Part 144 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Everything stayed chill yesterday for the Routine and Driving Miss Daisy. We dropped her at the hospital and came home and I tucked The Boys in bed.

I took a few pictures of the sunset… for Science.

After one week, I can see the sun is moving south of the power pole. I’m excited to see where it ends up on Winter Solstice.

Ben was still making Happy Noises in his room at 10pm last night. I was texting with Older at 10:30 and it was quiet then, but I wanted to be sure before I took my pill. Around 11:30pm I took it and slept sometime after midnight. I woke up briefly around 3am, but wasnt awake long.

I was woken up this morning by Zeus. Bedquakes and sniffing at 6:15am. I was wondering how he got out of Ben’s room. I didn’t hear Ben so I figured that he was still asleep. I found Ben looking Dazed and Confused, sitting on the couch. It was chilly, so I grabbed the sweater to put on him and went to get his water bottle and tablet charger. Then I texted Daughter that we were up, and got coffee.

After 6:45 meds, I uncovered Sven, turned his lights on and peeked at him. His eyes were open a little.

“Why can’t you just let me sleep?”

We left to get Daughter on time, picked her up and came home. Our neighbor in the front house was outside visiting with a Gentleman Caller. Daughter stopped to pass a few words, I went inside with Ben. The Gentleman Caller was drinking a tall can of beer, and the thought of beer at 7:40am was very unappetizing. (Unless one has been drinking all night, I can’t imagine beer as a morning beverage. I’m not judging, mimosas are lovely at 10am or so.)

Dogzilla got his greeting, Daughter went to her room, and Ben and I settled on the couch. Another day at Casa Cuckoo was moving along.

Ben decided to set up his dominoes, but Zeus was wandering around. I called Zeus up on the couch with me and tried to make him stay. He wanted to go after Diesel Cat or go see what Daughter was doing. He wanted to get down, because I was trying to keep him from doing it… just like a child.

Ben got all the dominoes set up and either knocked them over on accident or purpose, but they fell down. He got his Jenga size blocks out. He tried to turn on the big overhead fluorescent but it’s been being wonky lately. He was getting upset that it wouldn’t turn on, so he went and grabbed Daughter’s phone to “call for help” (I seriously detest Peppa Pig!) He was using his angry voice and speaking in the jibber jabber he uses sometimes. A couple minutes later, the light came on. I told Ben “You did it! Well done! Thank you, Mr. Ben!”, and asked if he could take Mommy’s phone back to her. He took it back, so I thanked him and heaped more praise.

Time to switch on the AC around 10am. The temperature was supposed to go up at least five degrees in the next hour. Better to keep the cool than try to cool down an already warm room. The Guessers’ site had temperatures for the week revised up a few degrees Fahrenheit. On Friday they Guess it will be 101°F (38°C) and in the mid to upper 90s (34C-37C) for the next ten days. Yucky!

Meds at 10:45 and noon, while he played with his dominoes and took occasional tablet and snack breaks. And the morning became the afternoon, while I went through my email and WP Reader. I felt like I was “behind” on my schedule. Not that I have a set schedule, but we all have things we like to do during the day or evening.

My main things are my daily post, reading the blogs I follow, clearing my email inbox, sending a few emails and sunset. There’s no set time or order for these things, but if there are a lot of emails or posts in my Reader, or if I don’t get small blocks of peace to write my post until later in the day, I feel like I’m behind.

I would get stressed and worry I wouldn’t get through my Reader especially. I realized it was silly to stress myself out, and am better at letting go. If I get through all the posts, that’s awesome. If I don’t get through them all, people arent going to call me out and hate me forever. We aren’t seven years old.

Daughter came to take over a little after 2:00. My back was starting to be very unhappy by then. That couch has seen some serious use since March for sure, and plenty before then too. Plus, The Boys like to be close to me and they squish me between them. Anyway, I went to my room for some Horizontal Time.

Younger Daughter called around 3:00 to ask if she could borrow my car to do Postmates at 4:30. I had planned to get a few things from the grocery store, but nothing that was absolutely necessary today. I can get anything we want for today at the corner market. Younger offered to get the stuff for me, but it’s just better if I do it myself.

Ben brought his tablet and Bounced me around 3:30. He laid down and was very chill. I had to watch him to make sure he wasn’t too chill. I did not want him to fall asleep. Daughter is off tonight but she has a training or meeting, or something work related the I have to drive her to, tomorrow morning at 8am. It’s only two hours, but it’s about ten miles away at the hospital’s offices. That’s two round-trips of twenty miles, two hours apart… I really wish she drove.

Daughter ordered Jersey Mike’s for us and cooked some chicken breasts for Ben. Dinner is ready and Ben has been laughing maniacally for the past twenty minutes. I don’t think anything is funny, I think he’s just laughing/making the laughing sound. Such a little weirdo.

Thank you for stopping by on another hot and chill day. Mild Adventures for the most part. That’s okay though, some days there is too much adventuring! We have to drive Daughter to a training or whatever tomorrow and drop her off at 8am, then gi back and pick her up at 10am. It’s about ten miles away, which isn’t horribly far, but kind of a pain in the butt. Who knows what kind of adventures may come out of the two round-trips and the time in-between. Then there’s grocery shopping and laundry too… my next battle with the Quarter Lady. Lots of Adventures in the next couple days. See ya tomorrow.






18 thoughts on “Part 144 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I completely get you about the schedule thing. The things I have to get done aren’t really important to anyone else, but getting them done and not playing “catch up” all day brings me peace of mind. Like you, I have to remind myself to take a chill pill if I am behind. I hope everything works out for your schedule today. And that you all have a chill day!

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  2. Being a taxi is one of the more wearing jobs we do as parents. Neither of my two drive yet as it is expensive getting lessons and then insurance for young drivers is horrendous. They both hope to start learning soon though – can’t wait for the day when they can drive me around! 😂 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t have to pay for lessons for Younger because we waited until she was 18 years old. They used to teach Driver’s Education in school and you could take the written test and get a permit. I had to take some behind the wheel lessons since I was 16, then practice with my mother or stepdad in the car, but I had my license when I was 17. I also had a job and paid part of the costs of my insurance. And it IS expensive. I was very happy when Younger turned 25 and the rates dropped.
      Older has extreme fear, maybe a phobia of driving. She is 31 and I don’t think she’ll ever drive.🙄☹

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      1. I didn’t learn until I was 38 – also very nervous about it – moving to the countryside meant I had no choice as there is no public transport here. I only drive automatics as it seemed less daunting to me! I wish they taught driving in all schools. That’s a great idea!

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