Part 104 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Daughter did get up and cook last night, but only because her phone woke her up. Ben started telling me to get dressed and go to the store… pink cookies again… around 6:00pm. This was the third or fourth day that things got a little crazy around 6:00. We dont want to give the night meds too early because he needs to stay awake long enough to drop Daughter off on the nights she works, but we may have to give part of the meds early because 6:00 is a busy, difficult time on work nights.

Last night I just put him in the bath. I had to go to the grocery store anyway, I was just thinking of waiting because I was tired. I decided to go ahead and go, get the pink cookies and be done with it. I told him while he was playing in the tub after I got him clean, that I was going but if he wasn’t good for mom I wouldn’t bring the cookies. Then I stomped out of the house.

I found everything on my list at the store, even TP and was home by 6:45. Daughter was putting Ben to bed so I took the cookies in, put them on his bedside table and said goodnight.

Apparently Daughter had to threaten to call me and tell me not to bring the cookies because Ben was goofing off and not eating his dinner. He ignored her until she picked up her phone, then he said “Don’t do that.” and sat down and ate. We got the stuff put away and I relaxed until sunset.

The way the two banks of clouds were situated they looked like the “bread” of a Sunset Sammich, with the light and colors being the “fixin’s”.

I konked out at some unknown time and woke up just before 1:00am. I saw that I hadn’t taken my pill, so I did that. Sometimes if I fall asleep without taking it, I just skip it; especially if I have Ben duty the next morning and depending on what time I wake and realize I haven’t taken it. Daughter was home and I could be groggy in the morning if Ben got me up, and 1am wasn’t TOO late. I did wake a couple more times, once because Sophie Cat and Diesel Cat were having a disagreement across my body. Stupid cats!

No Bounce, no ear sniffing… Today’s wake-up was Ben yelling “Gramma come living room!” as he ran past my door on his way to the bathroom. Zeus had gone straight out the side door. Both boys had Potty Emergencies. I looked at the time as I was getting up and gathering my Living Room Duty stuff… SIX THIRTY! Incredible!

In the living room I got Ben settled, said hello to Zeus and uncovered Sven.

“See? I’m alive. Now go away and let me sleep!”

I got Ben’s meds ready, doped his face, then got my coffee. The coffee pot had been on all night, so I had to scrub the baked gunk from the inside… bummer! This is why I hate randomly konking out. Stuff gets forgotten.

Daughter came out a little after 7:00 and took over. I went back to my room and started going through WP and email. And I dozed off… and I woke up… and dozed off again. This went on until about 10:00am. After that, I worked at staying awake, even though sleep would’ve been SO easy.

A little after 11:00 I got up and got ready to run the errands I needed to run. While I was out I got a Happy Meal for Ben. He’d had a good morning with Daughter (not that I was awake to witness it, but the fact that I was able to sleep was proof enough) and why not?! He was very excited to see that red box o’ grease and salt. He took it to my room and hung out with me in there.

Daughter went to her room since Ben was with me. We stayed in my room for a little while, then he moved us back to the living room. I did more WP and email stuff and Ben did the chalk thang while singing Let’s Go Fly A Kite. He got up on the couch with me around 2:15 and watched his tablet.

At 2:45 Daughter came and tagged me out and I went back to my room. Horizontal Time!

Nothing much happened for the rest of the afternoon. Ben wandered into my room a few times and wandered back to the living room. It’s been such a relaxed, mellow day. Alternate Reality Day. Maybe July will be better than June. I have an anniversary coming up on the eleventh, so July is always an important month for me.

Anyway, I think I’ll just go ahead and post, chill with Ben and Daughter until Ben’s bedtime then do the regular things. Daughter is home again tonight, so no Driving Miss Daisy and no worries.

Can you believe this song was released 25 years ago?

Thank you for hanging out at Casa Cuckoo today. It felt like an Alternate Universe day. I think I like this reality better! I got a LOT more sleep and the vibe was pure chill. Let’s hope we stay with this reality a little longer. Come on by tomorrow and check it out with us. Even if we don’t stay in the new reality, we’ll have some Adventures… and some laughs. There is always laughter and plenty of love to go around. See ya tomorrow.






17 thoughts on “Part 104 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. While Ben was in the bath Daughter said “I don’t want to jinx it but…” I told her… “No worries about jinxing. Its Alternate Reality Day.” I hope we get to stay in this reality for a while.πŸ€žπŸ€—πŸ₯°πŸŒ»

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    1. It’s a great album! I’d forgotten how many great songs are on it. And 25 years??? 😲
      Hope Son is better. Yesterday must’ve been SO hard on him. 1st time leaving & it’s to hospital… awful! And so rough on you, Gary. Sending Hugs! And pink cookies πŸ˜‰πŸ’Œ

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  1. Yay on the extra sleep!

    And I love your visual interpretation of the Sunset Sammich. I can see it clearly.

    Anecdote about Alanis that is pointless but hopefully mildly entertaining: The first time I heard one of her songs, I was in one of those “adult bookstore” things, in search of… research material. (I was single at the time and the tumbleweeds were a blowin’, if you know what I mean.) The song was “You Oughta Know”, the unedited version, and when she growled that “are you thinking of me when you” line, I marched up to the counter and sweetly but emphatically demanded to know who was singing.

    I bought the CD later that afternoon and I wore the hell out of it.

    But I remained single for a few more years, because life is funny that way… πŸ˜‰

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    1. My favorite lines:
      “And every time I scratch my nails
      Down someone else’s back I hope you feel it
      Well, can you feel it?”

      Classic and still awesome! She has new material… its good.

      And yes, sleep!! …it already feels so long ago.☹

      Liked by 1 person

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