Part 112 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

The evening routine went okay. Ben was still getting into anything and everything and Daughter was getting irritated. I reminded her that he gets wound up at the same time every night, she wanted to debate. I tried to keep things light, but she kept on until finally I said “You tell me the correct answer then. Obviously I am wrong. What is the right answer?” She stuck her jaw out, and got her stuff and stormed to her room. I continued straightening the house and checking on Ben who was outside.

I took care of his meds, giving him his pizza (Daughter cooked it) and doing his bath… getting everything ready so I could drive her to work. Everything was done and she was dropped off on time, still in a pissy mood. Whatever… not my problem. Ben and Zeus were tucked into bed, kissed goodnight, and I collapsed on my bed until sunset.

Blah, blah, blah… pill around 10:00pm, yadda, yadda, yadda, homeless hacking guy, cats, car alarms…

Yelling run-by sometime before 5am. On the couch after gathering the stuff at 5:02. And so begins another fun-filled Casa Cuckoo day.

Ben was jitter-jiving and pacing all morning. He could NOT be still. He tried to do chalk, he tried to set up his city, he tried to watch his tablet… two minutes was the limit, then he was up pacing again. He was grunting and making Happy Noises the entire time. I seriously considered doping his face early, but that would’ve messed up the schedule, and he was in a good mood, he just had “ants in his pants”.

Meds at 6:45, and Sven uncovered.

7:10 I told Ben we needed to get ready to go get his Mama. He grabbed an armload of kitties, two Big Ben clock towers, his hat and his tablet. I got his shoes and socks on him, then grabbed his water bottle and my stuff and we were out the door at 7:15 to go get Daughter from work.

Daughter said work was very busy last night. She noticed one of her patients had left right around 1am. She asked the Charge Nurse where the patient was and was told she self-discharged. (Daughter said they are getting a LOT of people with alcohol withdrawl) She took her thirty minute break and when she came back there was a new person in the room. She joked to the Charge Nurse that they don’t waste any time there, and was told there were over one hundred people in the E.R. …at 1:30am… The hospital she works at is the only one in the area. It serves several smaller cities on the outskirts of San Diego.

Back home by 7:40 to see Dogzilla barking his head off in the window. In the house, cleaned up the mess, Daughter to her room, Ben and I to the couch. Then Ben went to do the chalk thang at 8:15 and I drank coffee, trying to stay awake.

Ben got up and bounced around a few times, had a snack, but went back to the chalk, where he pretty much stayed until 10:30ish. Then the ants got back into his pants and he was pacing and pinballing and jitter-jiving all over the place.

Med was delivered at 10:45 and Arts and Crafts demands followed approximately every three minutes. Finally around 11:30 he started to chill out. He was watching his tablet and relaxing. I put some food nearby, healthier snacks, in case he was hungry since he doesn’t always realize when he is hungry. And when noon announced itself via the med alarm, I doped his face.

(His meds are staggered to give him coverage throughout the day. The pill he takes at 10:45am is not the same med he takes at noon, and the meds he takes at 2:30 are meds he hasn’t taken since 6:45am… It seems like a lot, but its four medications: clonidine, seroquel, trazodone and Adderall.

The clonidine was first given to help with sleep when we’d maxed on melatonin when he was 4 years old. He then was trialed on the two “approved for children with ASD” meds and had side effects from one and no improvement from the other. Trazodone was added for sleep and to calm him, same with seroquel. He tried ritalin when he was 7 or 8 and we stopped it because it made him more aggressive. It’s only been since the beginning of this year that he’s taken Adderall and it really seems to help him focus and not bounce all over the place.)

I write about Ben’s meds and I know that some of my readers may be interested in what he takes and why. Especially since it seems like he’s taking something every other hour. It’s not quite that often. If any of you ever have questions, please ask. Nothing will offend me or seem intrusive. I want to share what I know or what I’ve done for entertainment and education.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Ben went back to the chalk and came back to the couch. Making Happy Noises, grunting and singing Let’s Go Fly A Kite in his Death Metal voice while doing the chalk thang and scripting or just quietly watching his tablet on the couch. I was losing the battle to keep my eyes open and my back was getting achy from the dag-nabbit couch.

Daughter came out at 2:00 and took over. At first Ben followed me and Zeus to my room, but he went back to the living room about thirty minutes later. I actually started to doze but it must’ve activated Ben’s “Gramma Senses” because he came and Bounced me. He didnt want anything in particular. He just wanted to make sure I was awake. Bless his heart.

We had a bit of trouble around 4:00. Same time as yesterday and it started with the same thing… Ben snatched Daughter’s phone to take pictures with it. I never leave my phone anywhere while he’s awake. I told her that yesterday, and in fact he snatched up her phone while she was in the bathroom when she came out to take over at 2pm. Yes, Ben knows better. But, Ben has very poor impulse control, especially in the late afternoons. She snatched the phone back from him. He, of course, didn’t take that well.

I got him to calm down a little bit, we went outside and did some sweeping but that wasn’t what he wanted. He wanted to take pictures and videos with a cellphone. I offered to do some Arts and Crafts for him… anything to de-escalate the situation.

We came in the house and I went to get the bag with the stuff and Daughter held out her phone and yelled “Here! Take it! Take the phone and go sit down!” I went back to my room with the bag, Ben followed with the phone. He took pictures and video of me and I ignored it. He said “Gramma, look.” I told him I didn’t want to look when he was doing something he knows he’s not supposed to do. He left for the living room a few minutes later.

And that’s gonna do it for today. Daughter doesn’t have work tonight so we won’t have the time crunch stress. We just need to get peacefully through the next couple hours.

Here’s a silly Blast From The Past

Thanks for hanging out at Casa Cuckoo on this mostly chill day. We’ll be doing laundry tomorrow, you know you wanna be here for that. Younger Daughter will be bringing Kris for her final injection too. Very exciting adventures planned for tomorrow… coffee will be hot and ready.






17 thoughts on “Part 112 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Uggh. Sounds like a stressful day with a lot of agitation. That stinks. I’m sorry :-(. What was the max dose on the melatonin the doctor told you? Declan is at 20 mg of melatonin a night, and the gummies he takes have a hefty dose of L-Theanine in them. I take a magnesium supplement every day (I read they help heal muscle strain which I seem to always have with running), and the magnesium seems to help with sleep, so I spent a good amount of time today reading another bottle of sleep gummies that had all three – but since the melatonin was lower in each gummy, I was going to have to give him a ton. I didn’t buy them since his current sleep regimen seems to be okay. Declan’s doctor had said 20 was his max, and then we would have to do a sleep study and determine which sleep med would be a better fit, but I hesitated. I have been able to supplement his way through, so far. I am just trying to figure out the next step. Anyway, I am hoping you have a good day tomorrow, filled with lots of smiles! 🙂

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    1. The melatonin was back when he was little… 3 or 4 and we were giving him 10 or 15?? A lot! He was super scrawny back then too so weight wise that was a massive dose.
      His Doctor had us reintroduce it with his other night meds. She said after 10mg it doesn’t make much difference.
      He takes 10mg now. But even with everything he still has weird nights… at least he sleeps now.

      Risperdal is one of the kid approved meds. I know Jeff said he takes it for his tourette’s and it works great for him. Ben had the side effect where he developed breast tissue so we never got to see if it was good or not🤦‍♀️

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      1. The doctor had said the same thing to us. That after a certain amount, it wasn’t effective. For us, there is a difference. Anything less than his 20 just doesn’t work. We started at 3, but as he aged and the bigger he got, we upped the dose. He’s been on 20 for a few years now. If I give him straight melatonin now, no dice. He is up. The L-Theanine really seems to make a difference. I just hope it lasts!


  2. You’re a trooper Angie! You take days like these in your stride. I just hope that there are easy days in between so that you can recoup and rest.
    Hugs. Hope it’s a restful night

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Today wasn’t too bad. I expect the afternoon craziness… Daughter could be a little more patient and adult-like…🤷🏼‍♀️
      I’ve been through SOOO much worse in my marriage. This is mostly just annoyance. But yes, I DO get tired. I don’t see much rest in my future🤷🏼‍♀️🤗🥰

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  3. First, thank you for sharing the details of Ben’s meds. I find that the more we openly talk about such things, explaining the whys and wherefores, the more it decreases the stigma of long-term medication. Some people turn their noses up at such, and they need to get over it.

    Second, “Homeless Hacking Guy, Cats, and Car Alarms” sounds like a terrific screenplay. Let me know which actress you think would best portray you… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmmm… that’s difficult. Who is tall, funny, a little bit crazy ??? Charlize Theron is too pretty, Geena Davis is too nice… Sigourney Weaver?? Lucy Lawless from her Xena days?

      Maybe I resurrect my thespian creds and play myself?😉

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  4. I hope you get a long sleep soon. I can only imagine how achy you must get from the couch sitting.

    Gosh that ants in your pants thing…when my 2 kids were toddlers and got like that I felt like I was losing the battle before it even started and I was MUCH younger then. Plus they are not autistic. But I can understand how this affects the adults’ dynamic. Sigh. I hope things calm down again soon.

    Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

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    1. The pacing gets old really fast. We can know he cant help it, but being tired, we can be short tempered. Daughter has even been picking fights with me🙄 She’s a grouch without sleep and working 12 hour shifts was supposed to give her more time off, but her schedule is so weird this month that it’s not working out so well. Working one day, off one day, working, off… it’s like not really having time off, especially since she works 7pm-7:30am. She has 3 or 4 days off next week, so that will help.

      Late afternoon, early evening has always been the hardest time. We’re tired from the day and for whatever reason, Ben’s ADHD kicks into hyperdrive then… bad combo for tempers.
      He’s doing remarkably well for a kid who has been stuck at home since March 13th.
      Thanks for hanging out with us!🤗

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  5. Thanks for sharing the medication info. It’s very interesting. I’ve worked with children and adults on all sorts of medication, for ADHD and epilepsy, and many have such unpleasant side effects. Ritalin is a particularly nasty drug I’ve found from the experiences of those I’ve worked with.

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    1. Ritalin not only didnt help, he was punching people, grinding his teeth even harder… just BAD! The Adderall is fantastic. He takes 5mg in the morning and 2.5mg at noon and it really seems to help him. The worst thing about the trazodone and probably the seroquel is weight gain. He was UNDERweight for so long and now he’s a bit overweight. Not horribly, but he has a belly now. It doesn’t keep him from running around.
      He’s maxed on clonidine and trazodone. His Doctor said we could up the seroquel if necessary but she doesn’t want to make any changes to his meds while everything else is changing. And he seems pretty stable. If we could keep him from getting agitated in the late afternoon it would be just about perfect.

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