Part 150 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

The rest of the Pregame Show went okay last night. Ben even scored on his trip to the baño around 5:30pm. WOOT WOOT! He had his steak, he had his bath and we did the Driving Miss Daisy thing. Then home and he and Dogzilla were tucked in and kissed and wished a good night.

There were a few clouds in the sky but not the dramatic show of a few nights ago. I documented the Sun’s setting position… ya know, cuz I’m totally a Scientist now.

I lucked out and caught four parrots headed home. Parrots and sunset together, I was super happy.

I was a little surprised when Younger called me, I talked to her around 5:30 when she called to see if we needed her for Ben. The second call was because Older forgot her phone at home and couldn’t remember my phone number. That made me laugh. Older very rarely calls her sister, it’s funny that she could remember her number but not mine. We’ve all had the same numbers forever.

I relaxed, looked at sunset, did email, WP and played some games. I ate my Pizza Hut pasta, did my night things… took my pill and slept.

And woke up, and woke up and woke up… sigh! The med alarm going off made me get up. I went and let Zeus out and woke Ben. Then got his meds ready and uncovered Sven, who was grumpy as usual

At 7:10 Ben and I put on our shoes and went to get Daughter from work. We got there pretty quickly even though I drove super slow. I thought we’d have to wait, but just as I pulled up, she walked out. Perfect timing.

She had been scheduled to be a “sitter” last night. When someone needs special care, like dementia patients or suicidal patients or people that are fall risks but keep trying to get up, they have a nurse stay in the room all night. Daughter, without her phone, was concerned that she would fall asleep, so she asked to be switched with someone else.

She didn’t have to worry about falling asleep. She told me about a woman who had a psychotic break. She was convinced people were trying to harm her, she wanted the police. They got her daughter on the phone and the woman became convinced her daughter was part of the conspiracy. It broke my heart to hear Daughter tell me. The poor woman and her poor daughter. Still no visitors allowed, so the daughter couldn’t even go and be with her mother to try to calm her. She was in hospital for COPD related pneumonia, not the Kootie, but the anxiety of being alone probably caused the break.

Anyway, we got home, got past the wiggle whiny, ball-in-his-mouth, Dogzilla Monster and went to our assigned areas. Daughter to her room, Ben to his dominoes and I went and began my marathon of Couch Sittin.

Ben paced… he watched his tablet for a while and scripted Angry Words, then paced. He dumped his dominoes and set a few up, then paced. He opened the fridge, closed it, then paced. I told him it was still cool enough outside to go sweep if he had extra energy he needed to burn off. He didn’t want to do that. He paced and paced and paced some more. Finally, he went to the bathroom and “scored” again. YAY! He said “I did it!” I told him that he’d done an excellent job. (Yes, we really DO celebrate when HRH moves his bowels. Apparently a LOT of autistic kids have GI issues and constipation is just awful. For everyone.)

I thought that might stop all the Angry Words and pacing, but no dice. I asked him several times if something was bothering him, if he hurt somewhere or if he was hungry. He told me “It’s fine.” I gave him an ibuprofen and a benadryl with his 10:45 med, just in case. I noticed a couple of insect bites on his leg when I gave him his bath last night, that’s what the benadryl was for.

Morning became afternoon with only the med alarm signaling the change. Ben settled down a little bit. He played with his dominoes, but he kept changing locations. Zeus… well…

He’s “guarding” me…

life is rough for Big Dumb Dogs. After giving Ben his 2:30pm meds, I started cleaning up the chalk he’d dumped earlier. He told me “Don’t do that.” I told him I was just making more room for him to do his dominoes. He said “Chalk AND dominoes!” Well alrighty then… I just pushed the chalk into a pile out of the way. He got up from the dominoes, left them laying there and sat down in the cleared area by the chalk.

Daughter stumbled out at 2:45pm to take over Couch Sittin. I was ready to get Horizontal! After seven hours, I was done with our broken down couch. After a quick trip outside, Zeus joined me in my room.

Ben and Daughter chilled in the living room. Ben was doing the Chalk Thang and scripting Angry Words. No clue what the deal with all the Angry Words was today.

We’re getting into Pregame Show time. That hour or so before the action of getting ready to take Daughter to work. Things have been pretty chill, but if it’s gonna get crazy, now would be the time. I better do my stretches and get my mind on the game. Yeah, whatever… Let’s just chill and listen to Jack Johnson.

Thank you, as always, for stopping by the Casa today. It was another hot, chill day. The pacing was kind of annoying but it stopped fairly early, thank goodness. The schedule for tomorrow looks like a whole lot of nothing special. I might brew some blueberry tea to mix with my Sweet Tea. That’s exciting, right?! And there’s Driving Miss Daisy… Kootie or not, the freeways in SoCal are always an adventure. We’ll find something to laugh about. See ya tomorrow.






15 thoughts on “Part 150 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Mostly I forget my own phone number 🤣 but I don’t call me so I guess that’s ok 👌. Jack Johnson is some great chill. 🎶💃🏼. Yay for Ben scoring!!! Blueberry iced tea sounds perfect. See ya tomorrow ☺️🎶✨🎉🤗💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Happy Monday morning to you. 💃🏼🎶🌻 We got it done, but Ben was dragging his feet and being a stinker🤷🏼‍♀️ all the luck in the world won’t help when a child decides to be a pain in the posterior.🙄😉😆🤗🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am happy that Ben had some major “scores” today!! I am sorry that he is not feeling 100%. Here is hoping that his system rights itself and he is feeling better and more like Ben, soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s SO picky about foods and even drinks now. I need to find some way of sneaking something into him… get that train making regular stops😉
      Hope you’re getting a little sunshine with your rain.💌


    1. Yep. The story was just awful! Daughter said the woman was doing a little better last night, but still not good.
      I’m glad to have a Nurse in the family. My medical wishes have been meticulously explained and will be carried out.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes! You are very lucky your daughter is a nurse. I’ve always respected them for what they do. Now I respect them even more.

    My Dad is finally back at his skilled nursing facility after spending 2 weeks in quarantine. I think he is much happier, but still don’t know how he gets along in bed all day long. Can’t be good for him. I know he needs more help getting around now. That is what lying in bed does to you.

    Hoping your evening goes well tonight.



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