Part 129 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

We left off with a chill vibe and getting ready to start the countdown to Driving Miss Daisy. Then, because this is Casa Cuckoo, things changed.

Younger’s partner texted, then called me. It was awkward and I explained that I didnt have time, energy or the desire to be in the middle of their relationship or their problems. I got the impression that Partner wanted me to “fix” Younger, like she was seven years old and I had ANY influence, or they were covering themselves so they wouldn’t be “the bad guy”. I got out of the conversation as civilly, vaguely, and quickly as I could. It was time to run Ben’s bath.

The evening routine went fine, no problems. We dropped Older off at work and came home to Bedtime. Ben and Zeus were tucked in, kissed and wished a Goodnight.

Then it was Horizontal Time until sunset

No clouds, no drama… no drama in the sky. There was Drama, oh there was Drama.

Last I’d heard from Younger was she was coming over. When she didn’t, I figured the fight or whatever was resolved. I’d put her on “standby” for Ben duty because of the Meltdown and the 4:15 wakeup. I texted her at 6pm to let her know we were good, but she was still welcome to come over. I was a little concerned after the stuff with Partner, but not overly.

She texted me at 9:30pm. I asked if she was okay, and told her I’d gotten a text from Partner looking for the car. Long story shortened, she drove here and dropped off a bunch of her clothes and stuff, took the car to the trailer park, then took an Uber back here. She stayed the night at Casa Cuckoo. I finally went to sleep some time after midnight. It was closer to 1am, I believe.

Ben came and Bounced me at 5:30, wanting my tablet for YouTube. Younger said he woke up around 5:00am. She had been awake all night, (no surprise) so she cleaned. She went after the chalk dust on the tile and got the cobwebs from the corners. I thanked her and tried not to show my frustration at things thrown away or all the paper towels and bleach wiped used up. (I was unsuccessful there… she went and hid in the bathroom for a few minutes, which made me feel horrible)

She stayed in the living room with Ben and I tried, unsuccessfully to get YouTube to work on his tablet. Next will be a factory reset, but that will have to wait until he’s sleeping. Meds were given and Sven was uncovered. He turned around so he’s got his face in the corner. I lifted the blanket to look at him, but didn’t pester him. When it was time to pick Older up from work, Ben decided to stay with Auntie.

I picked Older up from work, we stopped to get more poofs and a diet coke for HRH and came home. Older went to her room, Younger told me to go to mine, she stayed in the living room with Ben. She wanted to stay awake to do Postmates at 10:30 for a few hours.

Younger dozed on the couch, Ben did Ben things, I hung out in my room and Older slept. I went out to peek at Ben any time it seemed TOO quiet, and I gave him his meds when the alarms told me to. All in all it was a pretty peaceful morning. I felt an undercurrent of anxiety but I’m sure that was on Younger’s behalf and maybe anxiety is too strong a word… uncertainty might be better.

Older woke up around 1:30 when Ben ran into her room to grab a book to use in his “dominoes” set-up. He had small boxes, books, blocks and dominoes all set up in graduated size, ready to be knocked down.

Anyway, Ben grabbing the book woke her up and she went to the living room to take over. Younger still didn’t want to get up. She was doing a LOT of dozing or was actually sleeping. Either way, she wanted to stay on the couch. Ben seemed content with Auntie in the living room, so even though it felt wrong to her, Older went back to her room. I told her it had felt wrong to me all day too, but there wasn’t anything wrong with it. It’s been over a year since we’ve had a third person here to help with Ben, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to have help.

At 3:15 Ben brought a bag of poofs and my tablet into my room and launched himself onto my bed. I heard him messing around with his Nerf gun earlier, heard some mumbling from Younger and heard Ben say “Don’t do that.” So I’m guessing he shot her and she threatened to take the gun away. I didn’t hear the gun anymore after that. Anyway, Ben got Horizontal with me and watched Peppa Pig, occasionally laughing maniacally. (I REALLY don’t like Peppa Pig!)

A little after 4:00 Younger got up, changed clothes, took my car and left. The plan was to do Postmates for a while and also to talk to Partner. She planned on staying at her place tonight. That was the plan anyway. All of the stuff she brought is still here. I wasn’t surprised that she wanted to go back to her own home. This house doesn’t feel like home to her anymore. I get it.

Older was trying to be helpful and offered to clear some space for her stuff, also tried to talk her into going into one of the rooms to lay down… trying to nicely tell her to get off the couch, it was time for the evening Ben routine. I told Older that her sister was already feeling like a burden to everyone, insinuating she was in the way probably wasn’t helpful, that’s why I asked her not to discuss any of it with Younger. They both hurt each other without meaning to, and sometimes they DO mean to.

Ah, well… Younger has to do what she has to do. All I can do is love her and help her a little. Ben was really happy to have her here all day. I mentioned spending days here until she found a job. Helping me with Ben while her sister slept. It would get her out of the house and help me, and give Ben another person to hang out with. A hat trick of wins!

Older is cooking Ben’s cubed chicken breast. Ben is playing with his chalk and making Happy Noises and Zeus and I are Horizontal. Good place to leave off.

Tonight’s exit song was inspired by Younger’s situation… plus it’s a totally rad song!

I’m glad you came by and hung out with us. It was a weird day for sure, but it was a chill day. I’m still tired, but Older is off work tonight and tomorrow night, so maybe I can get some rest. Maybe. Come by tomorrow, I’ll give you all the latest in the Casa Cuckoo Soap Opera. I don’t think anyone has any clue as to what’s going to happen next. Seriously… a satellite could fall on our house or we could win the lottery… neither would surprise me.






20 thoughts on “Part 129 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I love that Clash song – it reminds me of my first real boyfriend and the fun we had together. Good times!
    Wow, what a change in your dynamic! That must be weird for both you and older daughter to have a third there to help out. I know younger is there to help when you drive older to work, but to get help in order to rest – that is great and must be weird for you both at the same time. We have Bobby to help give us that hour here or there to help out. The problem we run into is that Bobby will discipline in a non-conducive way, trying to be more like a parent, instead of a babysitter. We’re all working on it, but the time is new and appreciated! Here’s hoping that whatever tomorrow brings that it be good 🙂 . Hope it’s a great one!

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  2. Lottery yes. Satellites no. Unless of course the satellite is full of lottery money and is soft like a down pillow 😉. Sending hugs and hope for all good things! 🤗✨🎶💃☕️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I really wouldn’t be surprised by either. The most random stuff happens.🤪 At least I’m never bored. I wouldn’t know what to do with a “normal” life🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂😂🤗🥰🦋

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    1. Yep. I just wish the girls got along better. They never have. Some sisters are friends… my girls are oil & water🤷🏼‍♀️ Two different people. I love them both. And sometimes want to shake them both.😂

      I hope your visit was better!! I’ll bet Big Sister is proud of her new brother! But Grandma is proudest!🥰💝

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a great song! Unfortunately, my daughters can’t seem to play nice, even when they try. Good intentions and all that…🤦🏼‍♀️ I’m hoping I can work something out with Younger where she’ll come over while Older sleeps. Ben misses his Auntie too.🙁💌

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  3. Another pair of hands would be good – although you’d have to remember it’s OK to rest and relax while they are helping out. That’s the tough part!!

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  4. I shouldn’t dare offer any advice concerning Older and Younger, as I’m clearly not in the full loop of their dynamic, but I hope you don’t find it intrusive if I say this: Keep YOURSELF healthy. There’s only so much you can do. They will either work it out or they won’t, and you still have your own life to live.

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    1. Thank you, Brian!🤗🥰❤ I have plans to “run away from home” in 10 or 15 years… sooner if possible. My main concern right now is Ben. My daughters are very important to me, but they are grown and need to live their lives. I help when I can because that’s just who I am.
      But I WILL be running away as soon as I can do it and still look in a mirror.😉

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      1. Got it. [Sounds of scribbling in my diary.] “In 10 to 15 years, Angie will show up on the southern coast of Spain and you can live in adjoining villas, finally relaxing and eating great food and sipping cocktails, spending evenings talking about everything and nothing and enjoying the golden sunsets…”

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