Part 65 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I was awake until after midnight again. I keep getting a second wind at night and it’s not helping my sleep problems. Sigh…

Today’s Bounce and bedquake was in the neighborhood of 3:30. I don’t know exactly, I was just assessing whether I was obligated to go to the living room. I told Ben it was too early, but he wasn’t liking that answer. I lightly dozed in between requests to open juice and bedquakes as he got in and out of bed a few times.

I was on the couch by 5:00. I should amend that to my body was on the couch by 5:00, my brain/mind didn’t arrive until much later.

The 6:30 alarm told me to do meds and uncover Sven. I discovered that Daughter forgot to fill the little compartments in the pill holder, so I had to actually read the bottles to figure out how much he takes in the first dose. I usually just tip the contents of the appropriate compartment into the grinder. Ugh! Poor brain… And Sven woke up hungry. He ate the two blueberries left over from yesterday, but the arugula was dried out. I dumped it and got him some fresh food.

Don’t worry, I won’t mess with you.

After meds Ben went to do his chalk thang. He’d already given me another “drum” performance earlier. No cymbals this time.

Daughter got home at the usual time, we did the usual things. She asked Ben if he was coming to her room and he kept saying yes, but wasn’t picking up his chalk. She went ahead to her room. I was still very tired, so I started picking the chalk up for him. I wanted to lay back down. I got it all picked up and he headed to Daughter’s room and I headed to mine. Sweet Horizontal Time!

I dozed and dreamt of a man I had known before (in the dreamstory, I didnt recognize him) but hadn’t known well or spoken to much. In the dream we talked a lot and he confessed to always being interested in me. We set up a future date. I even remember his name. Bizarro! I never have dreams like this. I’m not much on that kind of fantasy, it’s just not me. I’m not against the idea… just… odd.

I woke up a little after 9:00 and heard Daughter and Ben. He was “drumming” and she was getting irritated. I figured he’d come and get me soon. I wound up going and getting him around 9:45. Daughter kept telling him she was going to sleep, to be quiet and he was ignoring her. I grabbed his chalk (still in the bucket, YAY!) and off to the living room we went.

Ben was scripting from two different things and mishmashmoshing them together. Peppa Pig and Willy Wonka… interesting. I kept up pretty well, I think. Soon it was 10:30 and time for meds.

Ben had been using his “angry” voice since we’d come from Daughter’s room. He wasn’t saying angry things, just scripting in the angry voice. He felt edgy to me too (I’m working on the HSP/Empath post. I haven’t forgotten). I asked why he was using the angry voice, was he angry? Did something hurt? Was he hungry? Unfortunately he wasn’t able to give me an answer.

Around 11:00 or a little after, he went to go do the chalk thang. He’d settled down after taking his meds and watching his tablet. Thank goodness! And Thanks to the Angel who sent good vibes our way!

Noon Adderall was given while he was doing his thang. Sven was either Judging me or staring outside through the open windowwp-15902603088211398872144414571197.jpg

Ben continued to do his chalk thang while singing, grunting and making Happy Noises. I did the usual WP, Email, games, and texted with Younger Daughter. She was planning on stopping by to pick up another package.

I didn’t get her text that she was on the way. I only knew she was here when she knocked on the door as I was looking at the text messages she’d sent. I was playing a game and sometimes my texts don’t come through. It’s very annoying (maybe I’ll Peeve about it Monday, try out the new editor…hmmmm…)

When she knocked I was in the middle of texting her back, so I erased that, told her to hold on, went and got the key. (keyed deadbolt lock, to keep Ben from opening the front door… until he figured out the kicking it enough times will jiggle the lock open.) She had my delivery, 40 pound bag of dog food, so she brought that in, I gave her box to her, we hugged, exchanged “I love you!”s and she left.

Older Daughter got up and came out a little bit after… around 2:30. Ben had moved from his chalk to the couch to watch his tablet. I gave Daughter my report and headed to my room, with Zeus following.

Ben stayed with Daughter for a little while, but he wound up coming to my room. He was chill, watching his tablet, occasionally asking me to open a juice. Sometimes singing or drumming.

Tonight’s exit song is some Native American “Bird Singers”

Thank you for spending another day, doing a whole lot of nothing, at the Casa today. It’s awesome to have your support when things are bumpy, but it’s also nice to chillax with friends. Meet us in the living room tomorrow, just before sunrise. I’ll have the coffee waiting.









18 thoughts on “Part 65 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I tried the new editor twice now! I didn’t have any trouble with it…but I do all my writing in notes and then copy and paste it ready to go into wp. But even the tiny bit of editing I do on site was totally manageable. And pictures were doable too. I don’t know about videos though. Good luck. See you in the morning at 0 dark thirty 🥰💫🎶💌🌎

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  2. My day was chill as well. One of my friends got snippy when I dared to express an opinion in our chat group, but I just shrugged it off. The less time spent there the better… 🎶🎶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I don’t have time for snippy people. Friends should be able to say whatever is on their minds without fear of Judgey McJudgeypants getting butthurt and rude.
      I love my Daughters, my few online friends and my WP Peeps, usually in that order😉

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    1. Yeah, 3:30 is too early! Luckily he let me doze a little bit until 5:00. It wouldn’t be so bad if I could get to sleep before midnight. Hopefully when Daughter starts working her 7pm-7am shifts Ben’s and my sleep schedule can change a little too. His bedtime is so early now so that Daughter can have a 2nd sleep before going to work at 10pm. If Ben went to bed later, he might MIGHT sleep a little later🤷🏼‍♀️
      As you know with Declan, sleep just isnt easy with our guys😕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It isn’t! Declan goes to bed when I do now, which is around 10 fall asleep around 10:30 (he likes to chat 🙂 ). He will sleep until about 6-7 with his sleep aids, which I can totally work with. Although today his “time for you to get up” was to hit me in the head every few minutes until I conceded (and took a lot of deep breaths to hold the emotion 🙂 )

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        1. Ben doesn’t know his strength, thinks he’s tapping me on the shoulder but he beats me😱 I shouldn’t joke as a Domestic Abuse survivor, but it’s kinda funny to get beat by my grandson “Gramma! Time to wake up!”🤣 YES!!! Deep breaths. LOTS of deep breaths.

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  3. Bizarro. Think I can confidently rule out any guys called that in the North of England. We don’t really do posh names. That sounds like a south of England thing. Wouldn’t it be cool if you did bump into him one day. Hope he’s so nice. Keep smiling, keep dreaming. xx

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    1. 😂😂😂 I’ve met people with some strange names, but never even a magician or musician named Bizzaro. You gave me a laugh with that one! No, it was a common name and I don’t know anyone by that name now.
      Thanks for making me laugh!!💌


  4. Fantasy is a great release. We all need a bit of that right now. I live in my head much of the time. Hope you get to have another good dream. 🙂

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    1. Oh, I definitely enjoy fantasy… just not Romance Novel stuff. Maybe my marriage jaded me, but it’s just not where my mind goes.
      I’d love to have more dreams! My dreams are vivid and I love them. First, I need to get more sleep🙄🤪😂😂

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