Part 92 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

Guess who was writing a post and konked out with their finger over the backspace button… AGAIN? Yep! It was me. Let’s try again…

Ummm… oh, yes… Younger Daughter and Partner brought Kris over for her injection last night. I was going to take pictures but I was in charge of keeping the Big Dummy out of the way. I gave her (Daughter, not Kris) some arugula and some blueberries since Sven isn’t eating. Her Beardie, Drakeo knows that it’s not brumation time. I also gave her some butter. I had given her flour for baking the last time she was here. Now she has the ingredients to bake some blueberry scones for me.

Ben had an actual bath last night. We’ve been using wipes or a washcloth since he’s been sick, but since he’s feeling better and ever so slowly getting better, we thought a nice soak would make him feel better and might help him sleep.

Then it was sunset time

Then I ate, read and went to sleep. Then I got Bounced at 1:00am. BOO!

We went through the same routine that we go through every time. I keep hoping he’ll just get in bed and go back to sleep, or a least let me sleep. Off to the living room. Another day at Casa Cuckoo begins.

After I had gathered his things, made him go to the bathroom (he’s been holding it) and got him settled on the couch, I got my coffee and joined him.

I read a little and I started writing the stuff about last night when the OFF switch was flipped. Kinda like the circuit breaker from last week or whenever. It sucks that I deleted all the stuff I’d written, but it’s good that I got more sleep. When I woke up I found that Ben had taken my phone and taken fifteen pictures. They were all of me an Zeus sleeping, all exactly the same and ALL out of focus. I deleted them. I would’ve thought one of them would be in focus.

Med time came and he took the crushed pills with no problems. Then I uncovered Sven and got him some fresh food.

More coffee for me and trying to get Ben to keep drinking his water came next. It was overcast this morning, lazy sleepy weather, and I was feeling both.

Daughter got up around 8:30. She asked what time he got up and I told her. She said that was just about the time she went to sleep. I told her that I’d heard her coughing and making other, moving around noises when we got up. I told her that if/when he wakes me up tonight, I’m going to get her up, then she can sleep tomorrow during the day before she starts her regular shift at the hospital tomorrow night.

I got up so she could have THE spot and saw that Sven had moved. And one of the blueberries was gone. I asked Sven if he had a little nosh? If he enjoyed his nom nom? He just looked at me as I took a picture. Then I told him “Great! Perfect! Now give me Dark and Broody…” he moved his eye.

Then he moved to the Judgey Corner to either look out the window or stare at Daughter… maybe both.

Both of the sleepy boys are less sleepy and both are eating a little. This is good. Now, if only I could be permitted to sleep. I headed to my room to try. Ben and Zeus were already on the bed, waiting for me. I laid down and was able doze until time for his 10:30 pill. Daughter brought it in to him but he was being a stinker and wouldn’t take the dang pill. Daughter was getting frustrated with him, and I was getting frustrated with the hullabaloo in my room. He finally took the pill and kept it down.

We stayed in my room until a little after 1:00. Daughter left the living room to go charge her devices. As soon as she left Ben ordered me to the living room. It hurt Daughter’s feelings a LOT! I don’t know what’s going on with Ben but he really doesn’t seem to want to be with her. It’s so sad for her. I don’t know what I can do except keep encouraging him to spend time with her. Please! I already have a Big Dumb shadow, I don’t need or want another one.

So, anyway… Ben and I were in the living room again. I tried to get caught up on email and posts, Ben surfed on his tablet. At 2:00 he wanted me to take his temperature. His cheeks were still bright red and his legs felt a little warm. The thermometer readout was “normal” but I gave him two ibuprofen with his regular 2:00 meds anyway. He’s been achey through this whole thing.

He fell asleep around 3:00. I asked Daughter what she wanted me to do. She said to let him sleep for an hour. Now it’s 4:00 and I think she’s just gonna let him sleep for a while. I need to make a trip to the grocery store and don’t wanna go too late, I’m tired too. I think I’ll end here and pick up tomorrow.

A song… hmmm…

Thanks for stopping by. It’s been a weird day for me. An off day… I felt out of step. Come on by tomorrow. We’ll see if I can’t get myself sorted.




18 thoughts on “Part 92 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I know there are days that I am hurt after giving “all my lovin'” to a kid just to have them run off to daddy. And the same on the flip – there are times I can tell Bob is hurt when the kids come running to me for “all my lovin'” 🙂 It definitely hurts! I can relate. Sounds like a pretty chill day – temp wise too! Glad to hear the boys are feeling better! I hope you get some rest tonight! That has to be tough being up so long!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kids can be so unintentionally hurtful… one more thing that isnt in the parenting books🤷🏼‍♀️
      Sleep… 2:30 Bounce but I made Daughter get up. Ben followed me to my room but at least i got a few more 💤💝

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking the same. I’m the “obedient” peasant. She says he doesn’t ask her, and he doesn’t anymore. He used to, and she would ignore or flat out refuse.
      I used to try to refuse but he has a tone that vibrates my nerves… like the glass-shattering high C or whatever. I can’t take it when he gets that tone in his voice 🤯🙉🤦‍♀️😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL I do that all the time! I’ve conked out while texting/blogging so many times it’s hard to count lol. And sometimes I hit some pretty strange keys (including the backspace…or a bunch of symbols…or whatever lol). I’m glad Ben is getting better! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I dont mind so much the weird words and symbols… that can be funny. I hate accidentally deleting several paragraphs of writing though. 😡
      Yeah, Ben is getting better by millimeters. He’s been sick for over a week didn’t eat for five days… whatever got him (and where did it come from???) got him good! He is very rarely sick. We’ve almost got him hydrated and he’s eating at least a little bit every day.
      If it had been the girls when they were little, I would’ve taken them to the pediatrician. But with Ben (and COVID) the doctor is worse than waiting it out. All they could’ve done is rehydrate him faster with IV, maybe some blood or urine tests… trauma drama for him, no thanks! And we dont do antibiotics with him since he’s allergic to penicillin the “cure” is worse than the infection. I mean, we would give him the others if he had a raging infection but this seemed viral.. it bounced around and never settled anywhere.🤷🏼‍♀️


  3. I’m also considering the brumation angle. It would be nice, for once, to simply not move or worry about anything. I wonder if there are any online courses I can take to prepare me for this alternative? (Just trying to lighten the mood. Hugs.)

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  4. Isn’t that frustrating when you write something and it gets deleted? Happened to me last week. My neighbor asked me for a focaccia recipe. I spent time writing out every ingredient and step. Then i found out it didn’t save correctly.
    My neighbor is still waiting. Just haven’t felt like writing it out AGAIN.
    Sorry Ben has been unwell. That’s hard on everyone.
    Gotta get caught up on your blogs. I’m missing out!


  5. I’m loving your song choice (I bet you do!) It must be hard for your daughter – she must feel really rejected – but there’s little you can do. It must be a very intense time for you all. x

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    1. I used to say my dream weekend would be a medical coma. Just put me into dreamland for a couple days, keep me hydrated, keep me nourished, keep me from wetting myself… just let me sleep.
      8 or even 6 uninterrupted hours of sleep would be nice. 🤷🏼‍♀️
      Yeah… Daughter has to figure it out herself. And start by quitting showing how hurt she is. It just confuses Ben and makes him avoid her more.🙄

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