Part 199 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I ran Ben’s bath around 4:45pm, then I had to go get him from outside. It’s one of his games, I don’t like it but it’s not the hill. He wasn’t happy at the prospect of hair washing but he didn’t fuss too much. He said “No school tomorrow.” I told him that was right, school on Monday and it was Saturday. Anyway, I wrassled the octopus, then rebraided his hair and left him to play. I went and got Horizontal, it was too early to start my Sciencey Stuff.

Daughter cooked his steak, which he ate in his bathrobe, around 5pm. He was hungry and finished quickly. She gave him night meds at 5:45pm and put his nightgown on him. I was doing Scientific Research Data Gathering. At 6pm Daughter went to get ready for work and I moved to the living room to keep an eye on HRH. I was still taking pictures, so all three of us were pacing around… me, Ben, and Zeus.

At 6:20 Daughter was ready to go. I told her if the Parrots gave us an escort I wanted her to take pictures this time. She reluctantly agree with an eye roll. We headed to the car, Ben carrying his tablet and Peppa phone, Daughter with her stuff, and me with my wallet, phone and Ben’s water bottle. Just as we reached the car the Parrots flew over us. DANG IT! They were low, directly overhead and I couldn’t get to my phone to take pictures. I did thank them, which earned me another eye roll from Daughter.

We Drove Miss Daisy, without a Parrot Escort, dropped her off and drove home. I got Ben in the house, noticed Dogzilla had been in the trash, and herded them both to Ben’s room after texting Daughter that we were home. I got The Boys tucked in, told them “Goodnight” and reminded Zeus “No trash!” the jerk, then I went to see if I could get any pretties from sunset, but it was mostly over.

I missed the Moon when it first came up, I was doing Night Things. Then I nuked a lasagna and put it aside to cool, read some blogs, wrote an email and enjoyed the quiet of the evening. I kept trying to nod off in the middle of reading or writing, but I really wanted to get these things done, so I fought it. Plus, Daughter was texting me from 10:15pm-ish til after midnight. She started by talking about her shift, then moved to mental health stuff. I’m not a professional, all I can offer is what has worked for me, but I offer it whenever she’s willing to listen, or read in this case.

After sending the email, while still texting with Daughter, I ate part of my lasagne, then took my pill. I dozed and had a weird dream about a sharp pain in my spine that was so painful I couldn’t move or speak, just lay there, shaking a little. Then a text notification woke me. Strange to go straight into a dream state during a short doze. Daughter finally realized the time around 12:45am, and we said Goodnight. I was out!

Until 6:15 when Ben got under the blankets with me. We were in the living room by 6:20am. I texted Daughter to let her know we were awake and basically did a repeat of yesterday. First was Sven…

… who needed help to get the worm. I had to tilt the dish at an angle against the side of the terrarium. He’s great for an early morning giggle, even though he woke up grumpy and black bearded.

In between helping Sven the Mighty Hunter Of Worms, giving Ben his meds and doing the other pre-D.M.D. stuff, I took pictures of sunrise. I saw Venus, but was pleasantly surprised the phone camera captured it, and the Moon was still up. Mars was still visible at 6:15am but not to the phone camera.

Then it was time to go get Daughter. We picked her up, no problems except me getting a little teary eyed over the song I’m using today. It came on the radio on the way to pick her up. Anyway, we got back home safely, made it past the wiggle-whiner, and Daughter went to change out of her scrubs to take up Couch Sittin until I could get poofs from the market at 8am when they opened. I could’ve gone to 7-11, but it’s all the way down at the corner and across the street. Easier to wait twenty minutes and only have to walk about fifty yards. Anyway, I got the poofs, preventing a possible future Poof Emergency, and Daughter went to bed after we… nevermind… Top Secret.

The AC was blasting and it was rather chilly in the living room until after noon. The Guessers say that Mother Nature has decided to extend Summer in SoCal for the foreseeable future…

lucky us. So, we sit in the AC blasted living room, surfing our devices. Ben did some Tower building, he ran up and down the hall a few times, he ate poofs (whew, crisis prevented)… and I went through my WP Reader, played a couple games and tried to stay awake. I gave Ben meds when the alarms told me to, and I fetched diet cokes when HRH told me to… all the while singing while birdies and other forest animals helped and hung out… no, wait… that was Cinderella or Snow White or some other Disney thing.

At 2:30pm I gave Ben meds cuz the alarm told me to. He decided it was time to do his Chalk Thang, so he dumped the bucket in front of the bathroom (still labeled “Bath Room”) cuz skylight. Daughter got up a few minutes later. I gave my report, we did the Thingy, then I went to my room for Horizontal Time.

Daughter is getting ready to fix Ben’s dinner. He’s been quietly doing his Chalk Thang for a couple hours. Dinner, bath and Driving Miss Daisy… then, bedtime on the horizon. We’re starting the Pregame Show.

The song that made me get a little teary eyed at 7:15 this morning. The lyrics hit me right in my Mama’s heart. I would wish this for everyone, all of my friends, not just my girls and Ben.

Forever Young – Rod Stewart

Thanks for hanging out with us on another mellow, hot day. Tomorrow is a Glorious Little Yellow School Bus day… there WILL be Happy Dancing! Before the Happy Dancing occurs we have a whole lot of stuff to do though. We have to get Ben up and dressed, make sure his backpack is ready and lunchbox packed, then we have to pick Daughter up from work and make it back to the house in time to meet the bus. It’s gonna be a busy morning. After that?? Free time… what will we do? We’ll have Adventures of some sort. Come along with me. It’ll be fun. ¡Hasta mañana!






22 thoughts on “Part 199 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. 🙂 For some reason a lot of people are feeling teary these days. Great song. Hope is young. Gotta keep hope alive. Good luck with morning craziness tomorrow. Enjoy your free time afterwards and don’t spend it on anything too responsible. 😉

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    1. You’re right, hope is young… Forever Young! Hope is awed by beauty, hope is playful, and full of laughter.

      A lot of people are having a really rough time right now and I’m sending my thoughts out to all of them. I’m still doing amazingly well and I want to share my “Zen” with everyone.🌊🦄💫

      I’ll try to be irresponsible tomorrow…😉 but I’ll probably just fall asleep😂😂😂💕🦋✨🌈

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  2. I hope you have the bestest of days tomorrow! What to do? That is always the question and if I have time, I feel it with such pressure to make the right choice. I spend so much time worrying about the choice that I almost lose the fun of the moments. You are way chiller than I – I am sure whatever happens will come naturally and be completely enjoyed! Gosh, that weather – whew! Just stay cool tomorrow and ENJOY YOUR DAY!!

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    1. I’ve got a list a mile long of things that need to be done, but we’ll see how I feel after my Happy Dance. 🚍👋💃🏼 I’ll probably fall asleep 🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂😂

      Less than 3 weeks… think of the MONTHS you’ve already been through. 3 weeks is a piece of cake! Start making your FUN list, not a chore list… a FUN list!! You have to do something fun before you do chores. Same rule for me… I have to do something fun, before I do anything on my mile long list😉 Deal?🤝💖

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      1. Thanks Angie. You too have a good day tomorrow. Yes the school has started two days a week. He likes it and best of all one of his classmate from five years ago is in the same class as him.

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    1. Yep, Rod can make you feel it! That whole song is full of hope and you know how we hope for good things for our kids, and for our close friends and even our blogging community. I’m just a big ol marshmallow 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 💕💖🤗🥰
      I love Mondays! 🚍👋💃🏼✨🎉🌠

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  3. I realize it only happens in Disney movies, but wouldn’t it be fun if the birdies and the forest creatures (at least the pleasant, non-dangerous ones) musically accompanied us as we went about our day? I’d certainly enjoy it. But I wouldn’t want them to follow me EVERYWHERE. Like the Bath Room…

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  4. You Do have magical creatures following you about… just look at those sweet parrots escorting you!! And a dragon and a Zeus and the kitties!! 🦄🦜🐉😻🐶🐾🐾🐾🐾🍄🦋🤗❤️hugs and happy bus day 💛

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    1. Thank you! I guess you’re right about the Parrots and the 4 legged inhabitants of Casa Cuckoo… the Parrots “escort” might have been a bit of wishful thinking 😉 we just happed to be headed west at the same time. And “Magical” isn’t usually the word that comes to mind with Zeus, or Sophie or Diesel or Sven🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      It’s a great way of looking at it though and maybe I need to be a little kinder in thought😘

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  5. Glad you had a chillaxing day and Ben cooperated.
    Top secret stuff is pretty funny. Nice to have a little creative possible drama to wonder about.

    Must be hard to find lunch items for Ben. Andrew was picky at that age, so finding a healthy lunch was challenging.
    Now he eats everything and is super health conscious. We will be shopping tomorrow. It’s cute. He likes me to go with him. It’s what we do. It’s usually a Costco run, but tomorrow we will venture out to a Berkeley Bowl. It’s huge and has everything. Quirky Berkeley. You never know what you may find. Kombucha, beet raviolis, tons of fruits and veggies, meat section, bakery ( never buy that, but get inspired ), seeds, and more.
    Hope you are staying cool. It’s been hot here too. Smokey, but not as bad.
    Been staying inside working on a puzzle. I’m obsessed. So fun.

    Take care

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    1. Ben just has a lot of snacks in his lunchbox. Goldfish, wheat thins, cereal, cheeszits a couple packs of gummy snacks. That’s the way he eats though… he snacks on stuff all day. We try fruits and veggies… he won’t even TRY most things.
      The shopping trip in Berkeley sounds fun!

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