Part 172 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Younger arrived at the perfect time to distract Ben. He was tired and restless. She took him to bed cuz he wanted Auntie. I took Older to work and came back home. All was quiet when I got back.

The smoke was really bad and I kept the house closed up, but the smell permeated everything. The fire was moving south and east, away from us… still not contained, still growing and threatening structures.

Younger went home, I locked up and laid down. I was just stretching out, but my body was taking over and hitting the OFF switch. I dozed. I randomly konked out for thirty or forty-five minutes at a time for the rest of the evening. I tried to do all my Night Stuff, and I eventually did, I just napped in between.

Around 12:45am I decided enough dozing, I needed to try to sleep. It was too late to take my pill, so I didn’t. I heard Ben playing in his room around 3:30am. I kept waiting for him to come Bounce me but he never did. I was pulled out of a doze at 5:30am by ear sniffing. I got up to let Zeus out, and to see what Ben was up to.

I did all the Morning Stuff, including paparazzi-ing Mr Grumpy Sven

I checked out the sky for the smoke/fire situation and for sunrise.

We got ready and went to get Daughter from work without problems. I felt a little sick this morning. The smell was really bothering me. Plus I hadn’t slept well, I was still dealing with some pain from my fall… just a worn out human bean.

We came straight home, no detours. Ben still had to hit his head on the door and fall down. Transitional time, I guess. Obviously the fire, smoke and heat have been a change for Ben. I talked to him about it a little bit, but have no clue what his thoughts or feelings about it were. Or if he really noticed that much.

Anyway, Daughter is off work until Friday night, she was awake, I still felt sick, she took first Couch Sittin Duty. Ben was sitting in front of the fridge, in a patch of sunlight from the opened kitchen blinds, doing the chalk thang when I went to my room to lay down.

Around 10:00am Daughter came to tell me Ben had konked out on the couch and she was going to lay down. We discussed his meds and what to do depending on when he woke up. He’d been awake since at least 3:30am, I wasn’t surprised that he’d fallen asleep. With Daughter having the next few nights off, we can let Ben sleep when he needs to.

Around 11:45 I heard a little voice call “Gramma?” Ben was awake. I hollered that I was coming. I don’t know if he could hear me over the noise of the AC unit and the fan, but I grabbed my stuff and headed for Couch Sittin Duty. I gave him his 10:45 med, only an hour late… shouldn’t be a problem. We’ll just push his 2:30 to 2:45 or 3pm. He ate the rest of his fries that Daughter had delivered, then laid back down with his tablet and the blanket pulled over his head.

We just hung out and had a chill afternoon. Ben watched his tablet, played with his chalk, did Ben Things, and I did my Couch Sittin and Peasantly fetchin and totin. I also put Mr Grumpy Beard in the shower for a while. He enjoyed the shower, but went back to grumpy when I put him in his terrarium. He wants more interaction, I’m guessing. If Zeus wasn’t such a Dogzilla I’d take Sven out and hold him more. I do hold him, pet him, talk to him for a few minutes every day, while I’m standing. Unfortunately, Zeus is very jealous, not attractive and also not safe for Sven if Zeus jumps up or paws at me.

Daughter got up a little after 3pm and took over Couch Sittin. I gave my report and went to lay down. My side and back do not like Couch Sittin. Thank goodness the triple digit heat was gone. That was a positive, and a relaxed, chill Ben was good too.

Ben stayed with Daughter for a little while, then came to hang out with me for a while, then went back to the living room. Really exciting stuff. I think we’ve had quite enough excitement lately, a nice relaxed day is exactly what we needed.

“Maybe we can share my mood…”

Thank you for spending Labor Day laying around the Casa with us. It was pretty chill, and it was a whole lot cooler too. Daughter is off work until Friday night, so tomorrow will hopefully be laid back, groovy and chill too. Of course, Zoom School resumes tomorrow… I guess we’ll figure out if we’re participating tomorrow. Come by, hang out…no plans, but something always happens. ¡Hasta mañana!






16 thoughts on “Part 172 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. It’s supposed to be cooler today, but later tonight the dreaded Santa Ana winds are supposed to pick up. Bad for the fires! The sky is overcast this morning. I cant tell if it’s Marine Layer, smoke or both… probably both.
      Good Luck Zooming today. Not sure what we’re doing💕

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  1. It’s a lot cooler today, too bad there’s so much smoke in the air still. We could use some of your rain, that’s for sure!

    I haven’t delved too deeply into the band, but yeah, it’s a good song. I’m glad you liked it.🎶💃🏼
    Speaking of songs… Rory wants 90s tunes. I gave him a list but left the Alice Cooper, like Poison for you😉💌💌


  2. It’s been dark and gloomy in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ash is really bad today that I cancelled all of my errands. Staying out of the bad air today. Tomorrow is garbage day, so I wanted to fill the green bin. Not going to happen if the air quality doesn’t get better.

    Can’t believe Ben is waking at 3:30AM. Yikes. Do these kids ever give us a break?

    Hope you feel better soon.


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    1. Ben has always had sleep issues. At least he mostly stays in his room if he’s awake late or gets up early. And thank goodness for the dog who alerts me if Ben gets up. He’s not telling me is awake, he’s coming to be with me… but it serves the same purpose 😂😂

      We dont have a lot of ash, just the stink that burns my nose. I remember the ash from 2003, that was a BAD year. I feel bad for the firefighters. ALL of CA is on fire it seems. They called the military in to do air drops a couple days ago…

      Yes, stay inside. Breathing that stuff in isnt good for you. We need rain, the whole state. Not TOO much though, we DONT need mudslides and flooding.


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