Part 185 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

The rest of the Pregame Show went okay. I put Ben in the bath around 5:30pm and Daughter gave him all of his meds at 5:45. He played for a little while, but not too long. He sat on the couch in his bathroom with his tablet and I brought his pizza to him. He wasn’t eating. I took a few pictures of the sun going down, not sure if I’d get a picture of where it touched the “horizon”.

Daughter helped Ben put his Jack Skellington onesie jammas on and Ben said “ready to go bedtime”. We reminded him that we needed to take Mom to work and he grabbed his Peppa Pig phone and said “gotta call someone” and “Auntie on the way. Auntie’s coming” so we told him again that Auntie couldn’t come, she was at work.

He repeated the same words in different variations and his tone of voice was getting angrier and angrier. He was pacing, he was looking out the peephole in the door. He took his pizza to his room, telling us again that he was ready for bed.

Daughter got ready for work early. Ben was getting more agitated and it was better to just drop her off then come home and let him go to bed. We wound up dropping her off at 6:30pm. She was a half hour early. I got him home, got him tucked in and kissed and I didn’t hear anything else from him. I’m sure he was tired… he’d been up since 3am.

I texted Daughter to let her know and took more pictures of the sky. The Sun was gone, no birds, but the colors were pretty and the moon came out of hiding.

I did the Night Stuff. Then I did some WP, wrote an email, texted Younger, then later with Older. I couldn’t figure out what to eat, so I chugged an Ensure and took my pill around 11:45. I was still awake at midnight, but not too much later I don’t think.

My wakeup this morning was the yelling run-by variety, with Zeus providing the ear-sniffing and bedquakes. It was a little after 6am when I found my phone to check the time.

Off to the living room… regular stuff, gathering the things, feeding the Dogzilla, uncovering Sven and feeding him…

The sky was completely overcast. I couldn’t even tell where the sun was. I had a general idea from watching the Sun rise on many mornings, but the clouds were pretty thick. I didn’t mind, cuz it meant it would be cooler. The clear sunrises are pretty, but in the warm seasons that means its gonna be a hot day.

I gave Ben countdown warnings about picking Mom up from work, and he still waited til it was time to go to grab a bunch of his stuff to bring with him. He used to do that every morning when it was time to wait for the bus. Maddening!

We got Daughter, got home and got past the whining, wiggling Dogzilla and Ben did NOT bang his head and fall down. YAY!! He ran outside and was playing in his dirt hole. Daughter went to her room and at first I did the Couch Sittin, but decided if he was gonna be in the dirt hole, I might as well get Horizontal in my room, so I did. I was only in there about ten or fifteen minutes before Ben was at my bedroom door saying “Gramma come living room please” at least he said please.

He sat down and did the chalk thang, and I messed around on my phone… WP, email and texting a friend. Sven was Glass Surfing and acting all crazy so I put him in the shower, then took him outside in the sun (which finally burnt through the clouds) for a few minutes. Then brought him back in and put him in his terrarium. He looked at his food dish, still saw greens, glared at me and went to the Judgey Corner. Poor Sven…

Ben was still working on his chalk creation when the 10:45 med alarm went off. I took the med to him, along with his water bottle. He finally finished around 11:30 and joined me on the couch, after telling Zeus to “Scoot!”

Ben’s latest creation… End Credits. He says it’s Shrek 2. I don’t know if they’re ALL Shrek 2 or that’s just the words his brain allows him to say.

The mess he makes with the chalk! I guess I should be happy it’s tile and not carpet, and that it keeps him occupied for so long. It’s Crayola chalk, so its non-toxic… still… the mess!

Ben and I just hung out, with the 1pm and 2:30pm med alarms as the only thing to mark the passage of time. He had me Write The Words, or fetch this or that for him, but it was chill. Daughter got up around 2:45. I gave my report and went to lay down. Horizontal Time, hallelujah! My back and my abdomen both were unhappy.

Horizontal Time turned into dozing time. I kept trying to fight it off, but kept losing. I don’t like to sleep in the late afternoon unless I’m planning to be up super late, and especially if I have things I have to do, like getting Ben ready to ride along when I Drive Miss Daisy this evening. Sleeping in late afternoon makes me logey!

At 3:45pm I jerked myself awake. I was slipping into actual sleep. I drank some coffee and moved around a little to get my blood pumping. Then I went over to market to get a few things.

Younger called me while I was at market to ask about Ben. I told her he’d been fine today and that he did okay last night. She said she would just come. I told her it wasn’t needed and that he shouldn’t get used to her always being here. She agreed, but said she likes putting him to bed and missed him. She wanted to come. I told her that she was always welcome to come over and to see Ben. I told Older when I got back home but havent said anything to Ben yet, in case she changes her mind, or something happens.

Daughter is heating up his chicken nuggets in the toaster oven. Ben is tearing the house apart looking for something, he can’t say what, but it must be important. I’m glad Younger is coming… things are chaotic right now and would only get worse if we were trying to make Ben stick to a time schedule. Sometimes I really just want to run away and keep going.

This song pretty much says it…

Roll Me Away – Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band (NoC-NAT )

I am so happy you stopped by and hung out with us today. Overall it was a good day. We didn’t do a whole lot, but when Daughter works, it’s generally just me and Ben hanging out in the living room while Daughter sleeps. She has work again tonight, but then she’s off until Friday night. We have Zooms scheduled for tomorrow, but we’ll figure that out tomorrow. Every day is a little bit different and things can change pretty fast. We have some crazy times and we have some chill times. Come back tomorrow, see what’s what and share our adventures. It’s always more fun with your friends along. ¡Hasta mañana!






17 thoughts on “Part 185 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. That chalk sculpture is a work of art. He has an eye for color. They match so perfectly.

    Glad you have younger daughter help.

    I don’t blame you for wanting to run away. You have a lot of responsibility keeping Ben safe, being a therapist to your daughters and feeding and caring for the pets.

    Take care Angle

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  2. I would spend a lot of time looking for some deeper meaning in those chalk patterns just because that’s totally how my mind works, lol. I’ll let you know when I crack the code of this particular one.;) My younger siblings were around thirteen when my kids were born. I never see them. I’m glad Ben has Younger and it makes total sense that he misses her. My lawyer quit this week! Just out of the blue before moving forward with my case she decided she doesn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. I sure know how to inspire people. Wish me luck as I search for something almost non-existent in these parts – a lawyer who will take legal aid cases.

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    1. Oh goodness, Melanie… that sucks! I was lucky that the two times I needed a lawyer, they both worked for a percentage of my settlement. It wasn’t difficult to get either of them to take my case. The first was the Worker’s Compensation Claim and I’d already been doing it in my own for a year, I had all kinds of paperwork. The 2nd was getting Social Security to recognize that I was completely, 100% disabled. I had to appear before a judge on that one.

      I’ll be sending my thoughts in your direction, hoping for a quick solution. Things are rough now, I know. Things will work out… trust in your strength.

      Sending big HUGS!!


    1. Ben draws love to him. He’s a charmer and a sweetheart when he’s not being a Bootyhead!😂 All of the teacher and therapists who work with him adore him. Both daughters, their friends adore him.

      I hope your night was restful and restorative!🌊🦄🦜💞💃🏼🎶🌠

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    1. They are hectic. It’s driving her that causes the stress. Or actually it dragging Ben along as I drive to drop her off and pick her up that causes the stress.
      Ben is very sensitive to moods. I’m sure he picks up on her unhappiness.

      Are schools open there? Is your grandson able to go to school is Grandma his teacher again?😁
      I hope you have a great day!💗✨💫🌺🦋

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      1. I can understand how the routine would be stressful for you all. If things were normal she could Uber or take a Lyft.
        Schools will be opening on 30th September. Let’s see how it goes. I hope he settles well in school here. It is a big change from USA!

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  3. Those chalk creations always amaze me. What he sees and brings to life. I am sure that is an exact replica of a credit in his mind. That is great younger wants to help too. Both Bob and I have strained relationships with our siblings and they don’t see much of our kids. And like you, our parents are close but we don’t see them come by either. It’s crazy how that happens! Well, I hope you had a good night and have a great day ahead!

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    1. It’s so sad how some people won’t put in the effort and time to get know autistic kiddos. Yes, there are challenges, but they are also sweet and hysterically funny! Their loss!
      Ben was quiet for so long, I thought he went right to sleep… until I heard the first roar and giggles around 8:30pm. The last roar was around 10pm.🤷🏼‍♀️ He stayed in his room, so I let him be.
      The morning was rushed, but otherwise okay… that’s a win😉 now we’re getting ready for the single Zoom at 10am…🤞

      I hope your Zooms are tear-free!🤞🍀💞

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    1. It’s definitely something thought out. He’s very precise and spends a long time working on them. I’ve got pictures of most of them and they’re similar, but different too.
      I just ordered more chalk. This pandemic is seeing us go through a LOT of chalk and the stores are sold out.🤦🏼‍♀️

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  4. Wow, Ben’s latest chalk creation is amazing – so much detail. On occasion, I’ve had that feeling of wanting to walk out the door and keep walking, or get in the car and keep driving but, like you say it’s mainly choices we’ve made and we have lots to be thankful for. I have wished for some time to myself and some peace and now I have too much of it – we can’t win!!

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    1. That old saying… ” Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it” I am blessed to be surrounded by love, and I’m thankful… truly!
      I do get tired sometimes though… it might be nice to “run away”… for a little while😉💕

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