Part 215 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben was done with his dinner at 5:45pm and I asked Daughter if he’d had his meds yet. He had not, so I took them to him in my room. I was going to give it more time before I ran his bath, but he started getting crazy so I ran his bath then. I was taking his Stuff to his room and picking things up, occasionally taking a picture, until the tub was full enough. Then I herded him in, yadda yadda yadda.

I was outside and heard him yelling at Daughter about “No school!”… little butthead. Just being a kid, I guess. The difference is, he screams a lot more. My daughters were not allowed to scream at me like that, and I tell Ben to stop yelling when he does it. We have almost zero tools when it comes to discipline with him though. We’d have to tie him to a chair for “time out”, and he’d forget why he was in “time out” cuz he’d be mad about being tied to the chair. Autism makes things completely different. Especially when that autism is on the “severe” side of the spectrum. To someone who had no experience with autistic children, it would look like a bratty kid running the house cuz the parenting sucks. Trust me, I’ve heard it. So has every parent/carer of an autistic child. Corporal punishment is usually mentioned. Ask any autistic adult how well getting “spanked”, slapped or straight up beat worked for them as kids.

Anyway, moving on… The Boys were tucked in and I took a few more pictures, but by 6:45 I was editing cuz sunset was over.

Night Things, some Stuff… blah blah blah… Younger Daughter stopped by after she got off work to pick up some mail. She got here around 8:30pm. I gave her half of the blueberries since there was No Way Sven was gonna eat a pound of blueberries before they went bad. Her Beardie, Drakeo is a fan of blueberries too. Apparently he has his own Instagram account and followers and stuff. She suggested I do one for Sven, and the idea appeals… but No. Social Media is evil! Except WP, of course… WP is just glitchy.

Younger didn’t stay long. She’d just got off work and was tired. Hugs and “love you”s and she went home. I dove into my Reader and tried to get “caught up”, and by 10:30pm I was nearly there. I got my creamy, parmesan chicken and cheese tortellini soup… which was more like stew cuz Older Daughter knows I like LOTS of tortellini in it, plus she put extra parmesan when she put some aside for me… and started eating as I was reading. I didn’t eat earlier cuz I didn’t wanna go into a Food Coma while I was making progress.

I finished eating and let Sophie Cat lick the last few drops of creamy, buttery, chickeny, cheesy nom noms from the bowl.

I was getting ready to take my pill and call it a night when I remembered an email I wanted to send. I was mad at myself for forgetting in the first place. I wrote it and then took my pill around midnight. I wasn’t awake very long after.

5:30am wakeup was of the yelling run-by variety. I did NOT want to get up. I never want to get up, but it was more difficult this morning. The ear-sniffing helped prod me out of bed. I grabbed my stuff and shuffled out to the couch, waking the coffee dragon on the way. My first fifteen minutes of Couch Sittin Duty were spent slack-jawed and cross-eyed, there may have been drool.

Ben wanted soda, so he got one and brought it to me to open. I got up and got coffee since, the dragon’s burbling and hissing had slowed to occasional sighs. After the sugar and creamer were added and that first blissful sip, I looked at the time… 5:54am, close enough. I uncovered Sven, got his dish and fresh food. There was still a worm under the wilted greens, so it stayed. Mixed greens, blueberries, the leftover worm and two new worms went into the dish, and the dish went into the terrarium. Silly Sven had his back to the dish, so I turned him to face it, and paparazzi’d him some more.

Sven had kind of a rough time this morning. He got a couple blueberries and maybe one worm, then he got mad at missing, or me taking pictures, or both and glared, then went to the Judgey Corner. I went to check out the eastern sky to see if there was gonna be a sunrise to watch. Nope! Completely overcast, which was fine cuz it meant cooler temperatures. I went back inside with Ben and took pictures of Sven pouting in the wrong corner.

At 6:30 I praised the alarm and gave Ben his meds. He’d had a serious case of Ants In His Pants all morning, and it was exhausting watching him pacing and jiggle wiggling all over the place. I also went and got his water bottle, his Pink Kitty and his Peppa phone. That’s when I saw Sven was back at his dish. I got the picture of him with the piece of greens in his mouth and the worm hanging off the greens. I waited to see if he’d get the worm too, but it dropped off and started wiggling under the substrate, which is non-sticky shelf liner. I had to get it out from under there, so I went around to the back and slid the cover forward enough to get my hand in there so I could grab the worm and put it back in the dish. Sven immediately ate it. Then he saw his reflection and wanted to fight. Silly Sven!

Daughter got up around 6:50 and started getting Ben ready. I had brushed his hair out and rebraided it while Sven was pouting in the Judgey Corner. I packed his lunchbox, and his backpack, then got myself ready… mask, shoes and a hoodie. PJ bottoms were fine for meeting the morning bus IMO.

The GLYSB was ten minutes late. I talked to the crows in the pecan tree, asking for a feather and just saying Good Morning to all the birds flying by. I didn’t see any Parrots but my seagull flew by. Unfortunately it went too fast for me to get a picture. It was still a treat to see it though. Daughter told me Ben was telling me to be quiet. I told her Ben was always telling me to be quiet and kept right on talking to the birds. After the bus finally arrived and departed, I Happy Danced to the house and got my ballot and my coffee scented Snifty Pen and joined Daughter on the couch. We always vote together. As previously stated, not always the same way or for the same people in the smaller offices, but our politics generally align. We did discuss one of the propositions. Read one way it looked good, but thinking about it, it was just the opposite. We finished, stuffed, sealed, signed and dated, then put our ballots in our mailbox for the mail carrier to take.

I sent the picture to Younger and asked her where hers was. She woke up feeling yucky. She slept weird and was creaky, her throat was dry and sore, and she had cramps. Poor Younger. I told her to rest, make a smoothie with the blueberries I’d given her, then she could vote. I got an eye-roll emoji.

After all that, I was getting ready to attack my WP Reader and then I was waking up… and then I was waking up again and it was nearly noon. Jiminey Cricket On A Motorscooter! I’d spent most of my day sleeping… which meant I was behind again. I started working on this post and fighting to stay awake.

Soon, too soon, it was 1:27pm and Ben was scanned onto the bus three minutes early… again! I once again joined Daughter in the living room to wait for the bus to pass. I made Daughter slow down and walk at a normal pace. They weren’t going to throw him off the bus. Daughter said “You don’t know that. Maybe they want to get away from him. Maybe they’re tired of his nonsense.” As we came around the corner, the bus was parked with the stop sign out and Ben was standing at the top of the stairs. Too funny! I guess they were ready to get away from him.

We got him into the house and stripped down. He saw the Happy Meal Daughter had delivered and grabbed it. He was super hyper and all over the place though, so he didn’t sit down to eat. He did finally calm down a little after 2pm.

Then at 2:45 he found his Batman costume and HAD to put it on. He was yelling and scripting Angry Words as he brought the bag into my room. I told him to quit with the yelling and there was no need for the Angry Words… school was done and we didn’t have to drive Mommy to work, if he wanted to wear his costume it was okay. So he put it on.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to get through my WP Reader and my comments. Ben was back and forth between the living room and my room. After the initial SpazmaTaz after school, he was pretty chill… for Ben.

Younger came by around 5:30pm to pick up another package. She was just gonna grab it from the mailbox but decided she needed to use the bathroom, so she came in. She stayed for ten or fifteen minutes… enough to get Ben wound up. His Night meds were given at 5:45 and I ran his bath about 20 minutes later. I’d begun my picture taking.

Cuz time keeps slipping…

Fly Like An Eagle – Steve Miller Band

Wow! I really spaced it tonight! Time got away from me and I almost forgot my own post. I need a few days of no interruptions and no demands. Even when stuff is mellow it seems that there are demands… Adventures? It was a good day, though I slept through more of it than I planned on. Come by tomorrow… hopefully I’ll remember to show up myself. Whatever happens, we’ll have some laughs! ¡Hasta mañana!






19 thoughts on “Part 215 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. I keep thinking “but I didn’t DO anything, where did all the time go and why am I so tired?” This year has been weird for sure! Not my worst, or even 2nd worst… but definitely weird.
      I hope I sleep good when I want to sleep, and quit randomly konking out in the middle of typing something. It’s seriously like a switch gets flipped. I’m typing something, then it’s however-long later and I’ve erased everything or typed a bunch of sleep code.

      I hope you get/got some good 😴😴😴😴 and minimal creakiness upon awakening.🤗🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Our bodies know what they need even when the brain doesn’t acknowledges them. So you go to sleep as you need it. No worries, all WP posts and blogs are still here. A day of catching up with sleep is really okay! Hugs 🤗 and sweet dreams 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Sadje! You’re right, and I know you’re right, but I’m sometimes (often) stubborn and want things done the way I want them done.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣
      I guess my poor old, broken down, cyborg body is smarter than me.😉
      I hope your Wednesday is going well!🦋💕🤗🥰

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It was a pretty good day. I was frustrated with myself for falling asleep and for spacing on my post, but a good day overall.
      4 more days, Robyn… 2 Zooms after today. You’re gonna be like a kid on Christmas Eve, Sunday night.😂😂😂💃🏼💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s only 3 minutes early, but those are 3 precious minutes to me😉 . His school serves students from different districts all over the county and the buses are always lined up for several blocks, in 2 or 3 areas. It’s an older school, probably built in the 50s or 60s and it’s in a completely residential area. They probably want to get the busses moving out as quick as possible so if the bus is there, they put the child on it, no matter if it 3,5 or even 10 minutes early.

      Maybe they’re just done with Ben’s energy and ready for him to go home😉😂😂😂 Maybe his teachers do a Happy Dance too💃🏼😂 I wouldn’t blame them.😂😂😂🤗🥰💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. That would be Zeus if we let him. He cleans the Blue Ramen Ben spills on the couch🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂
      Sophie is 11 years old. She deserves some treats… Ben chases her, Zeus chases her and now Diesel Cat chases her… I keep telling her to quit running, turn around and use the Paw Of Fury, but she’s skittish. Tortie Cats are odd creatures… as you know with Miss Fred.😉🐈🥰🌙💃🏼🎶🦋💫💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy to hear you are finally getting more rest. The world is crazier than ever and i very often don’t feel like getting up either.

    Glad you get some breaks from Ben too.

    Time for me to get moving and spend some time outside. Sun shine is what i need.


    Liked by 1 person

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