Part 133 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

When we left off last night, Ben was tired and almost dozed off at one point. He wanted more blocks to set up and knock down. He has a bunch of domino size blocks, but he also has Jenga size in rainbow colors. He wanted more of those. Amazon to the rescue. Next day delivery even. But, he was tired, it was THAT time of evening. He paced and asked for blocks. He asked… he didn’t yell or tell me to get dressed and go to the store, etc.

It was nearly 5pm so I went up to Rite Aid, where I’d bought the original set. They had plain ones, so I got those. The set of colored ones were still coming via Amazon.

While I was at the register, Younger Daughter called me. I answered and asked if I could call her back. I think it’s rude to yap yap yap on the phone with a human in front of you. (Unless it’s an emergency, which is why I answered and asked if I could call back)

I got to the car and tried to call her back. Her phone was forwarding calls to voicemail. So I texted and got no reply. I did a mental shrug and went home. On the way home I received three text messages from Younger’s partner, telling me they were giving Younger notice to move out and that I should encourage her to leave. Seriously?! I didn’t respond.

I got home and Ben was happy with the plain blocks and the promise of colored ones being delivered. We continued with the countdown to the routine, which starts between 5:30 and 5:45, starting with first med.

Younger called, hysterically crying around 5:30 asking if I could PLEASE come get her. I asked if she was at home. She said yes. I told her I’d be right there but we had to hurry back because her sister had work.

I told Older I’d be back and drove like crazy. I got to Younger’s place in ten minutes. I expected her to be waiting for me and her phone was forwarding calls again.

I knocked on the door and Partner answered. I asked if Daughter was there. Partner said she’d left, maybe walking around. I was irritated… I told Partner I had to get back to take Older to work and take care of Ben. I left their trailer, drove around the streets of the trailer park…finally parking outside on the street. I texted several times, finally texting that I had to leave and to Uber to the house, I’d pay for it. And I drove home.

I kept Older informed along the way so she wouldn’t get freaked about getting to work on time. I got home in time to give Ben his bath and get him ready to Drive Miss Daisy.

Younger texted me at 6:15 that Partner forced her to call me and that she wasn’t coming over and she would call me later. I texted back but she didn’t respond.

We took Older to work, came home, then tucked Ben and Zeus in bed. Normally it would’ve been Sunset Time, after all the Drama I didn’t even want to watch the sunset… I wanted to lay on my bed and veg.

Around 8:00 I heard Ben laughing and goofing around. I got up to go hush him and tell him it was time for sleep. The little stinker had locked his bedroom door. I went and grabbed the first thing I could lay my hands on, a spoon, and went back and used the spoon to turn the little thingy to unlock the door.

He was sitting up in bed with a grin on his face like he knew he should feel sorry but he doesn’t, he’s actually rather proud of himself. It was difficult to keep a straight face. I told him it time to sleep, gave him a kiss and closed the door.

I was waiting to hear from Younger and waiting NOT to hear Ben so I could go to sleep. Then around 9:15 something went BOOM!! very loud and close. It set off a car alarm in the parking lot outside my bedroom and it set off my Big Dumb Dog. Then there was another one, and another one. Some idjit was setting off fireworks. I saw the last one and could see the puff of smoke where it exploded. It looked like it was in the parking lot of the house used by the doctor as his office… two houses over.

There were a few more BOOMS and the car alarm kept going off. I hushed Zeus and thanked The Flying Spaghetti Monster that Ben slept through it all.

I finally heard from Younger. A text that said she was “fine”. Great! Wonderful! Fantastic! (can you sense the sarcasm and frustration?) I took my pill and finally went to sleep close to 1am.

Ben was awake at 5:30. He did a yelling run-by, but I ignored it. He came back and stood in the doorway, said “Excuse me. Gramma come living room, please.” I told him I would and he ran off. He can be so dang cute sometimes.

So, morning stuff, see yesterday and apply it to today. The only difference is that I didnt mess with Sven. I did take a picture though

We went to get Daughter from work and came home. Daughter was tired but wired, so she took Living Room Duty and I got Horizontal and konked out for a couple hours. Around 10:15 I took over for her so she could sleep. We are both very happy that she has tonight and tomorrow night off.

Ben and I just hung out in the living room. He did his thing with his chalk, had me do some Arts and Crafts and fetch stuff for him. I tried to catch up on my WP Reader in between peasant duties.

Daughter got up at 3:00 to take over. Ben and Zeus followed me to my room. Around 3:30 I noticed Ben had his eyes closed. The little stinker was trying to fall asleep. I spent the next half hour trying to keep him awake and talking to Daughter who decided she HAD to have Olive Garden but there was no delivery so I’d have to go pick it up. Fine. Sure. Whatever…

I got Ben to go to the living room, thinking the AC might help him wake up. It was warm in my room, the one room with no AC. Plus it made it easier to talk to Daughter. Walking back and forth or trying to shout over the AC noise was irritating me.

Ben continued to doze off and was getting grumpier and grumpier. I finally told Daughter to forget waking him up. If he gets up at 3am, I’ll get up with him. It’s not worth fighting with him over. She completed her order and texted me the details. DANG! The pick up time was in like twenty minutes and it takes ten or fifteen to get there, especially since I wasn’t exactly sure where it was in the huge mall.

I changed into Public Clothes, mask and dreaded shoes and prepared to leave. DOUBLE DANG!! It was HOT outside. I hadn’t been out since 8am this morning. When I turned my car on, the readout was 97°F (36°C), that’s HOT! I cranked the AC and waited for a minute. Then off I went, adding “Delivery Driver” to my long list of duties.

I found Olive Garden with minimal trouble. Called them to tell them which spot I was in, got my mask up, got the food and headed home. The temperature had dropped to 93°F (34°C)… still HOT! Silly me, I was just commenting that it hadn’t been that bad of a summer. I guess I should go outside more often or check the news. In my defense, things have been coming at me left and right lately. The Daughter Drama, Ben and his sleep or non-sleep, plus his flipping into Hulk Mode… whatever, right? Right! Moving on…

And here’s where we’ll stop for the day. A pretty good day, but that’s what I said yesterday right before the Daughter Drama. Hopefully there won’t be any of that tonight, but it can’t be ruled out. This IS Casa Cuckoo and things change quickly… and often.

Thank you, Suzanne for sharing this beautiful music. The video has a fantastic message! If you watch til the end, you’ll get it.

Thank you for hanging out with us today. Sorry there aren’t any sunset pictures, I know some of you enjoy them. And You’re Welcome, to those who scroll past. Come by tomorrow, there’s bound to be something going on, there always is. We still need to do laundry, and I’ll need to make a trip to get groceries soon. Daughter will be home from work, and Younger is still silent, so we’re waiting to find out what’s going to happen with that. Plenty of Adventures to keep us busy, give us something to laugh about. See ya tomorrow.






27 thoughts on “Part 133 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Oh my, that is a lot of drama for one day. And the heat! I feel you on that one. We’ve got that here too. I am so excited for fall to come! And those fireworks – c’mon, people! I do love the manners – so cute! I am glad Ben had a pretty chill day. Here’s hoping for no more drama and a nice day for you guys!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No drama last night💃🏼 and a regular morning. Good so far. The Guessers are saying 97 today🥵 so I plan to hide inside with the AC blasting. It was nice outside at 6am😂😂 not a cloud in sight though… That means it’s gonna be baking hot. I decided to give Ben an ibuprofen with his morning meds, just in case. I know heat and high pressure can give me a headache, so a little prevention might save us all some frustration.
      I hope your clan is chill… minimal sass and grump😉😂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Most summers we have a few days when it gets over 100. I’m in a valley, 17 miles from the coast with hills all around, so this little bowl gets hot in summer and sometimes freezes overnight in winter. It’s still SoCal weather though, so I can’t complain.
      Shoes are just evil torture devices. Period. I’m barefoot most of the time, even outside in the backyard. I only voluntarily wear shoes when my feet my get hurt by rocks or thorns… or for support if I’m walking for exercise, which I haven’t done in far too long. Difficult to find a time with Ben always home. You know that one all too well.
      How’s your bum today?😉😂💌

      Liked by 2 people

            1. I don’t remember her, but I just Goigled her. I was 16 years old in 84… the only thing on TV was MTV😉 and 92 was a bad year for me, so not much TV then. But I like that she broke records and ran barefoot!
              Thank you for new knowledge, I love learning new things!💫💃🏼💌

              Liked by 1 person

  2. I completely agree that one shouldn’t yap on the phone with someone when you’re standing in front of someone else, especially at the checkout counter or any place where store employees and the people behind you have to wait for you to come to your senses, if you ever do. It’s selfish and rude…

    Okay, off soapbox. The song is great!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always, ALWAYS answer when my daughters call, but yep, no talking at the register. Very rude! I’m not much for talking on the phone anyway. I got my fill working in call center for 15 years🤦🏼‍♀️

      You may climb on your soap box as often as wish, here at Casa Cuckoo we even have extra soap boxes😉

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I’m so glad you understand “not much for talking on the phone”, as some of my family and friends don’t get that aspect about me. I worked for Verizon for thirty years, much of that time in project management. I was on the phone all day, every day, for decades. Ugh.

        And the soap box-sharing is mutually available at Bonnywood. Come one, come all! Well, as long as it’s interesting… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Poor you, that additional drama and worry is definitely not needed in your life. Add delivery driver to the long list of unpaid work you do!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! Many hats… all under the big “Mother” hat. “Housewife” or “Stay at home Mom” doesn’t get near the respect it deserves. If we listed all the different things done by someone who takes care of family and home… we’d be exhausted just from making the list!
      I don’t know how people are doing jobs and school and everything else during lockdown. Much respect to them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I have no idea! I home educated my two children for 14 years but was lucky that my husband could afford to support us, so I could focus on it full-time and not have to go out to work as well.

        Liked by 1 person

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