Peeving… On A Monday…

I’ve only done one other Peeve since Paula started this wonderful little ranty thingy, I’d say Im due.

Image is Paula’s

In a different post I was writing, this subject came up and I realized that it really does bug me. So… 🎶I’m Peeving… on a Monday afternoon🎶 (morning, but whatever).

I play a game on my phone. Within the big game are a bunch of little games. Blah blah blah… the games are whatever. My Peeve is that while I’m playing the game, I don’t get my text messages. Sometimes one will slip through if I’m going from one of the little games to another, but it’s rare. I don’t get the message, I don’t get a little reminder icon, I don’t get nuffink! The only way I know that one of my wonderful daughters texted me is by going into my SMS thingy and looking, which is the first thing I do after playing the game….if I remember🤦‍♀️

Why does this game, which already bombards me with notifications all day and night, think it’s okay to block my incoming messages? Even actual calls take a couple rings before I get the option to answer or decline. Why does this game think it’s so important? I watch all the 🤬 ads, what more do they want? Why do they wanna isolate me even further? Are online games part of the casino thing? No clocks either… yeah, I noticed that too.

Okay… I was about to cross the bridge into Conspiracy Theory Land. We’ll just stop here at it really pisses me off when I miss text messages because the game won’t let them through. But, like I always say… Tis better to be pissed off than pissed on.


20 thoughts on “Peeving… On A Monday…

    1. I’ve looked, and I have my daughters set up as my priority contacts. No “do not disturb” time🤷🏼‍♀️
      My phone is a couple years old… I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I think the game doesnt want to be interrupted.🤷🏼‍♀️😠 and they want me to spend money🤣🤣🤣🤣 like THAT’S gonna happen.

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    1. You can use Paula “Grumpy Cat” pic and Peeve any day… or your own image and Peeve or Rant away. It really does feel better to get it out.
      Makes me think of Happy Feet🐧…Ramon (voiced by Robin Williams)saying “You got to let it out”

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    1. I KNOW the games are sometimes rigged to make me lose. That’s irritating, but not on the same level as missing text messages from my daughter.
      Sledgehammer sounds great, except the game is on my phone… I do WP from my phone too. I don’t wanna lose my connection to my WP Peeps. 😟


  1. Not sure if this happens to me or not. I have messenger completely turned off because it’s so annoying. I periodically look in there for new messages. I want my texts though! I’ll have to pay attention…

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    1. I get very few notifications, they’re annoying. I already have Ben interrupting and demanding attention, I don’t need Apps doing it too.
      I only noticed the texts thing when I’d open the messanger thingy and see unread texts. I thought it was my phone being stupid until Younger called and said “I guess you didn’t get my text”, while I was playing the game. 💡that’s when I figured out the game was denying my text notifications.🤬

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  2. This may sound lame, but have you tried googling the issue? “playing Boomtown on xx device not getting text notifications”. It’s amazing how many times I’ve googled something out of desperation and found hundreds of people out there with the same issue, and usually somebody has a fix or at least an explanation…

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