Part 195 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Daughter cooked Ben’s steak, then gave him all of his night meds at 5:45pm instead of half at 5:45 and half at 6:15. He had gotten a second wind and was building things on and around Sven’s terrarium. He didn’t pay any attention to the steak, he was totally focused on building.

I started taking pictures and gathering my Sciency Stuff around 5:45pm also. I went to tell Ben it was almost time for his bath around 6pm and gave him a fork-full of cut up steak. Sometimes if we feed him a bite he’ll realize he’s hungry and feed himself. I went back to my Science, telling him I’d give him fifteen more minutes to eat. I fed him two more bites over the next fifteen minutes. I also took all his Stuff to his room and did more Science.

At 6:15pm I ran his bath. He continued to build. I took a couple more pictures while the tub was filling. It took a lot of repetition and putting my hands on his shoulders and steering him to get him into the bathroom and into the tub. He never ate more of the steak than the three bites I fed him, but he’d eaten the Crazy Bread earlier, so I wasn’t too concerned. I helped him get washed and left him to play while I took more pictures. I was back and forth a lot. It was still pretty warm outside, and I didn’t want to leave the door open and let all the cool air out, and the warm air in.

I went in to check on him just as he was getting out. I helped him put on his bathrobe and brush his teeth. He went straight to his room. Daughter got him into pajamas and tucked in bed.

I made an attempt to go through my WP reader during the sunset intermission… when the sun is no longer visible, but the pretty colors haven’t really started yet. It doesn’t happen every night, sometimes once the sun is down, the show is over, but often there’s a ten or fifteen minute intermission of meh, then BAM! pretty colors. Anyway, I think I read two posts, maybe only one before Daughter was texting me… from her room. Then intermission was over and I did Science until it was dark and the moon was shining bright.

After all the Science Data Gathering was done, I did the processing, or edited the pictures. Well, most of the pictures. I got a message from a friend who is going through a rough patch and we texted for a while. Before I knew it, it was 9:15pm and I had an email that I wanted to write, I hadn’t eaten anything, I hadn’t done my Night Things and my WP reader was still unread. Oh, and Ben was still awake. I’d heard him roar and giggle, unless he did it in his sleep, which I suppose is possible.

I told my friend I needed to do some stuff and ended the conversation. Then I started on the email, which took almost an hour to complete because Daughter came and flopped down on my bed to tell me about a series she’s watching. She’s always binge-watching something. How does she have so much time? We talked for ten or fifteen minutes, then I got up to get some cold Sweet Tea and she went to the baño, her original destination. I finished the email around 10:30pm and sent it.

I nuked and ate a bean and cheese burrito around midnight, going through my WP reader. I was determined to pay everyone a visit, to show my support and appreciation for all my blogging community gives to and does for me. I got through all the posts. At least, I’m pretty sure I did. It was 1:30am. I took my pill and prepared to sleep.

Ben got me up at 6:15am this morning. He used the cuddle under the blankets/push Gramma out of bed method. It’s sweeter than the Bounce, that’s for sure. We were in the living room five minutes later.

The 6:30 med alarm went off and I gave him his meds. Then I uncovered Sven, who was NOT pleased at being woken up. Then I turned his lights on and got him some food. I used both small dishes with mixed greens and one worm in each.

After getting both worms and some greens by mistake because of his poor aim, he went to his Judgey Corner to glare at me.

I wasn’t going to do sunrise this morning but I wound up going and looking anyway. As I was walking around the corner of the house, toward the back gate, I saw a bunch of Parrots flying across the sky from north to south. I tried to get pictures but I wasn’t at my viewing spot, my phone camera isn’t the greatest, and they fly SO fast! Plus, they were farther east, probably a couple blocks farther east. So I was back and forth between my sunrise viewing spot and the living room. Ben came out to get me if I was outside too long.

After the Sun had fully risen I settled down for some Couch Sittin Duty with Ben. First I closed up the house and switched the AC on. It was still cool enough in the house and outside, but it was supposed to be 104°F (40°C) today, I thought it would be smart to start with the house cool. It was actually kinda chilly… I had to put a t-shirt on over my tank top. Ben had the long sweater on and was laying under the blanket watching his tablet. At 9:30am he got up to do his chalk thang.

Daughter stumbled out a little after 10am. She apologized for sleeping so long. I told her she hadn’t slept that long… eight and a half or nine hours… she must’ve needed it. I gave my report and we did the Ceremony of the Changing Of Couch Sitters. I’m sorry I can’t reveal the details of this ceremony… Top Secret, ya know. I got more coffee and headed to my room for some Horizontal Time!

All was quiet in the living room and the house felt calm and peaceful. At 11:25 Daughter asked Ben if he wanted to talk to his teachers on the computer. They had missed the 10:30am Zoom because she’d just gotten up. Ben wasn’t excited about Zooming at 11:30, but he wasn’t yelling NO! or whining either. Daughter couldn’t find the correct link so it became a moot point. Ben continued doing his chalk thang.

The med alarms went off but I didn’t holler them out. Daughter was paying attention, she had it under control today. Time passed both quickly and slowly… the quickness was the alarms going off, and the slow was the mellow, quiet calm of the day. Ben was still doing his thang with the chalk, taking breaks every once in a while. Daughter watched whatever she was watching and I did my thing in my room.

Around 3:30pm Ben brought his tablet and a bag of poofs and laid down on the bed with me. I guess my bedroom is also the Royal Breakroom.

Ben started getting Ants in His Pants around 4:15 or so. He either starts getting sleepy or he turns into a SpazmaTaz… bouncing, banging, roaring little whirlwind of chaos. I better go ahead and publish now cuz I won’t get much uninterrupted time until he goes to bed. We won’t let the end of the day ruin the start… or the middle. Our Zen is strong, Grasshopper.

A Jack Johnson kind of day…

The Horizon Has Been Defeated – Jack Johnson

Kind of boring to read about a whole lot of nothing much. I appreciate you stopping by. With temperatures over 100°F, being lazy and cranking the AC is all we wanna do, all we can do. Heat stroke is bad, best avoided. Besides, we have enough chaotic days… lazy days are a nice break. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 100°F instead of 104°F, might need to grab a sweater with that cool down. We’ll probably do a whole lot of nothing again, but you know how things go… it could be a very busy day. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow… together. ¡Hasta mañana!