Part 182 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Bath and bedtime went fine, we were laughing and joking and it was nice. Ben was settled in bed and I cleaned up the chalk and dominoes and other miscellaneous stuff in between taking pictures. I was waiting for the notification that my pickup order was ready.

The notification came early. That was excellent. I was happy to get it overwith. I was a little bummed that I missed the end of sunset. While I was driving around, I saw some pretty colors that probably would’ve made pretty cool pictures. Oh well…

I changed clothes, put on my mask and headed out. First stop, Daughter’s bank to withdraw cash. Then I “checked in” on the app to let WallyWorld know I was coming. I was a little surprised when I got there that all the “pickup” spots were full except one. I’ve never done a pickup that late before, or maybe I have and don’t remember. Anyway, it definitely hadn’t ever been that busy. I used the service Before… and was looking forward to delivery which was to start in March. Irony… I parked in the last spot, got out and opened the hatchback and injured myself. Yes, I hurt myself… again! I guess I didn’t push the hatch up hard enough cuz when I bent down and leaned in to straighten up a little bit, I hit my head pretty hard on the metal latch thingy. It was still yelling at me two hours later, so I hit it pretty hard. New and Creative, right? I got back in my seat and waited. The dude brought my stuff, requested my ID, which confused me at first, then I remembered I’d gotten cough/cold medicine and it’s age restricted. He put my stuff in the back and away I went. Next stop, my bank, to put the cash into my account. I really wish our banks were on the same system. Thankfully Younger has an account with my same bank. It makes transfering money very easy. Anyway, cash deposited and I headed home.

I carried the bags in, and started putting stuff away. Daughter had her bedroom door open, she probably heard me, but I went down to let her know I was home. I was putting the stuff away when she came out a few minutes later. Most of the stuff was frozen or fridge stuff, so Daughter sat down in front of the open freezer door and started putting stuff away. Fast Forward…

Night Stuff, ate the rest of my gyros from last night, had another discussion with Daughter, which I didn’t start, that ended with her crying. Sigh… I took my pill around midnight.

This morning I was awakened by ear sniffing and a call from Ben in the living room, “Gramma! Look!” It was 6:15am. It took a few seconds for my gears to quit grinding and engage, but then I remembered that his Peppa Pig phone was in the mailbox when I went to run the errands last night. I’d left it on the couch where he was sure to spot it. It’s a “baby toy” but who cares?

I got up, grabbed my stuff, said Good Morning to Ben, then went to get his stuff. I uncovered Sven and said Good Morning to him, snapped a couple of pictures and went to look at the eastern sky, and take pictures.

I spent the next half hour, forty five minutes going back and forth between making some coffee for Daughter to wake up to and putting it in a thermos, making a pot for me, feeding Sven, talking to Ben, and taking pictures of Sven and the sunrise. Oh, and when the alarm went off, giving Ben his meds. Whew! I bet I logged a LOT of steps with all the back and forth.

By 7:15 or so I finally got a cup of coffee and sat down on the couch with Ben to go through all the pictures and edit them. (I crop out the cars in the parking lot, or sun flares… that sort of thing. No filters or “effects”) I was jazzed without the caffeine from the beautiful colors, the white clouds and the blue sky!

After getting all the pictures cleaned up, and drinking some coffee because it’s delicious, I went through email, talked with Ben, played with Zeus and just hung out, Couch Sittin.

Daughter got up at 9:20am. She said she didn’t sleep until 2am which pinged my “Fib Alert”, but I let it go. It didn’t matter. She said she was skipping the 9:30 Zoom. Well, yeah, she had just gotten up. Anyway, I gave my report and we did the solemn Changing Of The Couch Sitters Ceremony. I got more coffee and went to get Horizontal.

Ben and Daughter hung out together in the living room. Daughter put Sven in the shower around 10:30. I went to take pictures and give Sven a scrub with the toothbrush, but I just made him mad, so I left him alone. Daughter brought him in to see me after his shower, all wrapped like a Sven Burrito in his towel, and looking yellow and happy. Zeus, my shadow, was getting too jealous, nosy, rambunctious… just TOO, so Daughter took Sven back to his terrarium.

At 11:30 Daughter logged into Zoom and got Ben to sit in the chair. He brought his Peppa Pig phone and played with it, he was disruptive and silly and basically spent twenty five minutes acting out, while the Aide tried to talk about the I-Heart-Radio Music Festival. (why? What was he supposed to learn?) After the session, Ben was SpazmaTaz… walking up and down the hall, banging forcefully into the walls, scripting Angry Words and definitely in a worse mood or frame of mind or whatever than before the Zoom. So frustrating! Such a waste of time, and especially when it causes “behaviors” after, so irritating. That was the last session scheduled today.

Some fun scripting, some tickling and silliness on my and Daughter’s part helped bring back into a happier mode. It took about thirty minutes and he was still wandering back and forth between my room and the living room, restless… Ants In His Pants.

He came and settled in my room around 1:30pm with his tablet. He was calm and still. Finally! I got him Blue Ramen per Royal Command, and opened the Diet Coke he brought. Daughter had been waffling about calling out of work tonight. She was scheduled to work tonight, then off Friday, then work Saturday and Sunday. I have my monthly pump fill appointment Friday (tomorrow) morning so she would have to stay up with Ben after working a twelve hour shift. She didn’t want to go in, but thought it would “look bad” if she called out right after her ninety day probation period ended. I told her that a big place like a hospital doesn’t care about stuff like that. She’s used to working at Skilled Nursing Facilities, aka Nursing Homes, and they’re a lot smaller and the staff can be cliquey. Anyway, I told her that from a purely selfish perspective, I’d prefer she not work tonight. We’ve been doing stuff all week and I wouldn’t mind just relaxing. I also told her it was no big deal if she decided to go, driving and getting Ben ready is no big deal. She called out. Hurray! No Driving Miss Daisy til Saturday night.

Daughter is cooking Ben’s steak while he plays with his chalk. The late afternoon is giving way to evening… dinner, bath, bedtime. If it wasn’t still 97°F (36°C) at nearly 5pm PDT, I’d say it was just about perfect right now. Thank goodness for AC!

No plans for the rest of the evening except relaxing and collecting my Sciencey Stuff via photos. The Equinox is less than a week away. I’m excited about the Big Reveal. I think you’ll be surprised. Or you won’t care… either way is okay with me.

Thanks to Gary for introducing me to more great tunes. These guys from Shinedown do some fantastic acoustic covers!

Smith & Myers of Shinedown – Nothing Else Matters

Thank you for stopping by. Last night kinda continued the busyness of the day, complete with a New and Creative injury. Today was mostly chill, with only the Zooming bump. I have my monthly appointment with my pain doctor tomorrow morning to get my intrathecal pain pump filled, and there’s some Zooming on the whiteboard, but who knows? I certainly never know what’s happening until it happens and sometimes not even then. I hope you’ll come along… ¡Hasta mañana!






23 thoughts on “Part 182 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I bonked my head on my trunk latch waaaay back in 2005! Dang, that hurt so bad and left a lump too. Put some ice on it!

    Glad you’ll have a couple chill night with D off work ❤️

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  2. The sky is Beautiful! I can’t wait to see the comparison photos on the equinox. 😃. Great picture of Sven eating his greens too! Have a great night and good luck in the morning 🥳🌙💫🎶💃💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! The pump fill is pretty quick… it’s waiting for them to call me back that seems to take forever. I just hope I havent lost any more weight.
      It’s SOOOO nice to see blue skies again! Now, if the dang heat would go and stay gone!
      I tricked Sven into eating some greens by putting one big piece under the worms. He’s so picky! A true Casa Cuckoo resident🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
      Eat a cookie before bed for Sweet Dreams😉🍪🤗🥰🌠✨🌈💫🦄💞

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  3. I remember when the kids were little and they got hurt, I would always ask them, “Where did you get hurt?” While I inspected their bodies. And they would just point to the offending item or location and yell something along the lines of “That thing did it!” Cracked me up. I guess I got the question wrong :-). I hope you feel better soon! Bobby bonked his head this weekend – well, his friends were over and just as Bobby was walking by, his friend took the weight off the weight lifting bar and the bar hit him in the head. We ended up in the ER and left with six staples. Exactly eight years earlier, IN THE SAME ER ROOM little D left the ER with six stitches in his eyebrow (cate kicked the baby into the fireplace when his wet slobbery hand pinched her leg). There is just something about head injuries this week (I’m counting memories here too 🙂 ). Well, I am glad your daughter has the night off and I hope your pump appointment goes well tomorrow. Have a good night and day tomorrow!

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    1. Scars are always good for stories, right? Wow! Lil Cate had a temper, 15 year old Cate is gonna have you ready to do bodily injury! 😂😂 I’m still amazed my girls and I survived their teens.
      Thankfully Ben only had stitches once. He was about 2 and nearly amputated his finger in a bicycle chain. Didn’t even cry. Was looking for something to clean up the blood🙄🤦🏼‍♀️12 stitches and 3 shots of ketamine to keep him knocked out.
      I’m VERY glad Daughter decided to call out. Having a good work ethic is awesome, so is taking a Mental Health day!
      Hope your Friday Zooms are tear-free🤞and NO MORE ER VISITS😂😂😂

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      1. Haha! Yes! My goodness, I am thankful for text so I can text things like “you need to do _____ homework.” And she can STILL be sassy on text “OMG mom STOOOOP” 🙂 Oh boy, she’s a tough one!
        My kids crack me up. Cate never cried, she got mad at the nurses for poking and prodding her with needles. D didn’t cry anout the head wound, he cried when they had to restrain him for the stitches. And Bobby – he cries at the thought of any kind of pain. Which is weird. He plays football, he’s been knocked to the ground and he gets back up no problem. But tell him he has to get a flu shot and he’s a mess. When the Dr said “staples” instead of “stitches” I thought he was going to pass out. The boy almost broke my arm off when they numbed his head. But, it’s over. Now he just has to get him out and MAYBE Dad can take him for that.
        Hope you guys have a great day tomorrow too!

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  4. Aww, I hope it didn’t do permanent damage, like a bruise. Take care my friend and be supper careful. The trick is to take things slowly. That way chances of injury are less. Sleep well tonight. All the best for tomorrow.

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    1. I’m thinking back to the two times I fell and hitting my head… I wasn’t rushing when I fell either time… I don’t think I was rushing last night, I just didn’t push the hatch up hard enough for it to go all the way up. Prius hatches are weird too… I don’t know if you’ve seen them …
      Anyway, I’m tired of getting hurt, I know that! My abdomen/liver is still twingey.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️
      Have a Fantastic Friday!🤗🥰💞💫✨💃🏼

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  5. Especially great pictures of Sven today! I also love your science stuff. I’m getting a lot of joy out of imagining Ben enjoying his peppa pig phone. Hmm…cookies before bed to ward off nightmares I will get right on that. And this is seriously Metallica? Okay, I can appreciate this.

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  6. Another ouchie? Dang it.
    There is something about these uncertain times, and social situations that brings on anxiety. At least for me.
    I do silly stuff all the time. Yesterday I ran into this step that my hubby uses to grab his pull up bar for upper body strength .
    It stays near the garage door. I walk by it dozens of times a day, know it’s there, then my shin runs smack into it. Ouch!
    I complained and Ken moved it.
    We have a small house, and i go into the garage a zillion times a day to do laundry or get something from the fridge or go to the compost pile with kitchen scraps.
    Just crazy huh?
    Sad the zoom mtg was harder today. We all have good and bad days. It was good your daughter took tonight off. She needs a break too.

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    1. She’s having a really hard time right now. I try to talk to her but I seem to make things worse. She gets frustrated with me because I don’t spend much time worrying.
      It’s not that I don’t care, and there are things that concern me, but there’s SOOO much that I can’t do anything about, I’ve learned to let them go. I deal with whatever is going on right now and let tomorrow take care of itself.
      I think I frustrate her and make her a little angry because I’m happy most of the time.🤷🏼‍♀️
      My new Ouchie isn’t major, just a small bump, no blood. Just dumb!🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤪😂💕💓

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      1. Must be hard to have to live at home. I know I didn’t get along with my mom when we lived together.
        But I’ve never had a daughter.
        Those relationships are special and different than having sons.
        I get jealous sometimes when my girlfriends always get calls from their daughters.
        I love my boys, even though i always wanted a girl.
        Nighty night

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  7. The boot of my car doesn’t always open fully – it probably needs the hinges oiling or something – so I regularly bump my head. Not nice – completely sympathize!

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    1. I almost saw stars & little birdies circling. Like a cartoon. I had to keep checking to see if it was bleeding 🙄 It hurt, but I was mostly mad at myself for getting hurt again. Especially since my abdomen isnt fully healed yet.
      I need a complete bubble wrap bodysuit!😂

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