Part 149 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I didn’t go to the stores last night. There were reasons… the heat, Ben’s schedule running late, Daughter’s full check not credited yet and a big debit for Pizza Hut delivery… but the biggest reason was because I just didn’t wanna.

No clouds yesterday so sunset was meh… I took a few pictures for Science.

I took my pill around 10:15pm and was getting ready to sleep around 11:00pm when I heard Ben. I couldn’t believe the little stinker was still awake. Gee… all those meds he takes at night are really knocking him out… NOT! I read some stuff on my phone, waiting to see if he was gonna make more noise, Bounce me or go to sleep. Eventually I konked out.

I woke up a few times but went back to sleep. The med alarm is what woke me for good today. I was a little surprised that Ben wasn’t awake yet, but not majorly. He was on the couch when I came out of the bathroom. I got his stuff then gave him his meds, uncovered Sven and so began another day at Casa Cuckoo.

Ben watched his tablet, dumped the red dominoes, paced and couldn’t decide what to do with himself. He finally settled on Arts and Crafts, his exact words were “Gramma, write Johnny Depp!” So I wrote Johnny Depp. Then he switched to the cast of Madagascar. I know it was that movie because I had to write David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett Smith and Sacha Baron Cohen.

Daughter got up around 8am. When she came to relieve me on Couch Sittin Duty I told her that she could go back to her room if she wanted to, I was Writing The Words. She ignored me, used the bathroom, got her beverage of choice and waited for me to move. I told Ben that Mom was kicking me out, and if he wanted more words to come to Grandma’s room. He got up, but stopped at the dominoes. Zeus and I continued to my room.

I asked Daughter to check if her full check was credited to her bank account, it had. I figured I should go get the tire fixed and go to the stores and get it over with. So I changed out of my beat up shorts and tank top into a nicer pair of shorts and tank top, put on my mask and those awful shoes. I grabbed the list and headed out the door.

On the way to the little tire place I had to pull the car over because

I saw parrots! If I hadn’t been trying to get the errands done as quickly as possible, I would’ve parked the car, gotten out and asked them for a feather. I really, really want a parrot feather. But I was, so I didn’t. I pulled over to take a few pictures, then continued to the tire place.

I was the only one there, so dude fixed it for me right away. I had him do a patch instead of a plug since the screw was between the treads and the tires still had lots of miles left on them. I just bought them in January, I think. $15 for a patch so I gave dude a $20 and thanked him. Then onward, to the stores.

I decided to see if I could get everything at Vons, the grocery store. I thought about getting a Starbucks coffee from the kiosk inside, but decided against it. I lucked out and found all the stuff on my list.

I got home, had to make two trips to bring all the bags in, with Dogzilla and Ben trying to look through the bags before I could even set them down. There was chalk and dominoes all over the place, so finding somewhere to set the bags was a challenge without The Boys trying to investigate. I told Ben there were no toys, just food. After I got the second load of bags in, I gave Zeus a pizza crust that was put aside from last night for him, gave Ben the box of pink frosted cookies and went to take off my shoes and mask.

I left the stuff for Daughter to put away. It’s fair, I have to go get it, she can put it away. Ben continued doing chalk and dominoes, coming in to Bounce me every once in a while. Zeus, always with me, followed into my room, bummed he wasn’t getting the other pizza crust he knew was there.

Around 11:30 I started to doze. It must have triggered an alarm in Ben’s Gramma Senses cuz he did a running cannonball Bounce and stayed for a while, watching his tablet.

Ben had places to go and things to mess with, so after a half hour or so, assured that I was awake, he ran off. I saw him pass my door a few times on some mission of great importance, I’m sure, but he didn’t come and Bounce me again.

At 2:30 Daughter gave Ben his meds and went to her room. I stayed in my room until I heard something crash. I found Ben in the bathroom, closing the shower door. I didnt see anything broken, so I just said hello and commenced my Couch Sittin.

I looked around and the mess was making me a little anxious. I picked up all the chalk, gathered up the trash and straightened up the containers of toys. After things were a bit neater, I sat back down. Ben lined up his dominoes, knocked ’em over, then came and sat next to me with his tablet.

Ben is outside in the dirt hole. It’s shaded by the Pecan and neighboring buildings this time of day, so it’s a good place for him. We’re getting into Pregame Show time and I have a feeling this evening is gonna be bumpy. Better get myself ready.

Thanks for hanging out at Casa Cuckoo with us. It was a hot day, but not a bad day. I got the tire fixed, so thanks for tagging along. Seeing the parrots was cool. I have no idea what’s gonna happen tomorrow except picking Daughter up from work. Come along with us, we always have fun… even doing nothing in particular.






14 thoughts on “Part 149 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Yay. Science. – Your rendition of the sunset cracked me up! πŸ™‚ I love the picture of the parrots – I would have pulled over too. That is awesome about the tire as well. I always assume I am going to have to pay some ginormous price for something that is fixable cheaper. Sounds like an overall chill day after the errands. Here’s hoping for another one tomorrow!!

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    1. I’m fully committed to my Sciencey stuff! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚ It really is cool seeing the sunset moving further and further south. I’m easily entertained πŸ˜‚
      I’m glad I was on a quiet residential street when I saw the parrots cuz I stopped really fast, checked my mirrors, backed up and took pictures. If other cars had been around I probably would’ve made them mad. Don’t care! I love the parrots. See… easily entertained πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ’–

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    1. There was one off by itself.😁 I’ve noticed they usually travel in pairs or groups of pairs. I don’t know if they mate for life. Some birds do. Watching them squawk at each other is like watching old married couples bickering. It really is!

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    1. It’s still on…πŸ˜‘ It’s muted, but still on. Auntie recently bought him a new Hello Kitty DVD and he didn’t even open itπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ I might try switching the movie and see if he noticesπŸ˜‰

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  2. I find grocery shopping to be exhausting these days. There was a guy who broke a huge jar of pickles in my aisle. Then he pushed his cart a little further and 2 more jars spilled and crashed onto the floor! No idea what this dude was up to. I just ignored him and eventually someone came by to clean up the mess.
    I go incognito. I wear my mask, sunglasses and listen to relaxing music to keep me calm. I get what I need and get out. Just came back myself. Thought about purchasing some premade dinners in case the electricity goes out since there are rolling outages near me.Decided against it.

    Made some sourdough jalapeno cheddar bread this morning. Half of the loaf is gone. My husband loves bread. I had a piece of it toasted with butter and apricot jam. Yum.

    Also brought goodies, a card , gelato,flowers from my garden and loads of chocolate to my mother in law who is in a rehab facility 30 minutes away recovering from a broken ankle. She wants OUT. Is NOT happy and I can understand that. Hoping I cheered her up a little, even if I couldn’t visit.

    It’s times like these we have to be grateful. It could be much worse.

    Stay cool.



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