Part 196 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Daughter made some nuggets or “orange chicken” for Ben’s dinner. He wasn’t really hungry, it was still hot, even with th AC cranking! The living room gets full sun from sunrise to sunset, so it gets warm… especially when its 104°F at noon. Anyway, Ben didn’t want to eat. I was ready to do his bath at 6pm, the scheduled time, but Daughter was late with his meds and dinner, so I concentrated on my Science.

She ran his bath around 6:30 and he gave her a hard time. He’s so used to me doing it, that he was a little unsure about her. Plus he just gives her a hard time about just about everything. After bath she got him into his nightgown and bed. I picked up the chalk and took all his stuff to his room while he was in the bath. In between my Science, of course.

Then I did the Night Things, and the email and Younger stopped by to grab her mail and a few other things. A regular night. I was starting to get dozey around 10:30pm but I hadn’t eaten yet. So I got some food and ate, did some WP stuff and took my pill around 12:30am. I was having a few long blinks before then, but I didn’t actually sleep until after I took my pill.

Ben got in bed with me around 6am. He was actually sweet this morning, putting his arm around my waist and putting his feet between my calves. It lasted a whole fifteen seconds, but it was a sweet fifteen seconds. Zeus, on the other hand, was full of energy. He was causing bedquakes and wanted to play.

We all headed to the living room after HRH gave the command “Gramma come living room.” Regular morning stuff and regular uncovering Sven stuff. Poor Sven was still sleeping when I uncovered him and turned his lights on. When he woke up his beard got so black and he ran down to the place where his dish is kept. I thought he was hungry, so I got his food. Each dish had mixed greens and one worm. While I was getting the food ready he was head bobbing and ready to fight… with his reflection. Silly Sven.

I put the dishes down for him and with his usual aim and grace, he got lots of greens and one worm. He did manage to get the other worm later. He always goes to the Judgey Corner, like it’s our fault he has horrible aim.

I also walked back to the sunrise viewing spot. I looked when we first got up for Venus, and I saw a dim speck but it was too late and too light. I saw a bunch of birds off in the distance that I think were the Parrots, but they were too far away for me to be sure. There were plenty of crows though. They scolded me every time I came outside.

After sunrise, I edited all the pictures and selected the ones for WP and sent them over. I wrote an email and finally relaxed a little. By then it was around 8:30am and I’d been up and moving around for about two hours. I’d switched the AC on when we got up. It’s supposed to be 100°F (38°C) today, according to the Guessers. We aren’t supposed to really cool down until the middle of next week, and that’s still mid 80s.

Daughter got up around 9am. I gave my report, we did the Top Secret Ceremony, I got more coffee and went to get Horizontal. Ben stayed under the blanket on the couch, and Zeus followed me. It was actually chilly in the living room. Hopefully we got a jump on the heat.

Ben had a Zoom scheduled for 9:30am. Daughter got him into the Chair Of Zoom and logged in. Ben waited… and waited… he sat there for three minutes, waiting for his teacher. He got up to do something and Daughter got him back to the chair. He waited, but still no teacher, so he got up again. Daughter got him back to the Chair Of Zoom and they waited until 9:40, then she released him. That worked out perfectly.

Ben came and Bounced me around 10am and asked me to make him some microwave popcorn. Actually he said “I need help.” When I asked what he needed help with, he held up the packet. I asked if he wanted popcorn and he said “Yes.” I asked why he hadn’t asked Mom to do it for him, he said “Gramma to do it.” UGH! Not a hill worth dying on, I got up and made the popcorn. He got his tablet and ate it in my room. Zeus was happy to dispose of any dropped pieces.

I hollered out the 10:30am med alarm. Daughter brought his meds in and doped his face. He hung out for a few minutes after, then went back to the living room.

Ben came to visit a few times, but mostly stayed in the living room. I hollered out the 1pm med alarm and Daughter said she’d given the med at 12:40pm. Alrighty then. I went out around 1:30pm for some coffee and Daughter looked uncomfortable and tired. I asked if she wanted a break. She told me she was fine. At 2pm I went back out to tell her some news about a friend’s pet, but she was asleep. I poked at her leg a few times, then sat next to her and shook her shoulder a little. When she opened her eyes I told her to go lay down in her room and sleep. She told me she wasn’t sleeping. Uh-huh, right… I told her about the poking and how it took a minute to wake her from “not sleeping”. She gathered her things. I did give her the news too.

So at 2:15 I was Couch Sittin again… no Ceremony performed this time. Nevermind, I’ve written too much already. Ben was busy doing the domino thing. He had different sized blocks all over the kitchen area floor. His chalk was dumped in front of the bathroom, but untouched. I picked up the chalk. Too much stuff everywhere gives me anxiety.

Around 4pm Ben turned over like he was gonna go to sleep. I started tickling him and jiggling him right away. I’m glad I caught him before he actually fell asleep. He didnt get too grumpy. He was restless though, and couldn’t settle on an activity. I had to do some Taping of Stuff and LOTS of back and forth scripting. He wanted to go outside but it was still super hot, so he paced the living room.

At 4:50 I went and woke Daughter up. She had taken chicken out to defrost and I didnt know what she was planning for Ben’s dinner, or what her plans were in general. Besides, she slept at least eight hours last night and had a nap of two and a half hours. She needed to be up and being a mother. Right? Right!

A new video from the Wildflowers Outtakes. Tom Petty wrote and recorded this song, but didn’t use it on the album. He gave the song to Rod Stewart in 1995. Rod Stewart released it as the first single of his album and had moderate success.

Leave Virginia Alone – Tom Petty

Thank you for stopping by to do a bunch of nothing again today. With it being as hot as it’s been, a whole lot of nothing is the best thing to do. I’m grateful the high pressure didn’t make Ben irritable like it sometimes does. Daughter goes back to work tomorrow night so there may be a visit to the Quarter Lady tomorrow… There will be The Schedule and Driving Miss Daisy tomorrow evening for sure. Maybe even some morning Zooming. Ya just never know… ¡Hasta mañana!






21 thoughts on “Part 196 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Sounds like another chill day! Well, not outside – you guys need a break from all that heat! But a mellow day inside. Nice! Here’s hoping for a good night tonight and mellow Friday!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought of you this morning when Daughter got Ben set up to Zoom and the teacher didn’t show… I thought “Robyn & Declan need something like this”😂
      I thought waiting 10 minutes was reasonable. The sessions are only 25-30 minutes🤷🏼‍♀️

      This heat is ridiculous! I just read that it was 107° yesterday… I know it 95° at 6pm when I was driving home from the store.🙄
      Hope you guys have a tear-free day Friday!🤞💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry about the “M”☹ I had the squiggles in my eyes and a headache yesterday and got scared. I haven’t had one of those beasts since my late 30s, knock on wood!
      I hope the meds help!🤞💕

      Sven was hysterical this morning! Ready to fight his reflection🤣🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That was EJ’s most frequent line “I need help, please!” :)It was a little bit creepy for some reason seeing Sven sleeping. Made me feel like a peeping Tom. But when you’re a star you have to sacrifice your privacy to fame I guess. I can’t believe how hot your temperatures still are! I guess the bright side is that sweating is good to keep the body detoxing. Have a good night!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We can get triple digits in October. When there’s a high pressure system and the winds come from the northeast, it’s called Santa Ana Winds here in SoCal… it’s hot, dry, gusty winds off the desert. That is part of why we have “fire season” in the Fall. The air gets so dry it’s hard to breathe.

      I hate having the house all closed up. I’m used to open windows, fresh air. The plus side to melting heat is no snow, and very few night that get below freezing. We complain about cold if it’s lower than 60°F during the day.😂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. We can drive 45 minutes east, into the mountains and play in the snow, when it snows. It’s fun to visit the snow. We can actually go to the desert, the snow and the beach all on the same day.
          Yes, I know how lucky I am😉💕

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  3. That’s a cool backstory to the music, and a good song it is too. Tom Petty was so talented. 🎶
    Sven gave me a giggle sticking his tongue out like a little kid. 😄
    Good luck with the quarter lady today. Be safe out there in the heat! Hugs 🤗🎶💃💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thought it was pretty interesting too. When I went to look up the lyrics, the Rod Stewart version came up and I was thinking “What? Tom Petty covered a Rod Stewart song?” but yeah… little bits of information add a little je ne sais quois.😂
      I still dont trust that Quarter Lady… I’m watching her😉
      It’s only supposed to be 98°F today🙄

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I cried when Tom Petty died. I was sad about Prince and Bowie and so many others, but for whatever reason, Tom Petty meant more to me. I’m glad I got to see him waaaaay back 83 or 84.

      I wish we could average our weather… we’d both be more comfortable.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, it’s still that hot out, eh? I’m surprised that y’all are hotter than we are! 😱

    “Not a hill worth dying on” – I love it! I’ve got to steal that one 😂😂👏👏😉

    Those sunset pics are amazing!! You really capture it nicely. And the colors rock! 🌈☀️🌙✨💖


    1. Thank you, thank you! Feel free to steal the saying, I stole from somewhere or other😉😂

      The pinks, purples and reds of sunset happen after the sun is over the hills and setting at the ocean. I use the “pro” setting on my phone camera. ISO (whatever that is) set at 100. The colors are vibrant to my eyes but the camera captures something different from what I see. It’s pretty though.😉 And it’s an interesting train of thought… AI camera vs human eyes & brain… how each “sees” differently… how some light waves are more visible… how the “brain” of machine & human interpret what is seen… I’m geeking on the Science!💃🏼✨🌠🌈🤣🤣🤣

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