Part 161 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I fried some bacon for Ben to munch. It was kinda dinner, but he’d just eaten a bunch of poofs too, so… Whatever, I cooked food, right? Right! Daughter got up around 5:30pm and plopped down on the couch. Alrighty then… I told her about the poofs and the bacon and that I hadn’t done first med yet cuz it wasn’t 5:45 yet, then I went to my room.

At 6pm I went to run the tub. Ben was playing with his dominoes, so it took several prompts to get him up and into the bath. Yadda, yadda, yadda… off to bed.

I changed clothes, put on my mask and shoes, grabbed a shortened list, took a few Sciencey pictures, and headed to the grocery store.

Even with a list, the item clearly written by me, I forgot to get Kitty Cat Crack. I’m ridiculous! I need to make a BIG grocery shopping trip soon, but I’ll probably do a WallyWorld pickup if I can. We need baggies and dog food, cat food… stuff that’s cheaper at WallyWorld.

Anyway… except for the thing I forgot, I got the stuff, took a picture from the parking lot, then went home, put the stuff away, and took more pictures.

I present Sunset: Science And Pretty

Then I got Horizontal for a while. I nuked a bean and cheese burrito, did the night things, and took my sleeping med at 10:45pm. Part of me wanted to enjoy the cool and quiet of the house, but I’ve been getting by on four or five hours of sleep and I can only do that so long before I start randomly falling asleep, like a narcoleptic.

I wasn’t awake very long after taking the med. I woke several time, as usual. It must be so strange to go to sleep and wake up eight hours later, without waking a bunch of times.

I heard Ben this morning and I felt Zeus sniffing at me, but I got no Royal Command, so I stayed in bed. I didn’t hear any concerning noises or the complete silence that means Ben’s doing something he’s not supposed to. At 6:40 the alarm for the 6:45 meds went off, so I got up to deliver meds.

Daughter was on the couch. What?! Ben was watching his tablet, next to her. I told her about the alarm and went outside to look at the sky. The sun was just coming up over the market on the other side of the parking lot and street. (See? Practically next door.) I took some pictures, then I took some pictures from the bathroom window.

I uncovered Sven, turned his lights on and made him a plate of arugula, blueberries and a grasshopper. He wasn’t impressed or he wants me to stop the paparazzi stuff.

I went back to my room. Zeus followed like Mary’s Little Lamb, and Ben decided ALL of his Kittys should join him on my bed. I definitely needed coffee. I hadn’t set up the coffee pot last night, so my forgetful self had to wait… for-ev-er! Okay, it wasn’t forever, but the coffee pot dragon hissed and burbled very slowly this morning. 7:15am and life was the usual at Casa Cuckoo.

I spent the morning hanging out in my room, Horizontally. Ben came to make sure I was awake, and to hang out, several times. His Kittys stayed to keep me company whenever he went to the living room instead.

I hollered out the 10:45 med alarm and heard Daughter giving Ben the meds. The AC had been turned on around 8am since it was Guessed to get up to 98°F (37°C). Better to get an early jump on cooling everything down before it was too hot.

At noon I got the half Adderall and gave it to Ben myself. I was up getting more coffee anyway. I looked in at Sven and he had scattered his food all over the place by walking across the plate. I don’t think he ate any of it. The four blueberries were there for sure, difficult to tell with the arugula.

Daughter had me take over Couch Sittin at 1:30pm. I was getting dozey, so it was probably good. I always feel logey when I sleep in the afternoon. If I’m gonna nap, late morning is better for my ability to think.

I asked her what time she wanted me to wake her up. She sounded all offended when she answered that she set an alarm for 3:30pm. I verified she said three-thiry, cuz I’m half deaf, the AC in her room is noisy, and she was facing the other way. Her tone got more agro. She said “Yes! It’s only two hours.” I told her “Dude, chill… I was just making sure I heard you right” Dang!

Ben played with his dominoes most of that two hours. Then at 3:35 (yes, I was watching the time) he got on the couch next to me with his tablet, asking for poofs. We didnt have any. I decided not to buy any more when I had to throw half full bags away because he won’t eat them if the bag is already open. It’s wasteful and I hate waste. I offered him cheezits and Ritz crackers, also goldfish or crunchy cheetos. He ignored me and started watching his tablet.

Then he got up and looked in the fridge and asked for coke. We were out of diet coke. He sat back down with his tablet… and started to doze off. UGH! It’s hot and it’s that time of day. I woke him up, but he was grumpy. He started asking for poofs and coke again. So I was stuck with keeping him awake so he could yell at me, or going to wake Daughter up so I could go get the stupid poofs and coke, even though I didn’t want to get either.

I went and woke Daughter up. It was too dang hot to deal with Ben working himself up to a tantrum. It totally woulda been a tantrum, NOT a meltdown. Not everything can be excused by autism. I went to the market and he was satisfied, he was awake, and the evening could continue without a bunch of yelling and stress. Tomorrow is soon enough for the stress.

Something a little… different. Enjoy!

Thanks for hanging out for a whole lot of nothing again today. Daughter goes back to work tomorrow night, so the action will pick up. Unfortunately. We’ll probably have to do laundry… not as exciting since the Quarter Lady turned all nice. Daughter never sorted her direct deposit, so hopefully her paycheck comes before the bank closes tomorrow so we have access to her money before Tuesday. Lots of stuff coming up… ¡Hasta mañana!






13 thoughts on “Part 161 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I think Sven is posing! He looks so regal like he is posing for a portrait. Handsome bearded dragon! I can relate to the agro convo – whenever anyone in this house says, “what?” as innocent as it might be, the original speaker seems to feel the need to YELL what they had previously said. The receiver always answers with a “Chill!” in look or speech, but, yeah. Not cool! It sounds like you finally got some rest – yay, you! I did today as well. I didn’t take my gym class. It is one of the final days of summer so I slept in until Declan told me to get up. And then it was errands, errands, errands. But hey – I got some extra sleep and that was cool :-). Here’s hoping for a great day tomorrow as well!

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    1. Yay! Extra sleep! We need to do that every once in a while.
      Until Declan made you get up…🤣🤣🤣🤣they are little tyrants aren’t they?! Lucky they’re so dang cute!
      I hope you get more Robyn Time! If Declan let’s you😉😂😂💕

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  2. I never thought about it before but poofs don’t come in individual sized packages. That’s a bummer. I put off big store runs as long as possible too 🙃. Hugs 🤗 💞🦜🌊🎶💃🏼

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    1. The really small bags, like lunchbox size come in a variety pack, but there’s always something that nobody likes. They do come in the medium, convenience store size, but he’s been eating only half the bag and then he plays or its dinner or whatever… they’re trash.☹
      I lucked out at the market though… they had some of the lunchbox size bags 2/$1.50. Used to be 2/$1.00, but everything costs more 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Anyway, I got 6 bags. Hopefully that will stop the waste.

      He gets on food kicks, like movies or what he plays with. He was eating that white cheddar popcorn for a while, now he doesnt want it🤷🏼‍♀️ He’ll come back to it eventually… or not.😂🤗🥰💖

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  3. Lovely sunset pictures. I haven’t slept 8 hours staying without getting up since a looooooong time. Must feel good!
    Buy lots of Diet Coke and poofs next time. Have a good night. Hugs 🤗

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  4. I’ve been reading more about the immune system and how to protect ourselves from getting sick.
    Many of the You Tube videos are about our current food system and the lack of healthy foods available to us. I won’t get into it, but I am concerned about older’s diet. He has gained weight since the gym closed and he doesn’t exercise. He eats fast food most of the time cause it’s cheap and he doesn’t have a job. On Fridays, he goes to Safeway and gets $5.00 meals to last him a few days.

    I’ve told him how concerned I am and I wish he would get a bike or something. All he has is time right now. He loves soda too. It’s sooo bad for his teeth. I saw many patients over the years in the dental chair holding a fast food big gulp size container that they would sip on all day. They were always getting cavities. Ugh.

    I even heard the huge manufacturers add enzymes to the bread to keep it standing up straight in the bag. These loaves take weeks to go bad. You gotta wonder what is in them to make them edible after long periods of time.

    I have the luxury to make bread and grind my own flour. Lately I’ve made bread with spelt, wheat berries, rye, bulgur, millet, quinoa, flax seed, buckwheat and more. When the pandemic began and there was a flour shortage I purchased a Mocksmill. I love it. Now I won’t ever feel like I can’t bake.

    Glad you were making bacon and doing things in the kitchen. You are well loved by your family and they appreciate what you do for them.

    Happy Friday night. A friend is going to stop by and bring me some of her Asian pears. I’m so excited. Another friend brought me some home grown grapes which I added it to a spinach, apple, turmeric, ginger, and pear juice with for lunch after our hike. Super good.

    Kitty is looking to be fed now and I will have to get something on the table for dinner.

    Thinking of you


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    1. The cheap white bread that sits on the counter for a month and doesn’t go bad…🤢 It’s expensive to eat well. That cheap white bread is like $1.50 and good bread is close to $5.00. Poor people are stuck buying a bunch of chemicals instead of food.
      I wind up eating a microwave dinner, but I buy Amy’s. Its Gluten-Free but I buy them cuz they’re good and more natural. 💟


  5. I try to avoid naps in the afternoon as well. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE to take them, and there are times when I “accidentally” do. But, like you, if I snooze in the afternoon, everything is off kilter when I wake up and I can’t seem to get back in synch. Then I have even more trouble getting to sleep than usual when it’s actually bedtime. Also like you, I’ve forgotten what it’s like to get eight hours of sleep in a row. I envy the cats of the world… 😉

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