Part 201 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

At 5:30pm I jerked myself out of a doze. I went and told Ben it was time to fix his ponytail and take a bath. He fought me while I brushed his hair, he always fights me. I got it brushed and rebraided and started his bath. Then I went and did Sciencey Stuff while the water was running.

When the tub was full enough I told him it was time. Of course he ran off outside. I went and got him and told him that I didn’t think it was a fun game. Did he think it was a fun game? I wasn’t angry or accusatory, I wanted him to tell me whether he thought it was fun or just something he did. I’m not sure he understood, but he said it was fun.

I got him in the tub and was helping him get cleaned up, and he was testing me. He splashed me and jerked his hands away, testing me. I don’t know why… I wasn’t grouchy with him or rough. He must’ve felt insecure about something though. Anyway, I got him cleaned up and left him to play. I went to take more pictures.

When he was done, Daughter escorted him to bed. I didn’t even get a “Goodnight”. Alrighty then. I took pictures, then edited, took pictures, then edited… until the pretties were mostly gone.

Daughter went to her room and I turned the AC off and noticed Sven was still uncovered. UGH! I covered him and turned his lights off, straightened up a little. I did my Night Things, then got Horizontal and wrote a couple emails. Then I did some WP stuff, ate my Double Double and missed my goal of going to sleep before midnight. I didn’t take my pill until midnight. I got stuck on a simple problem but my brain was grinding the gears. Once I was able see the simple, in my face, solution it was better, but I spent an hour doing all the wrong things. Don’t ya just hate when that happens?!

I woke up a bunch of times in the night… dreams I don’t remember. It was a turbulent night. I have a few friends who are having a rough time and my thoughts have been with them. I don’t know if my woo woo, juju beliefs are self-fulfilling, but I’ve been trying to take away their negatives and replace it with my “Zen”. The dreams may have been a “cleaning out” for me… and them. I hope so anyway.

At 6am Zeus was barking, Daughter was yelling at him as she opened Ben’s door to let him out, AND my alarm was going off. Another morning begun at Casa Cuckoo. Ben slept through the whole thing.

I got up, went to the baño, got some coffee and went to check out the sky. WOW! I took a bunch of pictures, then went back in to uncover Sven. Daughter got Ben up at 6:15am, he was under a blanket on the couch when I uncovered Mr Grumpy Beard. I dropped one of Sven’s bowls when I was dumping the old greens out and of course it shattered. I’ve been dropping things a lot lately. I hope the nerve damage in my arms/hands isn’t getting worse.

I got Sven’s food, greens and two worms and put it in its place and paparazzi’d him. The worms had burrowed under the greens, but Sven was trying to get them… bless his little reptile heart.

I tilted the dish for him but he gave up and went to the Judgey Corner. He’d had some greens… maybe he’d get the two worms later.

I was still going back to the gate every few minutes to take pictures of sunrise. I was helping Daughter get Ben ready but I was mostly focused on the sunrise.

The first picture is the Moon and Mars in the western sky, the second shows Venus. The rest of the pictures are not filtered or had anything done to them except cropping. WOW! Right?! The crows were visiting and the solitary seagull stopped by and hung out on a nearby power pole. I guess he came by to say Good Morning.

Then it was 7:20am and time to go wait for the bus. Daughter is out of practice and didn’t have everything quite ready. I helped and Ben just followed along. The bus passed us as I was leading Ben down the driveway, I told Daughter to hurry up and forget the chair. I rounded the corner and waved to the bus to let them know we were coming. Ben and Daughter rounded the corner and we walked to the bus. It was kinda rushed. Getting the tablet and ramen bowl away from Ben, Daughter had to wipe his nose with her sleeve and she forgot the wipes for his dirty hands and mouth. Then we almost forgot to send his water bottle, I was holding it along with Ben’s stuff and Daughter’s stuff… but Ben was on the bus, water bottle delivered and all was well. He waved and “blew kisses” and the bus drove away… HAPPY DANCE ! Yep, right there in the parking lot. I didn’t care if people thought I was deranged. It had been a fantastic morning so far, and I was Happy!

Daughter and I went back to the house, me dancing the whole way and went inside. We did all the stuff… plugged Ben’s tablet in, put stuff away, cleaned up after Dogzilla… set the house back to right. Then she went to her room and I got Horizontal and started editing the pictures, texting Younger, going through email and WP. Stuff… Happy stuff!

I spent the entire time Ben was at school doing a whole bunch of laying down and goofing on my phone. I got a notification that the prescription I dropped off on Saturday (?) was ready, and I thought about going and getting it, but decided I didn’t need it, so staying Horizontal won.

At 1:31pm Ben was scanned onto the bus. He was on his way home. I waited with Daughter for the bus to pass by, and went with her to meet it and get Ben. (NOTE: when a school bus has it’s lights flashing and the little stop sign out, do NOT drive past the bus! A child is getting on or off the bus, and for safety’s safe, stop!!) I watched two cars pass the bus without even slowing down. People! ARG!!!

Ben was very excited when he got home. He practically ran down the bus steps, and could hardly wait to get in the house to show us his “new dominoes”. It was a set of primary colored, game dominoes with the dots. I told him that his teachers must really like him a LOT to let him have the dominoes. He sat down and started playing with them. Daughter got his shoes, socks, jacket and tie off. She somehow managed to get him to wear shorts today! With the weight the meds put on him, basketball shorts fit better than long pants. Plus, in the heat, shorts are better than sweats!

Daughter and Ben stayed in the living room and I went back to my room to catch up on my goofing off. Horizontally, natch. Ben came to visit a few times… kinda. He came into my room, hit himself in the stomach and fell on my bed, then said “Gramma” It was kind of a visit. Another time he did a running, cannonball Bounce and landed on his back with his legs in the air. Thank goodness I have a California King size bed or he would’ve clobbered me. Then he said “Gramma, look.” I didn’t have my glasses on, and I’m severely nearsighted, so all I saw was a red line on his leg by his knee. It looked like an ouchie. I asked what happened and grabbed my glasses. It was marker. I told him he’d tricked me, I thought he got hurt but it was just marker. He said “take a bath” and I told him he was right, we’d clean it off in the bath.

Daughter will be cooking steak for him soon. He asked for “white chicken” the last time she made steak and she told him “tomorrow”. That was a couple (few?) nights ago. I need to talk to her about doing what she says with him. Ben has a fantastic memory. She’s hurting herself, damaging his trust in what she says, when she forgets or makes offhand statements. Anyway… sunset and Science later. Also bath and bed. Rinse, repeat…

A mellow song to go with a mellow day…

Carnival – Natalie Merchant

Well… we had a nice sunset last night, a spectacular sunrise this morning, and a whole lot of laying around like people of leisure today. The only things missing were the nice weather and the scantily clad bartender/server. The weather actually did change. It was hazy today, and a little cooler. No school tomorrow, but no work for Daughter either so we’ll probably do some more nothing. Of course, this IS Casa Cuckoo and things change quickly so there’s no telling what might happen. Come by tomorrow and find out with us. ¡Hasta mañana!






21 thoughts on “Part 201 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Maybe you broadcasted your zen into the atmosphere and that is what cooled everything down a bit! Would be a nice superpower! Great photos of the sky. So pretty! We have found the same with the basketball shorts. They just fit better and they are lighter than regular shorts. Thank goodness we have some hand me downs, although D is fitting in Bobby’s last year shorts, not the shorts we had from when Bobby was 9-10. Your day sounds perfect. That was the first thing I did when I had my time here alone. I set the house right and it STAYED right. That. was. awesome. Probably one of my favorite things as the person who picks up all day long. From four other people. Ugh! Well, I hope you guys have a great night and a fabulous day ahead!

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  2. Science is So beautiful! That morning sky was stunning. I’m so happy you had a good bus day and that you Didn’t go to the pharmacy. Hope Sven manages to get those worms. 🥰🦜🦋💃🎶🦄💞🌊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Who knew Sciencey Stuff could be so pretty?! And I’m not even tracking the sunRISE😂😂 The clouds came back tonight and I got a repeat performance. Mother Nature was kind today!
      Sven🤦🏼‍♀️ when I covered him up, the worms were still in the dish, hiding under greens.😂🤗🥰💕🦋🌊🦄💫💖

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  3. 😦 Ya it’s been hard and heavy here and some things are just too terrible to blog about. It would be nice – to get sympathy and understanding but sometimes it’s just too much to ask and just brings others down who are already struggling. Just need someone to give me some dominoes right now. Love the picture of moon and Mars!

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  4. Three things…

    I completely identify with the paragraph where you talk about “taking away their negatives”. As we’ve discussed, I’m a firm believer in sending out the positive…

    In my opinion, people who speed past a stopped school bus should end up in jail. It’s reckless endangerment. It’s also a sign of how self-centered and inconsiderate so many people in this country have become…

    Finally, Natalie Merchant is brilliant. “Carnival” and the entire “Tigerlily” album is/was a terrific solo debut for her. I already had a crush on her from her 10,000 Maniacs days, but she really blossomed when she went out on her own…

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    1. Yes, yes, and yes!! It’s wonderful to find kindred spirits! I am a little creeped out that I’m finding so many in Texas though… I have a couple other Blog Buddies/Friends in Texas. Are you… sorry, y’all the Blue Islands in the Red Sea?? 🤔 or is it serendipitous synchronicity at work? Hmmmm…

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      1. Well, here’s the thing about Texas. Much of the state is wretchedly conservative and bigoted and racist, but it’s a big-ass state with many pockets of decency that are catching up with the pockets of hate. The Republicans control everything right now, but the constant influx of people with more liberal views is shifting things, and I really feel that we might be purple with the next election and possibly even blue shortly after that. Fingers crossed…

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  5. Great day. Happy dances are the best.
    Ben seems to be liking school. Yaayy.
    And new dominoes. So cool.

    Time for bedtime.

    Big day tomorrow. I get to visit my dad for the first time in 8 months. Crazy, huh?
    We can’t hug. And he is hard of hearing, so i hope all goes well.
    Still meeting with mother in law a few times a week and at her sliding door. She is angry about being there. Says she can’t hear us or is in pain. Today she had physical therapy and kept asking to go back to bed. But with about 6 family members watching on zoom, she finally listened and did her exercises. Ugh. It is hard to see her so unhappy. But she is getting good care. Better be. It’s either 8 or 12 thousand dollars a month. And Insurance isn’t paying . Long story.
    Nighty night.
    Hope your night is better. Don’t take on other people’s problems. You are wayyy tooo empathetic. But i get it.


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    1. I don’t take on their problems… I’ve learned that people have to live their own lives, walk their own paths… i just try to give them some of my peace and happiness. And the Sunsets and Sunrises are cleansing for me. Enjoying Nature makes me so excited… like a kid at Christmas. I clap & jump up and down… just like a kid. I want to share that feeling with other people.
      I’ve been in the sucky, hopeless dungeons of darkness… I know how overwhelming it can seem. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just want to help.😉

      Enjoy seeing your dad! That’s awesome that you finally get to visit. I know it’s been weighing heavily on your mind. 💕
      If your MIL can complain, she’s getting better😉😂😂😂
      Seems like things are improving a little. I’m glad!💖💖💖

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