Part 55 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Zeus woke me up at 3:00, but he was alone. Where was his Bounce and bedquake partner? I heard Ben’s maniacal laughter, then heard Daughter tell him to get under the blankets. Nice! He’d listened and gone to her room. I drifted back to dreamland.

Bedquake! 3:30 and Ben was getting under my blankets. Well, it was a nice idea anyway. Ben didn’t have his tablet so I handed him mine. I hoped that Daughter would come and retrieve her wayward son, but it never happened.

Ben started with the “Gramma come living room” right away. I told him it was too early. After 45 minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore and got up and did as HRH commanded.

Child was ON CRACK this morning! He was in constant motion, he was banging into stuff, he was completely ignoring everything I said, he was loud and Daughter slept through it all. Lucky her!

Around 6:00 he went out to the back yard. I caught a glimpse of him through the window with the loppers in his hands. FFS, where did he get those?! They’re old, but they’ll still cut through a one inch diameter branch. I took them away from him and told him it wasn’t safe for him to play with them. He woke Daughter up by yelling for them, outside by her bedroom window.

I got his meds ready. Daughter had brought up the idea of pushing his med times up, but this morning wasn’t the time to start. I needed him to calm down before my head exploded.

Daughter came out to the living room around 6:40. I told her she didn’t have to get up, the meds should be doing their thing soon. She said something about it was supposed to be my day off, she didn’t get days off, yadda yadda yadda. Whatever.

Ben was standing next to me as I was talking to her. I asked him if he was coming to my room. He said “Yes.” I told him if he wanted to come in my room he had to be calm, that I wasn’t having anymore craziness this morning. When we got to my room, he crept onto the bed, the little goofball! Diesel Cat was on my bed already (WHY?! Why does every living creature want to be on my bed), but jumped down when Zeus and Ben caused the bedquake.

Everyone got settled and comfy, I had a few verrry long blinks during the next couple hours. Not quite a doze, but close. I had to check to make sure Ben was awake a few times. He was SO quiet. No laughing or singing, no grunting or scripting. I guess he finally listened and took me seriously about being calm… or the meds were doing their thing.

Around 9:45 he ran off to the living room after handing me my tablet and saying “It’s dead.” I plugged it in and went to get his tablet. I heard him agrivating Daughter, I thought it best to nip that in the bud. I went to the bathroom and got more coffee, and made a new pot, since I was up anyway. Then back to Horizontal Time.

I laid on my bed and messed with my phone and veg’d for a while, just groovin’ on the perfect Spring day. The breeze was nice, coming in the open window and door. The sun was playing peek-a-boo behind the fluffy white clouds. It was Tourism Board Ad weather.

When the alarm for the noon Adderall went off, I was surprised. Time isn’t moving at a steady pace today. It creeps along, then sprints ahead. Some days are just like that. Anyway, I figured I’d better check on Sven. He was cold when I uncovered him and turned his lights on at 6:30 this morning. I hadn’t turned the heating coil on since we weren’t using the AC. It gets down in the high 50sF (13C) overnight, but that’s not too cold for him. When I turned on his lights, I turned the heat on too.

When I went out to check on him, he was still in the Pouting Corner, but at least he’d turned around.wp-15893962959322919906123202593287.jpg

I got him fresh nom noms and left him alone. wp-15893962988861559051663648339448.jpg

Ben had come into my room about 5 minutes before the alarm went off, but he followed me out when I did the Sven thing. He decided to stay and play for a while, but then rejoined me around 12:30. Then he went back to his Barber Chairs and his chalk.

Around 2:30 I went out to get more coffee and use the bathroom. Daughter was in there so I waited and talked to Ben. He was playing with his chalk. He said “Gramma come living room.” I told him I was standing right there, that I was going to use the bathroom as soon as Mommy was done, but she would stay in the living room with him. He said “Mommy go to Mommy’s room.” I told him he was silly. Daughter yelled out that she would hurry, I told her no worries, it wasn’t a potty emergency. Then I asked if she’d given meds or if she wanted me to. She said she’d done it.

When I was done in the bathroom, I asked her if she wanted me to take over Couch Sittin for a while, did her back hurt? She told me “Go away!” Um… okay… I went to get my coffee and she said “I know I forget sometimes, but I dont need you to remind me four times a day to give his meds.” I said “That wasn’t what I was doing, but okay.” and I went back to my room. WTF?! Whatever…

Around 4:00 Ben came and got on my bed and ate a Hershey bar. Daughter walked by my door telling me she was going to her room to charge her phone for an hour before she made Ben’s dinner. I said “Okay.” I was afraid to say anything else. Her attitude was a total buzzkill. It’s been a perfect Spring day here today, and I’ve really enjoyed just laying around, feeling the breeze and relaxing.


The sun in my wild Pecan tree.

Ben wanted me to go to the living room so we went. He started falling asleep, so I tickled and kissed him and told him to wake up. I told him he still needed dinner. He said “Taters!” I said “What??” He said “Taters dinnertime!” I told him if he wanted me to make fried taters for his dinner then he had to stay awake. He extended his pinky for a pinky-promise.

So, I’m cooking taters… I better get this out while they’re cooking.

Thanks for stopping by, I’ll see you dark and early tomorrow morning. If I survive the grocery store after he goes to bed.





12 thoughts on “Part 55 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Wow, that sounds like a doozy of a morning – so early and way too much energy! And I would have done the same thing -steer clear from the negativity. I hope you didn’t get bounced super early today!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great song 🎶. Question, is Kansas from Kansas? 😂. I don’t know the answer. Your day was full and Busy but nice chill in betweenness. I’m sort of hungry now with this talk of taters… what kind? And is there cheese? Off to find a snack. 🤗🎶✨🦋🐌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No cheese, shocking I know😲 Just regular fried potatoes. Little oil, lots of butter, fried til they’re golden outside & soft inside. Salt, pepper & a little garlic. Our whole family are Tater Fiends!! Fried, hash browns, smashed, baked, roasted…even raw.🥔 NOM NOM!! 🤗🥰💌

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  3. Wow, that photo of the sunny Pecan Tree is so crisp and sharp. I used to be crisp and sharp, until I wasn’t anymore. I miss that.

    Enough about me. I’m also a Tater Fiend. I love all variations and forms, from fancy to not so much. Fries and browns and whatnot. Mashed potatoes with gravy, brown or cream? Yum. Wait, the mention of gravy has me also thinking about creamy sausage gravy over fresh-made biscuits, one of my best faves, ever. Apparently I’m addicted to carbs. Dang it. Now I’m talking about me again.

    I promise to do better with my next comment. Maybe… 😉

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    1. I can make the yummiest biscuits and gravy. And I’m the queen of hash browns, ask my children.
      So, for correctly guessing the origin of “You have me permission to withdraw” I will buy the first round AND cook for you!

      I am a little disappointed that nobody noticed the famous actor in the Sugercult video on my Soundtrack post. I had to verify with Daughter that it was indeed who I thought it was.😯🤤


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