Part 103 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Daughter overcooked Ben’s pizza last night so it didn’t look right and he wouldn’t eat it. Then he started going off a little around 6:00. Meds were due at 6:15-6:20 so I worked on distractions and ran his bath. We saved it from going bad at the end although Daughter was grumpy and that wasn’t helpful.

Ben and Zeus were tucked in and I relaxed and waited for sunset. It was overcast most of yesterday but the clouds started burning off in the afternoon. I thought there’d still be some clouds for sunset. Yeah… like five clouds. It was pretty anyway.

I planned on trying to go to sleep earlier than usual. Murphy or the universe or Dumb Luck loves when we make plans. I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight and I took my pill before 10:00.

I got Bounced this morning around 4:30. He was very much awake and very wiggly jiggly. I got elbows in the ribs, pushed toward the edge of my bed, blankets stolen and bedquakes galore. Basically a normal morning. He wanted his water bottle. I told him to get it. Can you guess what he said? “I need help.” Rather than get up, I just handed mine over.

When Nature’s Call became an urgent matter, I had to get up. I went looking for his water bottle after my pit stop. I couldn’t find it anywhere. So bizarre! I brought him the smaller Hello Kitty one. He drained it pretty quickly and wanted a refill. Ugh! I got up and he followed. Time for relocation. It was 6:15 by then and meds were due soon. I refilled his water and went on a more thorough search for the newer, bigger bottle. I looked under his pillows, all around his bed, shook out his blanket… nothing.

The med alarm went off at 6:45 and I doped his face. He was doing the chalk thang at the time. Then I uncovered Sven… still in Brumation Mode.

He didn’t even open his eyes to acknowledge me today.

Daughter stumbled to the bathroom at 7:00, then went back to her room and reappeared about twenty minutes later. She had some kind of work class or training or something from 8am to 10am today. I told her about the missing water bottle, she said it was in her room and went to get it. Apparently Ben Bounced her at some point too, but she was able to go back to sleep.

Ben and I dropped her off and came back to Dogzilla in the window and stuff knocked down. We were gone maybe twenty minutes… an eternity!

Ben grabbed his gun and wanted more caps. I wanted a Happy King so I got a package of caps. For the next hour or so Ben happily pop pop popped the gun and Zeus bark bark barked AT the gun. Fun times at Casa Cuckoo.

Daughter texted that they would probably be done early but I hadn’t heard back by 9:35. We left around 9:45 and she got done at 10:05. So much for being done early. We got home and saw that Dogzilla had rampaged again. It makes me very tempted to leave him outside in the backyard when we make short trips like that. He would probably really lose it if he was locked out of the house. Spoiled rotten is what he is, the Big Dummy!

Daughter and Ben settled on the couch. She had some online stuff she had to complete and Ben wanted to “help” her, he wanted to play with the laptop. She was doing a good job of playing and joking with him while telling him to stop trying to touch the keyboard.

One thing I’ve noticed she says a lot that I want to talk to her about is “I promise” a promise is worthless if it isn’t followed through. Once may be forgiven but she uses “I promise” too freely. I made a habit of never definitely agreeing to anything if I wasnt 100% sure I could deliver. I say “probably” or “it should be fine” or “I’ll do my best” because life has a way of getting complicated and shit happens. Annnnnd… I’m done with the tangent.

I went directly to Horizontal Time. It wasn’t long before Ben was in my room asking for help and needing me to Write The Words and also needing tape. At first it was just one thing and he left. Then he came back, and came back and Gramma got frustrated. (My problem is that when I think I’m “Off Duty” I get frustrated when he comes to me with his mother sitting right there next to him. If I tell myself I’m NEVER “Off Duty” then I expect interruptions and I don’t get as frustrated. I just have to REMEMBER not to relax while he’s awake.) I finally went out to the living room and sat on the floor next to where he’d spread everything out on the couch and wrote and cut and taped until he was satisfied. Daughter was still doing her online whatever for work. It would’ve been better for her to do it in her room. Woulda, Shoulda, Coulda… doesn’t matter. She finished and Ben stayed with her. It was good for them to be in the same room without anger.

I spent my Horizontal Time going through my WP Reader and listening to Zeus snore. Tough life that poor pupper has… very tough.

Around 2:00 I went out to use the bathroom and Daughter said “I’m going to need to charge my laptop pretty soon.” I didn’t say anything. After the bathroom, I went to my room, grabbed my stuff and came out and told her “Tag” She said she was planning on waiting until after his meds, I told her I could do his meds, I was up already, just go. She went. I gave Ben his meds, made another cup of coffee and settled into Living Room Duty.

4:30 and Daughter is still in her room. I have a feeling she went to sleep. If she did, I’ll have to fix something for Ben’s dinner. It’s getting close to that time.

It’s been a nice mellow day. Not much of a day off for me, but I must remember that I don’t get days off. Tonight’s song is one I heard while I was dropping off or picking up today and it’s been with me all day.

Thanks for coming by Casa Cuckoo and hanging out. Not a very exciting day but that’s okay. There could be excitement in five minutes, later this evening, tomorrow or not until next week. (Yeah, right!) I know I’ll have to make a trip to the grocery store soon. That’s exciting, right? Whatever happens, we’ll have fun and make it an Adventure. See ya tomorrow…