Part 110 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

We kept to Ben’s new evening routine… mostly. He was goofing off instead of eating, so it took until after 7pm before he was in his jammas and tucked in.

Sunset was pretty much the same as the past few nights. I went to the corner market to get a few things for Ben during the sunset, so I didn’t take as many pictures. (You’re welcome)

After sunset I finally got a chance to go through my WP Reader, get caught up with things and was relaxing in bed, goofing on my phone. It was quiet.

Then at 9:21pm I heard a sound that frightened me, Ben… laughing… He was still awake, or he was having the liveliest dream I’ve ever witnessed in his almost twelve years, because he was talking too. Daughter and I decided to ignore it unless he got up. No reason to worry about it, really. If he was quiet in bed, fine with us. Maybe he’d even sleep later, we thought.

I was enjoying the cool and the quiet and didn’t realize the time. When I did finally notice what time it was, it was after midnight. I wasn’t sleepy but knew I needed to sleep soon or the morning would be difficult and the day would be worse. I took my pill and got ready for bed. I was awake several times in the night. Chronic insomnia is a sucky thing.

The yelling run-by was at 6:30 this morning. I figured he’d be a little later since he was still awake after 9pm last night. I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the living room to deposit my stuff, then went to Ben’s room for his tablet and water bottle.

I got my coffee, did Ben’s meds and uncovered Mr Sleepy.

Half of a glare is better than no glare.

Then I sat, with my bent legs over the Big Dummy and Ben’s toes occasionally digging into my ribs, drinking coffee and trying to uncross my eyes. Another day begun at Casa Cuckoo.

Daughter came to relieve me of Duty at 8:45. I gave my report and went to lay down. I wasn’t planning on going back to sleep, but my body hit the override button again, and I was drooling before five minutes had passed. Ben was in and out of my room and very loud and rambunctious. He treated me to singing, drumming and many, many bedquakes. My body wouldn’t let my brain have control, so I dozed and drooled on.

Around 10:00 my phone made a bunch of alert noises and my brain arm-rasseled my body’s control away. I swam up from the depths of the pool of drool to see what the alerts were. A bunch of nothing is what they were. I thought I had gotten rid of all the notifications from all the apps but it would appear that I missed a few or the apps are getting sneakier. Both are valid possibilities.

Ben was apparently still on crack and was pacing and pacing around the six inches of floor space not occupied by my ginormous bed. He wanted to tell me something or ask me something but his brain wasn’t making the connection to his mouth. He finally got it out… he wanted me to Write The Words “Umbrella Corporation”. Ugh! So I stumbled out to the living room to get the bag with the Arts and Crafts stuff so I could Write The Words for him.

His brain to mouth connections were still haywire, so he switched to having me draw the red and white logo. (This is from Resident Evil if you’re wondering what I’m blathering about) The only problem was that we only had yellow paper, so he got red and yellow logos. I guess they were good enough.

He went back to the living room and I went through my WP Reader. I could hear Daughter telling him to chill out, calm down, stop pacing… It appeared to be a super ADHD day. He eventually went outside to wreck some havoc. Good choice.

On my way to the baño I glanced at Sven. Well, hello…

Out of his house, into the Judgey Corner

I decided if he was actually going to move, I’d put him in the shower for a bit and put some nice, fresh food down.

Then Ben was yelling from outside that he needed my help. Daughter went to see what was what, but Ben needed “Gramma help” Well alrighty then. I went to “help” him walk back into the house. He got under the blankets in my bed. I tried to talk him out of the blankets, too hot… but Ben isn’t reasonable about some things. When Daughter went to her room at 1:45, Ben and I moved to the living room for the AC… and Arts and Crafts Time.

I put the tape on the blocks and Write The Words, Ben adds the flourishes.

I checked on Sven, he hadn’t eaten and he’d moved to the Pouting Corner.

“Go Away! I’m tryin to sleep… sheesh!”

The 2:30 med alarm reminded me to dope Ben’s face, so I did. I also noticed Mr Sven had moved again.

He looks kinda sad with his face all pressed against the glass. The moody little reptile…

Time out was taken for some Blue Ramen and tablet watching. Fine with me, I get tired of Arts and Crafts. While he was distracted with his Ramen and his tablet, I attacked his hair… brushed and braided. He fought a little, he always fights. He HATES having his hair, brushed, washed, or even touched. We used to razor it down to one inch every summer, but we had to restrain him and he cried the whole time. We finally gave that up and his hair hasn’t been cut since. I’ve learned a lot of people on the spectrum have issues with their hair and fingernails. Ben used to fight us when it was time to cut his nails. Now he just peels them off. Gross and OUCH! His pain tolerance is scary high.

Around 3:30 snack time was over and he moved to the chalk area (aka the kitchen floor in front of the cabinet between the stove and fridge) and played with his dominoes, grunting and making Happy Noises the entire time.

He got back on the couch with me after he was done with his dominoes. Just chillin… Daughter came out to take over at 4:45. My back was aching from that couch. I need to get some pillows or something so it doesn’t hurt so much to sit there. I foresee many hours of Ben enforced Couch Sittin’ in my future.

We’re entering the countdown now. Daughter has work tonight and tomorrow night. Younger will be bringing Kris the ssssneezing ssssnake over for her second to last ssshot, so there’s no time pressure with Ben tonight. We’ll keep to the schedule but Younger will be here if Ben is uncooperative. Then he and I will pick Daughter up at 7:30am tomorrow morning.

Thanks for stopping by Casa Cuckoo on this Moody Tuesday. Come on back tomorrow, ya just never know what’s gonna happen next.






23 thoughts on “Part 110 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. OUCH! I didn’t know that about hair and fingernails.
    Don’t you wish sometimes that you could ignore the alarms in your life the way Sven does 😂. He’s a real pro! 😝✨💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The hair and fingernails thing I’ve just sorta picked up on from reading what autistic adults write or other parents write about their kiddos. 🤷🏼‍♀️ just another little piece of information rattling around in my noggin🙄😂
      I have no idea how Ben can peel his nails the way he does. Yikes!! He’s a “picker” though. Picks at scabs, bumps, anything on his skin or ours🙄 He tries to go after my plaque psoriasis but I won’t let him.😝

      Sven is the King Of Sleep, with Zeus a close 2nd. The cats are both excellent sleepers too. It’s only the humans who suffer🙃🤔😆🤗🥰

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  2. I like the art work. Looks like you have a good routine that’s working fairly well for everyone.
    There hasn’t been much of a routine here since the pandemic started. Made a banana cake w cacao nibs and espresso powder with a chocolate whipped cream topping. Soo good.
    Our niece Marie stopped by and ate dinner with us. I was fine until she sneezed, then I couldn’t wait for her to leave. We sat outside most of the visit. She took a plane ride over a couple of weeks ago to visit her dad in Chicago. She said he has allergies and my yard has lots of pollen, so it’s gonna be ok. But geeze, you can’t be too careful these days.
    Hope your daughters new job is better.
    Stay cool this week.


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    1. I think we’re all going to be worried about every sneeze and cough for a long time. Older Daughter and I came to the conclusion way back in March that if one of us got it, we’d probably all get it. There is just no way to isolate with Ben. There is still so much we don’t know, and yes it’s concerning, but I’m not going to spend my time stressing about it.
      We wear masks, we wash our hands, and we stay home except necessary trips.
      Younger and Partner come over and occasionally Ben’s Godmother, Older’s BFF (also a nurse), but that’s it. It’s not that different from before. We kinda lived as hermits anyway🤷🏼‍♀️

      Don’t let it stress you too much! Every single day anything could happen. You gotta enjoy yourself and LIVE while you can😘💃🏼💌💌

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  3. It looks like Sven is smiling in the shower and after. I never thought I would ever say this about a bearded dragon but – so cute :-)! Getting his hair cut is still an issue for Declan too, although not as bad as it was before. We definitely have our battles, and we usually have to majorly bribe him with a jumbo reward at the end (and who knows if THAT is the right thing to do) but he will suffer through some hair cuts. Even the ones done by me! Which is big because I am the person he has the easiest time telling “no” to. I hope everything goes smoothly for you guys today! I hope it is a great one!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ben would never sit still long enough for an actual styled cut, that’s why we just buzzed it. We thought maybe the buzzing of the razor was the problem so we tried to talk him into letting us try scissors. No dice. They even tried at his new school… nope.
      His hair is thick and wavy too. Without the braid he’d have knots and snarls and probably small mammals living in his hair😱 We ask him if he wants to cut it off, he always says NO!🤷🏼‍♀️
      I hope your day is going good! Is D still terrified or is he getting over that?

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  4. Son is the same with hair, hence the poor sod has got me cutting it. Moody Blues always makes me smile. Had tickets to see them in Newcastle but in the day got tickets to see Tin Machine with David Bowie in a real small club. Moody Blues are great but no Bowie.

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    1. Yeah, I’d have to pass on the Moody Blues for Bowie too.
      Hair and nails… one of those things we only find out is common when we talk to others with autistic kiddos or if adults share their experiences. It helps to know it’s not just your child or family that has these issues.

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    1. He was fresh from the shower, wrapped in his personal tea towel. It’s funny how much personality he has. People think reptiles are boring, but Bearded Dragons at least are all very different from each other and very entertaining.😂💖

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  5. Hurray! Sven is on the move! I understand the brumation angle, but it would still make me leery until the episode is over. On the flip side, and I think I might have babbled about this before, I don’t think I would mind going through a brumation myself. There are definitely moments when I would like to go in a dark room and just stay there for days. Some people are so annoying. Not you, of course… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to tell everyone I’d LOVE to spend 2 or 3 days in a medically induced coma. Stick the tubes in me, turn me every once in a while, dust me off… but let me sleep! Ah, bliss!! It still sounds like a nice vacation 😉

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