Part 134 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Last night, after we parted, things actually continued in the chill vibe. I guess even Murphy takes a day off occasionally. We woke Ben up to take his night meds and use the bathroom, then herded him to his room for a wipe down and clean jammies. Zeus complained a few times, but Ben slept.

I did some more WP Reader catching up and then watched the sunset. It’s not just the pictures, although I am having fun with the photography aspect, it’s the beauty of nature, the changing of day to night. It’s transitional and it’s liminal… it’s magic and it’s my favorite time of day.

After sunset I ate my food from Olive Garden… well, half of it. I can’t eat a full serving, it’s too much. I did my Night Things and wrote an email, played a game, watched some videos… chilled. I dozed a little, mostly I was waiting to hear from Younger. I didn’t really expect to hear from her, but I was hoping. I woke from a longer doze a little after midnight, took my pill and slept until a little after 5am. I was going to get up, but decided to stay in bed until Ben came for me.

A whole thirty minutes later, I received my summons via Bounce, bedquake and ear sniffing. Ben said what he always says. I said what I always say and off we went.

His colored blocks had been delivered after he was in bed so I opened the delivery envelope and left it on the couch where he could see it right away. I wanted to reinforce the trust that my word is good. I want him to know that when I tell him something will happen at a future time, he can rely on it. Anyway, he found it, opened it, but wasn’t in a line em up, knock em down mood, I guess.

Meds were given when the alarm went off and Sven was uncovered, lit and paparazzi’d

I could title this “Portrait Of My Envy”…

Daughter got up a little after 7am and took over Living Room Duty. Ben followed me to my room, but I guess I wasn’t entertaining enough cuz he left after about ten minutes. He was back and forth, making sure he didn’t miss out on the Pony Party.

I relaxed (can’t write “chilled”, it was hot) in my room, going through my WP Reader and email. I also did the occasional Arts and Crafts project. Ben was back and forth between Daughter and me.

Younger texted me around 11:30 asking if she could use my car tonight to do Postmates. I told her yes. She wanted me to pick her up at 4:00. I told her that’s a rough time for Ben usually and with this heat, it might be rougher (she KNOWS this, she should remember… not thinking clearly. I get it.) I told her if she could wait until 6:30 it would be better. I’m not sure if she’s going to wait or if she’s going to Uber over. It would be better to wait… save money.

I talked to Older about laundry, grocery shopping and any other errands that I might need to run. It was decided that I would get a few things from the corner market and do the rest tomorrow.

On the way out the door, I checked the mail. Daughter’s paycheck was there and that changed the plan. DANG! She signed the check and I got the clicker for the car. I was driving after all.

The dash readout sat at 99°F (37°C) the entire time I was driving. Sometimes it’s a few degrees warmer in the car, but driving around with the AC blasting usually corrects the thermometer to a more accurate reading of the outside temperature. It never changed. The Weather Guessers were wrong. I won’t be surprised if we go over 100°F (38°C) today. UGH!

So I went to Daughter’s bank, deposited her check and got some cash. Then I went to my bank and put part of the cash in my account. (Her credit union and my bank don’t do transfers… it’s a pain) Then I went to Rite Aid, (AGAIN!) to get her wine, a couple craptacular toys for HRH and some other junk. Then I had to stop by the corner market for the stuff I was going there to get in the first place. Then I came home to be mobbed by Ben and Zeus trying to see what was in the bags. I gave Ben his bag, said hello to Zeus, put the rest of the stuff away and went to change clothes. I was only gone about an hour, but I was tired! I’m a “delicate flower“, I wilt in the heat.

Around 3:00 I took over Living Room Duty. Daughter had served a full eight hours. She deserved to go stretch out for a little while. I do more than eight hours usually, but I’m Batman, sooooo… there ya go. Ben had been in the middle of a chalk project and he continued after the Changing Of The Couch Sitters.

Around 4:30 he got up and went and banged his head on the door and fell down. I asked if he was okay. He said “I’m alright” and laid there. I asked if he wanted new earbuds for his tablet. He did. I asked what color he wanted. He said pink. I told him I’d “help” him up and he should sit on the couch and I’d get him some pink earbuds. Luckily (or actually, intelligent planning in action) we had received a package of four sets of earbuds… black, white, green and pink. We order the same four-pack of cheapo earbuds every couple months. They don’t last long, either dying from overuse of cheap materials or the ravages of SpazmaTaz, Hulk-Mode Ben.

Ben happily sat on the couch, watched his tablet with his new pink earbuds in, munched some Oreos and sipped some diet coke. Yeah, sometimes, like when its hotter than… (let’s just say hot, I’m trying to stay PG-13) we let Ben eat whatever. Sometimes we do it when it’s not hot. Life is meant to be lived. That means eating dessert before dinner sometimes.

Daughter came out at 5:15 to cook “white chicken” for Ben. I guess it’s a good thing he only ate a few Oreos, then went back to his chalk. I stayed on the couch until she was done cooking.

Since Daughter is off work tonight, all that’s left is dinner, bath and bedtime for Ben. I’ll probably be going to pick Younger up and dropping her back off around 10:30 or 11:00 tonight. The fun never ends.

Thank you, as always for coming along on our Adventures. It was definitely a warm one today, no chillin’… but it was pretty relaxed. The Weather Guessers are predicting cooler temperatures tomorrow, we’ll see… That’s kinda the motto for 2020, isn’t it? “We’ll see…” I hope we’ll see you all tomorrow for some more Adventures! (see what I did there?) I can’t promise there won’t be bad jokes, but I can promise some laughter. And probably some really bad dancing.