Part 211 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben ate his white chicken, had his bath and went to bed with minimal fuss. I helped with the bath and cleaned up the chalk and the dominoes and took all his stuff to his room, all while I was Gathering Scientific Data on the setting Sun.

Then I did the Things and the Stuff and ate my Jersey Mike’s 6″ #13… all of it! I can usually only eat half at a time, but it was SOOO nom nom that I gobbled up both pieces.

I was doing more Stuff when Daughter came and plopped on the bed. I could tell this was gonna be Serious, so I put my phone down and asked what was up. She started off talking about how great the day had been and I knew where she was going. So I told her that Yes, the day had been Freakin Fantastic and that there was no other shoe. That’s when she started crying… She had worried herself into tears. I told her that some days are crap, just horrible all day… and some days were great, like Thursday had been. Most days were mostly Meh, with some good stuff and some crap stuff. I told her she should accept the Fan-freakin-tastic day, say thank you and that’s it. I told her she doesn’t have to “pay” for good days with crap days, they just happen. (Exceptions being forgetting responsibilities to have fun, then consequences of being irresponsible) I told her that if she spends all day Friday worrying and waiting for something bad, she’ll see every little bad thing and give them more weight than the little good things… it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I told her I’m not a “pollyanna” who only sees good in everything, but I don’t look for bad stuff. I see it, I accept it… that’s life, but I don’t worry about it either. No one likes to be blindsided, but it’s impossible to plan for every worst case scenario. I refuse to worry about “what if”, I’ll save my energy for “what IS”, trusting in my strength, and resilience. Remembering everything I’ve been through and knowing that whatever comes, I’ll handle it. I don’t know if any of it helped her at all.

She went to bed around 10:30pm. I was still doing Stuff, so I wished her a Goodnight and continued with my Stuff. I was ready to take my pill around 11:30pm, but before I could, Ben got up. He went straight to the bathroom and I followed. I wanted him to do his business and go back to bed. I covered him up, told him to go back to sleep and that I loved him. I went back to my room and messed around on my phone, hoping he’d sleep again.

I heard him making Happy Noises and he was getting louder… Dang It! I went into his room, told him it was very late and I needed to sleep. I told him that he needed to sleep some more too and asked if he wanted a snack or something. He wanted his Peppa Pig phone. I didn’t remember seeing it so I asked where it was. “Living room” is what he told me, so I went and found it. I told him again it was time for sleep and went back to my room. It was 1am but I took my pill, I knew I needed to sleep and I hoped he’d at least stay in his room if he wasn’t going to sleep more.

He stayed in his room until around 4am. I heard him get up, but he didn’t come get me. I hoped he was just going to the bathroom again. Zeus came in, did the ear sniffing and laid down with a grunt. I was semi-awake, listening for trouble but still trying to sleep. At 4:30am I heard those words… “Gramma come living room” DANG! I dragged my sleepy self to the living room for some Couch Sittin Duty.

Ben played, watched his tablet, made Happy Noises and did Ben Stuff. Around 5:30 I went out to look at the sky… saw Mars, saw Venus, but no Moon. I uncovered Sven at 6am and got him fresh greens and cut up a couple blackberries, and paparazzi’d him. He ate a piece of blackberry and some greens then went to hang out on his rock. I took a few more pictures over the next half hour, in between looking at the sunrise.

The last picture cracks me up. The little piece of blackberry stuck to him. Poor Sven! I was back and forth between checking on Ben and looking at sunrise. Ben was getting hyped up and I wasn’t in the mood. I saw whatever show or movie scenes the face planting into things is from. It’s animated and looks like cavemen and one guy smears mud or something all over another guy’s face, then smacks his face with a piece of wood or rock, so it’s like a photo with the mud showing the image on the wood/rock. Animated shows are sometimes worse. Anyway, his meds weren’t due until 6:30am and if he wanted to smack his face into stuff, even after I asked him not to, told him I didn’t want him to get hurt, there wasn’t much I could do, so I went to watch sunrise. I’d take a few pictures then check on him. I even told him to come out to the dirt hole if he had extra energy to burn off, but he was happy doing the face planting thing.

I was happy to see a few clouds in the sky. It makes a prettier sunrise and it means the pressure dropped enough to allow them.

The first two turned out kinda blurry cuz I was focusing on Venus, trying to make sure the phone camera knew I wanted that dot of light in the picture. Venus is also visible in the third picture… barely.

Daughter got up as I was giving Ben his meds at 6:30am. The Sun hadn’t made it’s appearance yet at that time, so I stayed outside, picked a few pecans and watched and waited. I found a treasure on a branch of my pecan tree

A gift from the Parrots

I grabbed it and brought it in the house before it could blow away. I took the picture and put it away, safe, until it can be delivered to it’s final destination.

After sunrise was over I edited pictures and went through email, put a load of laundry in and brought Daughter’s load in the house. I also dozed for a while against my will.

Ben came in to hang out with me around 11:15am, bringing his tablet and the Oreos. I was thinking that it would be a great time for him to have a nap. I got his water bottle for him and went to get the clothes out of the washer. Shoes and mask on, I told Daughter I was gonna go by Rite Aid to get her wine and some wipes while I was out… also Ben looked like he might relax enough to sleep. She gave him his half Adderall a little early, thinking it might help him sleep. (Yes, Ben falls asleep sometimes when he takes amphetamine)

He was OUT when I got home around 12:15pm. I folded and put away my and Ben’s clothes and laid down on the bed, listening to him snore. Poor little guy has been sneezing like crazy and his nose is running too.

Around 3:00pm Daughter texted me that she still had a bad feeling. Her worry from last night had built and built until she was on the verge of a panic attack. She did NOT want to go to work. I told her to stay home then. I certainly didn’t have an overwhelming desire to Drive Miss Daisy tonight or tomorrow morning. I tried to reassure her that I didn’t feel anything bad coming, but maybe it was something to do with the hospital. She did call out of work for tonight. She said she didn’t feel any better though. I suggested some deep breathing, a little meditation, a cool shower or burning some sage. I smelled the sage a few minutes later.

Ben continued to sleep. He missed his 2:30pm meds, which isn’t a big deal. He was still asleep at 4:00pm. He started to wake up around 4:30, probably because Dogzilla stepped on him, flopped on him, then beat him with his tail. Poor Ben. I talked to him for a minute then went to tell Daughter he was awake. But she had gone to sleep and I don’t think my words registered. So I went back to Ben, who had rolled over and gone back to sleep. Well, alrighty then! I guess I was the only one awake. Even Sven looked like he was snoozing on his hammock. A Casa Cuckoo afternoon siesta, I guess I missed the memo.

I have no idea what the rest of tonight will be. I’ll be taking pictures of the sunset for my Science Project, that’s all I know for sure. Oh, and I know Daughter and Ben better leave me alone when I’m ready to sleep. They just better.

This was playing in Rite Aid today when I went. Yes, of course I sang along.

Thanks for hanging out. A very weird day at the Casa today. But weird days are kinda normal so, I guess it was a normal day. The Quarter Lady was there today, but she was eating and she ignored me. Eating is very serious business to some people. Who knows what will happen tomorrow? I sure don’t! Maybe I’ll find another treasure. Or maybe I’ll collect a new injury, or maybe nothing exciting will happen. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow… together. ¡Hasta mañana!






18 thoughts on “Part 211 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I so sympathize with Eldest. Abusive dad, single mom, work work work, hoping not to get the kootie, taking care of Ben, knowing he’ll never have a normal life, can’t date or socialize much during kootie… or ever for her? I can almost feel how frustrating it all is. I mean, I’ve cried a bunch this crappy year and my life is okay. We just don’t know what’s coming. More years with the gross impotus? A vax or not? Fires, earthquakes, blahhhhh

    Happy Friday lol 🦋🐱❤️

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    1. Yeah… dating hasn’t really been a thing. She had a ginormous crush on a coworker at the place she used to work, and it never went anywhere, but she held out hope. 🤷🏼‍♀️
      As crappy as this year has been, it’s not the worst year for me or Older… maybe Younger, she had a lot of drama.
      I just wish Older could let got of the control thing. The worrying and making contingency plans… I’ve been there, it exhausting and solves nothing. I just want her to be happy.
      But I’ve had 21 more years of experience to get where I’m at, so I can’t expect that she’ll get it til she’s ready to get it.
      She had a nap and seems better. I think she just let her fears get away from her. 🤷🏼‍♀️ it happens. Even I have melancholy days and bitchy days and I’m like, totally the Zen Queen.🤣🤣💕

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  2. The whole paragraph that starts with “I was doing more Stuff when Daughter…”? Terrific advice, wonderful and wise. You are a great momma/grandma and a fantastic person. And if anyone wants to say otherwise I’ll slap them. Gently, of course. But I’ll still mean it… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you. Hard earned wisdom. I want to help her, and anyone else, save some bumps and bruises. Life is rough and I wanna be that tour guide with the little flag on a pole… pointing out where the quick sand is, and the ROUSs and the fires…
      And if you haven’t seen the Princess Bride that will make no sense. The part after tour guide/pole… I’m blabbering again🤐🤐
      Thank you, Brian.💕 (much better)

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    1. Yeah… weird day. I’m glad Ben fell asleep. He gets ridiculously hyper when he’s overtired. I think Zeus woke him up last night and he didn’t know what time it was and just stayed up. 🤷🏼‍♀️
      Happy Saturday!! I hope it’s a good day!💕

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  3. Cute feather. The birds are plentiful in my garden. So fun.

    We’ve been emotionally drained because Ken’s Mom has been in ICU since Tuesday.
    She was transferred to her orthopedic dr to have her cast off. She was lethargic.
    The dr removed the cast and sent her to the ER. We got a call that she may not make it through the day.
    Ken’s brother got to stay with her once she got to the ICU.
    Her heart was racing, she had sepsis, an UTI and pneumonia in one lung.

    We have been noticing big changes with her, but this was a shock.
    When she awoke she told her son she wanted to die. Soo sad 😞.
    The dr gave her heart meds and antibiotics and she seemed to improve the next day.

    No one else can visit. And Ken’s brother isn’t a great communicator. He has limited data on his phone too.

    So we’ve been on a rollercoaster all week, not knowing if we would get “the dreaded call.”

    Today we learned she also has MSRA infection. She isn’t eating.

    Ugh. I’m taking care of my hubby. Tonight i baked him buttermilk biscuits with chicken gravy. That was dinner along with a coconut 🥥 milk, almond milk, vanilla ice cream, strawberry 🍓, raspberry, pea protein and chia seed milkshake.
    Sorry your Ben is sleeping weird hours and your daughter is struggling.
    They are lucky to have you.

    Sweet dreams

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    1. Oh Teri, I’m so sorry about Ken’s mom. That Skilled Nursing Facility or rehab hospital… whatever, obviously weren’t caring for her correctly.
      Or maybe she’s just ready to go… as hard as that is to accept. I know the waiting is awful. The waiting and not knowing. You guys have had an extra rough year, with your dad and Ken’s mom.

      Biscuits and gravy is awesome comfort food and a healthy milkshake too!
      Sending HUGS!!💌💌💌💌

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    1. Thanks, Robyn! The sleep schedule is still everywhere. I don’t even know if Ben went back to sleep after Daughter put him in bed last night. She went back to sleep around 11pm and got up at 7am. Ben got up and stayed up at 12:30am. I got a tiny bit of sleep and a bit more dozing.
      Everyone is in a good mood, and Ben “scored” so hopefully the weird sleep won’t be a “Thing”🤞

      I hope you guys enjoy your Zoom-free weekend!🤗🥰💕

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  4. Yay for fantastic day!! 🥳🎉🎊. And lol about “Happy Noises” – that’s always good!! I can understand Older Daughter; it’s almost more nerve-wracking when things are going well, because it’s certain not to last. I had to train myself to think more like you do – some days are good, some are ok, and others suck. I had to train myself to remind myself that yes, although the peace during those good days is temporary, the bad days are temporary too. Everything is, if you give it enough time 😉

    I hope she can work through her issues. She has a great role model right there in front of her, if she pays attention 😁👏🙌☀️🎉🎊🥰☮️🌈🌟💝💞✨🌸🌴🍻🍀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww… thank you!! 🤗🥰💕💖💌🌸🌻🌺🦋💫🌠✨
      She’s 31, almost 32… tough time of life. I hope she can “fight her demons” and live a happier life. I can point her in the right direction, but she has to walk her own path to get there.
      One of the hardest things for me is standing by and watching my girls stumble and fall. They’re adults now though and they have to make their own choices.

      Living in the moment takes practice and more practice and more practice. And when you think you’ve got it… more practice 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      1. De nada! Oh yeah, you’re so right. Very tough in through there. Demons need fighting, so sending her strength for that. It’s got to be hard wanting to be able to help more but not actually being able to. Choices indeed. Can only point them in the right direction, eh? 😘🌈🌟🎊🎉💝🖐🍀💖💜🙌😍👏

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