Part 165 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben ate and was doing really well, still pretty chill. When I ran his bath, he ran outside. He does that, only Ben knows why. I coaxed him back in the house and into the tub. We had some bad moments when it was time to get out and get dressed to Drive Miss Daisy. He wanted to stay in. I pulled the plug and talked him out. He did what I asked of him, but wasn’t happy AT. ALL.

He controlled himself well though. He did a few little things to show his anger, but no big displays. I could tell he was struggling and we kept telling him “Thank you!” and what a good job he was doing. We left a few minutes early, but keeping the momentum going toward the car was more important than Daughter having to sit in the break room for a few minutes. I drove really slow anyway.

When we got home he went right to his room. I think the meds were making him loopy. They are supposed to help him sleep. I texted Older to let her know we were home and The Boys were tucked in. Then I took pictures.

I took a few before we left, while Ben was in the tub. The Parrots did a flyby, circling around for a second pass. I pointed my phone the the general direction and pressed the button, hoping I got some good shots. The Sun was in my face and they fly fast!

I took my pill at 10:30pm and was out before midnight, probably before 11pm. YAY! But Sophie Cat wanted to be petted and loved on at 3:30am, so she woke me up by giving me kisses… licking my face. Then Dogzilla heard me moving around and started whining, so I had to let him out of Ben’s room, cuz what if he had to go outside? My grandson and my furry friends dont want me to sleep. Ever.

And since we had to be up to get Daughter from work, of course Ben slept in. I started trying to wake him by calling to him around 6:15am. Every ten minutes or so, “Time to wake up, Babylove.” Then it was 6:40 and the med alarm was going off. I had to sit on his bed, rub his arm, really wake him up. Thank goodness he wasn’t grumpy. He took the meds and I left, telling him to come to the living room. Ha! MY Bounce is nicer than HIS Bounce.

He joined me in the living room. I’d uncovered Sven around 6am and was getting him some fresh food when Ben came out. Sven was grumpy. Sven seems to be grumpy a lot. I got the blueberries. Maybe he needs a big, juicy hornworm. Of course I paparazzi’d him.

We went and got Daughter and came home. She’s off work for the next few nights. She took the first shift of Couch Sittin since the first Zoom School session was scheduled at 10am today. Hey, that was totally cool with me. I didn’t mind going back to my room. It was still completely overcast and cool. Very nice laying down weather.

Ben’s teacher called Daughter around 9am. First, Zoom School was canceled for today. The two other kids from Ben’s “group” already canceled so the teacher called today off. She wants Ben to try to make at least one “group” meeting each day they’re scheduled. No individual Zoom sessions this week at all. Daughter told the teacher that after every one of the summer Zooms, there were “behaviors”. The teacher laughed and said that every parent said the same thing. It’s not surprising, since every single student from age five to age twenty-two has an IEP. The school is a “non-public” that only accepts public school kiddos with significant challenges. So, YAY! No Zoom School today!

I asked Daughter if she wanted me to take over. She said she was good, not ready to sleep yet and Ben was watching his tablet, leaning against her. I told her that it was good to take advantage of the mellow mood and a Ben Style cuddle while she could. I got Horizontal again.

I hollered out the 10:45 med alarm and Daughter said she was watching the time. She was getting sleepy and was gonna do the med, finish the show she was watching, then go lay down.

So at 11:00am I took over Couch Sittin. I asked if she wanted me to get her up at a certain time or just let her sleep. She said she’d set her alarm for 3:30pm, she needed to respond to a couple emails, then sleep for four hours. She said only four because she wanted to sleep tonight. I said okay, but I didn’t plan on waking her up. She’s gotta be responsible for that herself. Yes, I’m her mother, but she’s thirty-one years old… our relationship now is more a roommate/coparenting-Ben kinda thing.

Ben had been doing the chalk thang, but joined me on the couch. He immediately demanded gummy snacks. I guess his legs used their last bit of energy walking the ten feet or so to the couch. Poor Ben.

He hung out with me for a while, then started playing with his chalk again. I got up and washed some dishes. Ya know, in my fifty-two years on this planet, I have lived in ONE place that had a dishwasher. It was during my teens, and we weren’t allowed to use it. I have washed dishes by hand since I was seven years old. I don’t wash dishes often here because I don’t often dirty many. If I cook, I wash the dishes as I finish using them, but I don’t cook often either. A dishwasher must be a supercool appliance to have!

At 2:30 I gave Ben meds in the chalk area cuz the alarm told me to. I was still doing Couch Sittin Duty, and he was still playing with his chalk. I checked the tracking on the new chalk I’d ordered, and WOO HOO! The thunk and Zeus doing his Big Scarwy Dawg impression earlier was the delivery. I thought about bringing it in, but its four separate boxes of chalk and I only want to give them one at a time.

I was glad we were getting closer to 3:30pm. I’d only been Couch Sittin for four hours, but I’d been awake since 3:30am (stupid cat!). I was tired and starting to get achey. Also because he was telling me to get dressed and go to the store. Dang It!

I tried to ignore and joke, but he REALLY wanted new chalk. He’d wanted new chalk for a while, and it was right outside. At 3:00pm I gave in and got the box. It wasn’t worth a fight or Angry Words. I planned to give him one box when they came, and that’s what I did. I opened the Big Box, that had two smaller boxes inside. I opened one smaller box, that had two boxes of chalk inside. (Yes, seriously) I gave him one of the boxes of chalk, opening it for him. Also in the mail was my replacement cards from that previous bank issue.

Sven was on top of his house, all black bearded, giving me the Judgey Glare. I took him out and went outside for a few minutes. It was pretty warm in the sun, but Sven liked it.

I woke Daughter up at 4:15. I know, I know… I wrote that she needs to do these things for herself. I was going to my room to lay down and she should be awake for Ben. I gave her almost five hours. That’s more than I get on many nights.

I put Sven back in his terrarium and went and got Horizontal. She got up and is doing Couch Sittin, and Ben is seriously in the Chalk Zone! All is groovy at Casa Cuckoo. Let’s keep that image….

One of Melanie’s #SYW questions was a song you sang along to. This was on the radio and I sang along… badly!

An interesting day… a chill day! No Zoom School was nice, as was the reduction in required meetings. Ben’s twelfth (!!) birthday is on Wednesday and we have zero plans. We can’t even really take him anywhere. The swimming is an option, but that ended in a major meltdown last year. I’ll probably get him a cupcake, some balloons and a few things from The Stash. Maybe a Happy Meal, even though that isn’t really special. I don’t think he cares about his birthday. When we’ve mentioned it, he doesn’t say anything. Anyway, that’s Wednesday… I have no idea what we’re doing tomorrow. There’s a Zoom meeting planned for 9:30am… will we log in?? Come by tomorrow and see. ¡Hasta mañana!