodness!!! SO GOOD! heh heh. ‘Course your comment, your rule. 😉 😆

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Does it TASTE that way too?? I guess…how would a HUMAN know what a beggin’ strip tastes like, right? But the overall stupidity of some people (none here of course) makes me believe there is someone, somewhere who tried to eat that stuff. Grody. Totally Grody To the Max!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I don’t know what Beggin Strips taste like, but veggie bacon does NOT taste like bacon. It’s not horrible. But it’s not bacon.
          Younger is a vegetarian. I’ve tried some of the meat substitutes. They arent bad. Boca Burgers are pretty good actually. But it ain’t meat.


  1. Your lingo through the years made me smile 🙂 And oh my, yes – Asparagus is on my puke list too – forgot about that one! I’ve tried with that stuff, even hiding it on a sandwich loaded with other stuff but it popped it’s awful pukey head and ruined my sandwich – bleh!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ll trade any of y’all asparagus haters your asparagus for my onions. Now I’m sick. Thanks. 🙄 Thanks Angie for doing all those questions (which did overlap…how did I not see that? We all have issues and Pudge issues took over my brain for the past week…my story and I’m stickin’ to it. 😆 Your answers? Spot on missy! Thanks for playing along!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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