Part 179 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben was so into doing his chalk thang that he didn’t eat. I grabbed a piece of pizza and held it for him to take a bite, hoping he’d have an A-HA moment and realize he was hungry and eat. Nope! He was on a mission. Daughter and I both periodically held the pizza for him to take bites.

At 6pm I ran his bath and he finished his creation, took a picture with his tablet, then got in the tub. He didnt play long, and was sitting on the couch in his bathrobe, eating more pizza when Younger arrived. He immediately said “ready go bedtime” So Younger helped him get his jammas on while I took a couple pictures for Science.

Older and I left to take her to work. Everything was quiet when I got home. Younger left pretty soon after, she’d come straight from work and wanted to go home and change, eat and relax. Hugs, Love Yous and my thanks, then she was off. I locked up, took a couple more pictures and took the rest of the lasagne from last night out of the fridge.

Sciencey Data Pictures and a couple just cuz they’re pretty.

Night Stuff, ate, did email, WP and a game or two. I konked out around midnight, before I took my pill. I was in the middle of typing a comment and suddenly it was 3:00am.

I was awake from 3am until about 4:30, then out again. The 6:45 med alarm woke me up and I got an adrenaline rush from the “oh shit!” moment of oversleeping. I went and woke Ben up real quick, texted Daughter and rushed through the morning stuff. I got a few pictures of the sun coming up…

and of course I paparazzi’d Sven when I uncovered him and got him food. I think he was wondering what was up with the late service this morning. All apologies Mr Grumpy Beard… mea culpa.

We left on time to get Daughter, had to make a loop around since she wasn’t outside waiting the first time we drove past, and there was no room to pull over. She was waiting the second time and the first thing she said was “Employee Health opens at 7:30, let’s just go now.” Well, good morning to you too. I told her okay, then told Ben we needed to stop at another place for Mom on the way home. Off to Employee Health for her TB test.

Of course there was a grip of people waiting to get poked when she got there, it was that kind of morning. I did one circuit around the parking lot, then decided to just park. Ben and I waited… and waited… and waited. It was probably only about twenty minutes, but it seemed like a long time.

Ben decided he was the navigator on the way home, told me to go “that way” and pointed. At every stop I asked him which way to go. He only took us to one dead end.

We eventually made it home to Dogzilla who probably thought we were never, ever coming home again. Ben went to the couch without banging his head, and Daughter took first Couch Sittin Duty after changing since Ben had a Zoom at 10am.

We talked about how I was willing to do the Zoom, but that Dogzilla would be a distraction and that I couldn’t think of a way, short of locking him in a room, to keep him from barking and getting in my face. I couldn’t do Zoom with Zeus needing to constantly be with me.

Ben’s 10am Zoom was a disaster that ended badly. He and Daughter had been relaxing together on the couch, but the Zoom ended that. Ben was either disruptive, Angry Word scripting, or not paying attention at all. Then when it was over he snatched the laptop, took it in the bathroom so he could watch himself making Angry Faces while he scripted and pretended to type. Daughter reacted badly, she knew she did but couldn’t seem to help it. I stepped in and thankfully it wasn’t past the point of no return.

I got Ben to give back the laptop, sent Daughter to bed, did Arts and Crafts for Ben and things started to settle. The only bad thing was the TriStar Pegasuses (Pegasi?) that I drew. I seriously cannot draw a good stick figure, but HRH commands and I attempt.

Meds at 10:45 with an ibuprofen just in case, and by 11:15 things were much calmer. We spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon just hanging out and doing Arts and Crafts or repeating lines from The Labyrinth together (“You remind me of the babe…”) and before I knew it, it was 1pm and the med alarm was going off.

After giving Ben his half Adderall, I checked the mail. Hallelujah! Daughter’s paycheck had arrived. Very, very late, but not lost. I sent her a text message to wake up to. Ben was running around, Ants In His Pants and being grumpy. Or acting like he was grumpy anyway. He tried to take my phone, saying “you gotta call someone”…UGH! Miss Rabbit’s Rescue Service… the stupid toy phone. I showed him the email that shows that it’s shipped and the estimated delivery date. I don’t know if he didn’t understand or chose to act like he didn’t. He started telling me to get dressed, go to the store, yadda yadda yadda. I told him to stop with the yelling. I didn’t like yelling, it hurt my ears. I also opened the bowl of Blue Ramen that was right in front of him and gave it to him. He started shoving it in his mouth. Yep, Hangry, just as I suspected.

At 2:45 I went and woke Daughter up. She said she’d set her alarm for 2:30. I figured she’d want to know her check came and she’d want me to wake her up. She tells me over and over to wake her up. So I woke her up. She said she didn’t go to sleep until noon and come back at 3:30. Sheesh! We really need to get this whole sleeping thing sorted out! I feel like I’m always on the losing end of this deal. I am generous, especially to my girls, but I am NOT a doormat. I went back to the living room with Ben, the reason I haven’t run away from home… yet.

I went back in at 3:50 and woke her again. I figured she’d want me to go to the bank and deposit her check. Plus, I’d been on Couch Duty over five hours, I wanted a break. After waking her up I went back to the couch to wait. There was a loud knock. Dang delivery person. It was Ben’s Batman costume and he had to put it on immediately. Of course he did. Daughter didn’t want me to go to the bank tonight.

She is making Ben some fried taters for dinner tonight. She told him she would before she went to sleep. No Pregame, no Game tonight… thank goodness. Ben is all kinds of hyper. He keeps saying he’s ready for Halloween, like saying he’s ready will make it happen any sooner. Typical “kid-think”. It’s nice in way that he thinks I can make anything happen.

Writing about Ben not being to the point of no return earlier popped this song right into mind. It played in my head all day. Check out the bitchin’, psychedelic video, man.

Kansas – Point Of Know Return

What a Cuckoo day! That’s the way things go at the Casa, we never know… I’m so happy that you came by to hang out with us. With Daughter being off work, who knows what we’ll be doing tomorrow. There are Zooms scheduled, one is with his Speech and his OT. That one he really should attempt. I guess we’ll find out what we decide to do tomorrow… together. ¡Hasta mañana!






18 thoughts on “Part 179 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Oh my gosh, I can relate to the Halloween focus- it is all around us! I can’t tell you how many Zoom calls we are on, and all D is saying to me is, “Can we go to the Halloween store tomorrow?” There is NO focus on the call and this ONE question he asks while staring at me for the entire hour.
    That is great her check finally came. Yay! What a relief! That would make me go buggers with anxieties. Glad it all worked out.
    I wonder what would happen if you did the zoom with him instead. Not that he would do great in it, or respond well after it – but I wonder if he would respond differently, in or after, with you guiding him. We have our up and down days. Today was a down day. Head on the desk no matter what prompt I gave and refusal to do all work that involved a pencil. So, for two assignments I just told him all he had to do was tell me his answer and I would write it for him, two assignments we just skipped. We left the day relatively unscathed.
    I hope tomorrow is a good day, a positive day, and the air clears a bit more for you guys! And who cares about zoom – just do whatcha gotta do!

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  2. Yay for cheques and Batman costumes that finally come in the mail! That does sound like a crazy day. Just when I thought I was getting a handle on your routine. 😉 Can’t wait till I can be sharing ours instead of deadly introspective musings, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our routine is: whatever happens, happens.
      I thought my crazy life was how everyone lived. Then I realized that Nope, just my crazy life. I don’t get bored, that’s for sure!

      Yes, fingers crossed you get to talk about the kooky things your boys do and say very, very soon!🤞

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  3. I think Ben choosing car directions and only getting to one dead end should count as a zoom meeting, geography, map reading (kinda) directions. The list of possibilities is endless! And you totally have arts and crafts covered. I’m glad daughter’s off tomorrow. Get some rest ✨🤗🦜🐉🌅🌄❤️🦄

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  4. You’ve had quite a day.
    What a trooper. 5 hours on Ben watch duty. Glad he likes spending time with you. Crafts are fun. I rarely make time for them anymore.
    I will be watching a 5 yr old niece on Sat for a few hours. She loves art. We must do something crafty.
    Hope you get some rest tonight.
    And glad Ben got to have control over the way home. He must have been proud to know his way around.

    I took out my summer front veggie garden today. It’s all ready for new Fall plants.
    And a exterminator is coming tomorrow to handle the noisy critter in our wall.


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  5. I wonder if your critter is one of the pesky what was it, gophers? that were getting into your garden? You’ve had a battle with the critters this year!

    Ben’s idea of Arts & Crafts is me trying to draw something, like the Pegasus from the TriStar Studio Logo, or taping things together. I offer construction paper and ideas for Jack O Lanterns or Ghosts… not interested. Wants me to draw the DreamWorks Logo moon🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂


    1. The Classic, Adam West style Batman costume we got was an “adult men’s standard” size. It was standard or extra large. Ben is hard to buy for because he’s a chunky monkey from the meds. The one piece grey bodysuit is like a spandex material, so it fits him well enough. A little big and baggy, but I bet it would fit Hawklads tall, thin frame too. It was $100, but came with all the pieces and good quality. I’d definitely reccomend it. Its available thru Amazon but I went through the site directly… Rubie’s is the name.

      There’s always the onesie pajamas too. I use mine as costumes and they fit well. My legs are 2/3 of my 6′ body so one piece things are difficult usually, but the WalMart onesie pajamas fit.

      Good luck🍀💌💌


  6. Phew, glad the cheque arrived! Halloween was never a big deal in the UK but it seems to be growing bigger every year. A chance for more commercialism and money spending, I suppose. Not good for the climate crisis but if it cheers a few kids up this year, with all the madness and stress going on, then that’s no bad thing.

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    1. You guys have Bonfire night right after Halloween so I can see why it wasn’t as big a thing.
      One of Ben’s favorite movies is V For Vendetta and Guy Fawkes and 5th November is a big part of the movie. He has a Guy Fawkes mask, and knows part of the Remember, remember, the fifth of November, the gunpowder treason and plot… poem.
      He’s a perfect member if Casa Cuckoo where are creatures are a little cuckoo 😂😂😂

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      1. Yes, I’ve never been fond of Bonfire Night! The pets hate the fireworks but we are very lucky where we live now as we don’t hear them. The mask from V for Vendetta is pretty cool so I can understand Ben’s fascination – we all need a little cuckoo in our lives to make them interesting!!

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