Part 64 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben went to bed at his regular time last night, but I wasn’t surprised when he got up around 9:00 to use the bathroom. He looked out the open side door and said “Sun coming up.” I told him that the Sun was not coming up, it had just gone down and that I knew he hadn’t slept because I heard him laughing, singing and playing. I hurried him to the bathroom, then hurried him back to his room. I plugged his tablet back in, turned his fan back on, covered him up and gave him his kiss. Oh, and I fixed his pillowcase which is satin and slides off. Then I turned off the light and told him to sleep. I also told Zeus he was a Good Dog for staying in the bedroom. He knew it wasn’t time to get up yet.

After Daughter left for work at 10:00, I took my sleeping pill and grabbed my tablet to read until I fell asleep. I was still awake at midnight.

The Bounce was around 5:00. Ben wanted to go to the living room right away, but I couldn’t wake up. He helped me wake up enough to get my body moving by repeatedly telling me to go to the living room, beating on my shoulder and telling me “Time to wake up, Gramma!”

We settled in the living room at 5:50. We took turns using the bathroom and he watched his tablet and played tug with Zeus, while I tried to get my eyes to stay open and focused, until the 6:30 meds and uncovering of Sven.

Daughter got home a little after 7:00 and after greeting Zeus and exchanging reports with me, asked Ben to come to her room. They went to her room, Zeus and I went to mine. I fell back asleep during the second blog post I read (nothing against the post or blogger).

Ben Bounced me for the second time at 9:00. Back to the living room I went. We hung out on the couch together. Same as earlier, same as yesterday… me trying to get my brain to turn on and Ben, with his tablet and earbuds. He gave me a nice “drum” performance with a small plastic bat and a mailing tube, beating on the couch. He even mixed it up with a few hits to a tin used as a “cymbal”. A thought to file away for future reference. Sven watched from the Judgey Cornerwp-15901687571143985750941837521198.jpg

The 10:30 alarm reminded me to give Ben his meds and take care of Sven. Mr Judgey had eaten the grasshopper and some of the greens I put down yesterday after I uncovered him this morning. I decided to be nice and give him a shower.

(1st is using “photo” option on my phone camera. 2nd is using full auto on “pro” option. 3rd is using “daylight” in “pro”. We have a white plastic skylight in the bathroom, so there’s lots of light. Three different pictures on three different settings, no filters or editing. Interesting how different the pictures come out)

Noon Adderall was given and Ben decided to go do the chalk thang. I put a couple of blueberries and a little arugula in Sven’s bowl, cleaned up the bits of grasshopper and pieces of kale he left lying on the floor of his terrarium and got him from the shower.

The living room started getting stuffy, and Ben’s face was getting red around 1:00, so I closed the windows and switched on the AC unit. I hate using it, but Ben needs to be able to play how he wants to play without getting overheated. Thank goodness he’s still in his jammies. He likes to wear and oversized t-shirt or one of my or Daughter’s sleep shirts. He also has some nightgowns. We don’t ‘gender’ clothing or toys.

At 2:00 meds were given and ar 2:30 Daughter got up and came out to take over. Ben was still happily doing his thang with the chalk. Sven was in the Pouting Corner facing out, so that’s cool. I grabbed my stuff, gave my report and went to get Horizontal.

As soon as I was settled Zeus was whining at me. He drives me crazy with his attachment issues. He needed to go out, but was afraid I would disappear or close the door on him. He waits to see that I’m settled, THEN whines to go out, looking over his shoulder as he walks out, just to make sure I haven’t moved. He had serious separation anxiety when we first adopted him. He was about two and had been neutered and micro-chipped when he was found wandering the streets. We have no idea what his first two years were like, but he’s been with us three and a half, so he should know by now. Big Goofy Dumb Dog!

Ben came in to hang out with my around 3:30. I came back from the bathroom and there he was, in my bed. Well, alrighty then. He was so quiet at one point I was afraid he’d gone to sleep. I touched his back to make sure he was awake. I should’ve left him alone. His afternoon Crack Out started then.

He’s been bouncing and laughing really loud, and like forced. It’s not a genuine laugh. I can’t explain the difference but it IS different. I just tried to project calm, Zen, chill in his direction.

At one point he started singing What A Wonderful World so I started singing with him. He tried to put his hand over my mouth. RUDE! I stopped singing and he left. Sheesh! In my own room…

The evening is winding down to the nightly routine. Another chill day at the Casa. I’ll take all the chill days I can get! We probably have three more months to get through before I see that Glorious Little Yellow School Bus again.

Here’s tonight’s exit song. Inspired by Suzanne’s find of an Eagle feather today. Word associations and songs… a peek into my mind.

Thanks for chillaxing with us today. Let’s get together tomorrow and do it all again. You’re always welcome at Casa Cuckoo!








14 thoughts on “Part 64 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. It’s so cool the way Zeus stays with Ben at night. Was it very difficult to train him to do that? Perfect song, thanks for the sweet nod. I’m happy it was a chill day. Sleep well! 🌟🌙🐶🐾🦎🦅💞

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    1. Ben used to share Older’s room and Zeus slept with them. When Younger moved out and we moved Ben into her room, we made Zeus go with Ben. He whines at the door if someone comes over or if Older & I are talking, but we just tell him to hush.
      So, the short answer is No, it wasnt hard to train him to sleep with Ben.

      I hope you sleep well too, dream of flying with your Eagle.🦅🤗🥰

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  2. Aww, I can relate to your problem with Zeus. Our pug is a rescue and she is on me like glue. She needs to know where her person is before she is content enough to eat or sleep. I am grateful that a friend can watch her if we go on vacation because I don’t think I could ever board her like I do the lab (who looks at boarding like going to camp – she loves it). I think the pug would think she was getting abandoned again. I’d love to know what her history is and how she ended up on the streets. She is such a good little dog but she definitely has some mental scars. Anyway, glad you had a good day and hope this one tops it! 🙂

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    1. I think Zeus would rather sleep with me, but Sophie Cat won’t come in the house until he’s in bed. He hates when we tell him “bedtime”… head down, tail down…but he goes, because he knows he’s supposed to sleep with Ben. It really helped when we moved Ben into Younger’s vacated room.💌


  3. I think I would recognize Ben’s forced laugh, in a way. My youngest sister had a stroke in her early 20s and she can no longer speak. Obviously, the situations are different, but when my sister lets loose with the odd laughter, it’s usually because she is frustrated with trying to express something but she can’t get it out. It’s surreal, because she’s upset, but she’s laughing…

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    1. Ben does that kind too, during a meltdown. This is more of a fake, maniacal, never laughed for real kind of thing. It’s creepy and annoying.🤷🏼‍♀️ I think it bothers the HSP & Empath in me because it feels so… wrong.
      Sucky for your sister. A stroke survivor and an autistic person with speech problems share the same frustration, inability to communicate wants, needs, feelings, thoughts… I would think they share quite a few similarities. Hmmm… Thanks Brian!😍 A new Thought Trail to explore🤔💃🏼

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  4. When my father’s depression was at its worst, he would also do this fake, enforced laughter/happiness thing. It made me feel very uncomfortable and was a sign things were not right. As you say, it might stem from frustration regarding the inability to communicate for Ben. I suppose, in a way, that was the problem with my Dad too. It is fascinating!

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