Part 87 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

We woke Ben up at 6:00 last night for his night meds and to see if he wanted to eat anything or wake up a little. He took the meds and wanted to go to bed. So we sent him to go potty, brush his teeth then gave him a bed-bath with wipes. A kiss goodnight and that was it… until 11:30pm.

But first, the sunset

Even with the extra sleep, I was still tired last night. I took my pill at 9:30 and waited. Again… nothing for a long time. Finally, around 11:00 I feel it start to take effect. I went for one last bathroom trip and filled up my water bottle. Got back to my room to see Ben and a guilty looking Zeus on my bed.

Ben said “Good morning Gramma!”. I told him it wasnt morning, that I hadn’t even gone to sleep yet. I told him he could stay in my bed, but he had to be quiet, Gramma needed sleep.

For the next hour he kept asking me to go to the living room. At 12:30 I gave in. He wasn’t letting me sleep in my bed, and Sophie Cat won’t come in with the Big Dummy staring out the window. So we moved to the couches. I plopped down on the chaise part with Zeus at my feet and Ben stretched out on the couch. I took his temperature, it was 98.2 (36.7c) … good. I texted Daughter (she said let her know if he woke up. I figured there was no reason to shake her awake. If the text didn’t wake her, she needed to sleep). Ben and I both fell asleep.

Daughter came out around 5:00, asked Ben if he wanted to go to her room, then got her stuff when he said “Stay living room”. My back was aching something fierce and I was very logey. I went to my room, contemplated taking a morphine and konked out before I’d decided.

Ben Bounced me a little after 7:00. Daughter said he had thrown up shortly after taking his meds. His temperature was in the “normal” range, so it wasn’t from fever. She went to start laundry, including her blanket which had been on the couch with them. Ben went back to sleep and I started trying to wake up.

When I couldn’t ignore my screaming bladder anymore, I dragged myself out of bed. On the way to the bathroom I noticed Sven was still covered up. I took care of Sven on the way back to my room. Uncovered him, turned his lights on, dumped the old food and got new nom noms to tempt him

Baby arugula, blueberries, AND blackberries

He didn’t seem too tempted

“Seriously! Go AWAY!”

Ben decided we needed to move back to the living room around 9:15. So I carried his stuff, then got my stuff and we settled on the couch again.

He’s still not feeling well but he’s better enough to have entered the antsy, whiney phase of illness. He can’t seem to get comfortable, so he sits up, lays down, jiggles this way, squirms that way… at 10:30 my phone alarm reminded me to give meds, so I gave meds.

Ben and I just hung out on the couch. I kept offering food, but he didn’t want anything. He wanted another coke, so I got him another coke. (He likes diet coke and we buy the mini cans for him) I checked with Daughter about the noon half Adderall and we decided to skip it again today. I think his wiggle jiggles are more from being uncomfortable than his ADHD.

At 12:45 Daughter came out to take over the living room, Ben got up and started playing with his chalk, I took Daughter’s clothes out of the washer and put mine in, (told ya there’d be laundry) and went to my room for Horizontal Time.

At 2:15 I was finally done motivating myself to get off my ass and on my feet, or Off ‘n’ On, and take the clothes to the dryer. I looked in my wallet to check the cash situation… one quarter, one single and one ten. Dang it! The quarter machine takes ones and fives. Daughter didn’t have any cash and I’d already raided my change jar for quarters several times. Then Daughter asks me to stop at 7-11 for a Quarter Pound Big Bite Hot Dog with lots of pickles. Yes, she’s a weird one. Welp, I needed to get cash or break the ten or something anyway and 7-11 is in the same strip as the laundromat, next door to it actually.

Of course they were busy, there was a line for the atm machine… I don’t like people. I got cash, got some crap to bring home to Ben and the hot dog… except… yeah, brain fart, no pickles. No nothing except packets of condiments. Duh!

I did manage to change my single and put the clothes in to start drying before I went to 7-11. I can do time management, just not remember that there are Kooties and Buffets and Salad Bars and any kind of serve yourself stuff is probably history.

Back over to the laundromat, changed another dollar and with the quarters of the change from all the crap, I loaded time onto the dryer and came home. Ben was passed out again. Poor little guy. He’s better today, but still sick with something. How he got it, no clue, unless it’s his ear. I haven’t been sick and neither has Daughter. Younger has been by, but she hasn’t been sick either.

I went to get the clothes, Daughter had gone to lay down. When I got back Ben was awake and watching his tablet. I gave Daughter her basket, dropped my and Ben’s stuff in my room and went to check on him. He wasn’t feverish to touch, I asked if he wanted juice or another soda. He said “ready to go bedtime”. Aww, man! Poor little guy. I told him it wasn’t bedtime yet, but he could lay down in his room if he wanted to, or come to my room or I’d come out to the living room after I folded the clothes. He didn’t say anything. He just looked sick and sad. Oh, my heart. Is there anything sadder than a sick or hurt child or animal. It’s the eyes. The eyes that silently plead with you to make it all better…

Anyway, I folded the clothes and put them away in record time. I probably did a craptacular job, but its nightgowns, pj bottoms, underwear… who cares?! I wanted to get back to Ben. I sat on the couch and held his foot for a little while.

Daughter came out at 4:45 to take over, Ben was sleeping again. He woke up a little after 5:00 and wanted to go to bed. We sent him to go potty and he went from the bathroom to his bed. Daughter asked me to get his meds ready after she wiped him down and changed his jammies. I gave him his meds and one minute later he was throwing up. We had to strip him and his bed. Poor little guy.

What a day! Ben is feeling a little better but is still pretty sick. It’s nice that he isn’t bouncing all over the place, but I didn’t want him to be sick, just to chill out a little. Sheesh. Anyway here’s tonight’s song

Thanks for hanging out and doing laundry with us. Fun stuff! Younger is bringing her sick snake over for Older to give it an injection. Neither Younger or her Partner want to do the injection, so it’s good to have a nurse in the family, eh?

See ya tomorrow.





22 thoughts on “Part 87 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. I’m attempting to sleep before midnight… once again. Ben is feeling a little better. He got up, but is in bed with Daughter now, so I should be able to sleep… maybe. There’s still the catsπŸ€ͺπŸ€£πŸ’Œ

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  1. Sheesh wish there was a magic sleep wand that could be waved over the lot of you and just knock you all out for a while to get much earned rested zeds and chill outs. A debouncer wand would also be good. Do you think the overall poorliness is down to just a build up of the same location for so long? I mean l know l can perform the same repetitive tasks day in day out and so on ……………… but even l get bored occasionally and then become a little down with a lack of variety..

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    1. I’m sure that boredom plays a part.
      He’s sick now, though. He’s got some kind of infection somewhere or a virus of some kind. His problems with communication make trying to help him harder. We have NO idea what’s wrong. All we can do is keep the fever down and try to keep him comfortable. We’ll need to contact the doctors if it doesn’t clear up soon. But sleepiness and occasional feverπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ not much to go on.

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  2. Ugh, sorry to hear that things are not quite where they should be. Well, the only thing you can do is do what you know. It’s hard, and the mind races over the possibilities, but keep breathing and stay calm. Fingers crossed.


  3. Thank you! Things continue to improve but slowly. Meanwhile, things with Older’s new job speed up. I am just going with it. It’s kinda scary how good I’ve gotten at living in the moment and not worrying (too much) about the future. I guess a lifetime of daily chaos and madness is good for something πŸ€ͺπŸ™„πŸ˜˜πŸ’Œ


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