Part 226 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben ate a little of his steak when it was done, but his ADHD was really bothering him. He couldn’t sit still. He was SOOO tired, but the chemistry of his brain gave him Ants In His Pants… poor punkin.

I was outside taking my pictures (WOW! Mother Nature put on a breathtakingly beautiful display!) and Ben was sweeping dirt into the air. Not fun for me, but he wasn’t sweeping it AT me. 5:30pm he had his night meds, 5:45pm I ran his bath. It took a bit to get him into the bath… his meds weren’t helping yet.

He got out of the bath after playing for about ten minutes. I think he was ready to lay down. I helped him into his bathrobe and had him sit and eat some more. He devoured the rest of his steak. He was hungry and could finally settle himself to eat. I was back outside, taking more pictures, and I heard him say he was ready for bedtime. I came in for kisses, then went back to the show… the Sciencey part was already over.

The usual Things and Stuff… Daughter went to bed around 8:45pm. I had gotten the Second Wind. I was exhausted, but not sleepy. I was waiting to take my pill with food. I nuked a frozen thing and ate it. I took my pill and konked out mid-comment again. It was probably around 11pm.

I woke up around 4am. My body was telling me it was Baño Time. I was irritated that my body picked such an awful time, but my body is smarter than me. My body knows that 4am is a time I’m less likely to have someone bangin on the door telling me to get out.

I thought about staying up, but only for about three seconds. My bed was calling and I couldn’t resist. I read some posts and dozed.

The 6:30am med alarm woke me and Ben was under the blankets about ten minutes later. He did his variation of a “cuddle”, which is him sticking his feet and legs between my calves or under them, and digging his elbows into my sides as he gets as close as he can to steal my body heat. Still… I’ll take whatever “cuddles” from him I can get. He’s not an overly affectionate kid.

It didn’t last long. Soon, those three little words…”Gramma come livingroom”. So off we went. I got his charger and water from his room, then gave him his meds. I said the Magic Spell to awaken the Coffee Dragon, then pushed the button to turn it on. I happened to look out the kitchen window, and HAD to go take sunrise pictures. It was too pretty! I was gonna skip it, I really was, but the Sun in the clouds and the blue of the sky was too much for me to resist. I said Good Morning to the crows but didn’t see any of my other avian friends.

I went ahead and uncovered Sven and turned his lights on. He’d slept on his hammock last night. I never know where I’m going to find him when I uncover him. I got his dish, dumped the dried out greens and cleaned it up. There was one surviving worm and it joined three new ones on fresh greens and blueberries. Sven actually got a worm right away this morning. I was impressed. He claimed the dish as his own, planting a foot in it, and glared at me. I got the hint and quit paparazzi-ing him.

Ben had me fetch snacks for him, but he mostly watched his tablet with the blanket pulled over his head. It was another chilly morning. We very rarely run the space heaters cuz they’re expensive, and the one wall heater is unsafe to light. When whichever cousin did the fixup on this house, they covered some valve or something. The heater looks like it’s from the Forties and it’s right next to the front door. Maybe a good place for it when our house was a one room Granny Flat, but they turned it into a three bedroom “shotgun” house and the heater is now in a useless place… even if it worked. Anyway, tangent over, coming back to the point… there was a point, I know there was… Oh! Yeah, it was chilly. It’s been dipping into the forties here at night, and we keep the windows and side door open. I need moving air or I feel like I can’t breathe. Anyway, chilly, moving on…

Daughter got up at 8:30am. She said her glands were swollen and it hurt to swallow. Great! She asked “Why does October hate me?” I told her October doesn’t hate her, but she went back to work before she was fully recovered and the wonky weather, and her body is trying to fight off the infections, but she needs rest. She started crying about the Holiday We’re Not Mentioning cuz it’s her favorite and she’s sad that it’s not being celebrated. She’s also hormonal. Poor Daughter!

She took over Couch Sittin Duty and I got Horizontal in my room. Ben actually stayed in the living room with Daughter. I messed around on my phone, did some WP stuff and just relaxed, occasionally taking a layer of clothing off. The temperature fluctuates so much in Autumn. It chilly at night and in the morning, then comfortable in late morning and afternoon, and midday is on the warm side… mid-upper 80s F (29°-32° C). It’s no surprise that everyone has a runny nose and cough, with the weather fluctuations.

I could hear Ben in the living room. He was edgy. Not quite Angry Words, but bordering on it. I needed to go the grocery store and drop off his Adderall prescription. School wants us to send some more in. I didn’t want to leave while Daughter was upset and Ben’s mood could go either way. He asked for Pink Cookies and we had some. He brought them into my room and picked the frosting off to eat it.

That was around noon and I thought about going to the store after his 12:30 Adderall. Then I remembered the pharmacy is closed from 1pm-2pm for lunch. Dang! So I needed to wait until after 2pm to go.

I left the house at 2pm. Ben had been hanging out in my room and I guess he stayed there while I was at the store. Little Stinker. His med can be picked up on Sunday, so I’ll have to go back sometime then. Anyway, I got the stuff on the list and came home.

Ben wanted a new police car and started throwing a fit because I didn’t bring one home. I told him before I left I was only going to get food, that I would get him more soda, but not toys. He moved the stuff from the gate at some point and he started screaming the “You have to get dressed, you have to go to the store…” crap and I just told him to knock it off, quit screaming at me. I gave him my tablet and told him to find a police car to order if it was that important. He looked for a few minutes and got bored with it. As I figured he would. I don’t know what his deal is today, might be the wacky weather… the pressure dropped and tropical looking clouds came up from the south… or if he’s picking up on Daughter’s unhappiness… whatever it is, he needs to chill out.

Daughter’s BFF, Ben’s Godmother, is supposed to come hang out tonight. She’s usually with us on this evening. Younger and Partner may stop by to pick up mail and bring me sage bundles she gathered. Daughter ordered pizza and pasta for us, and chicken nuggets for Ben’s dinner. We’re gonna try to keep things calm. Having BFF or Younger stop by won’t disturb him, and it won’t seem unusual to him. They may carve the pumpkins… or not. I guess we play it as it’s dealt and go with the flow.

Can’t have Halloween without the Time Warp…

It’s just a jump to the left…

I’m glad you came by to hang out with us. No Tricks here today, and not many Treats either. It was another middle of the road, “Kiddie Ride” day. There were a couple hiccups but that’s just life. Very few days are ALL wonderful or ALL terrible, there’s usually a combination of both. Come by tomorrow. I believe there will be laundry and Daughter goes back to work tomorrow night, so there will be Driving Miss Daisy. Oh yeah, the clocks go back tonight too. Hopefully we’ll have more laughs than hiccups. ¡Hasta mañana!






25 thoughts on “Part 226 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I so know what you mean about not being able to resist the sun and colors and clouds! I can hardly stand it and have to go see and take pictures. It’s so amazing! No matter how many times I’ve seen it, each one is unique and incredible. I’m glad you gave in. Hugs 🤗 💝💛🧡

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    1. I really was gonna just take it easy this morning… maybe I should close the blinds in the kitchen 😉😂 the blue & white and gold… I get ridiculously excited. Like “Price Is Right” excited🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      I’m glad I’m not the only one.🤪 Thank you🦋💕💗✨💫

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  2. Halloween was very odd this year. Typically, our neighborhood is swarming with costumed kids for several hours. Some of them are imported from other neighborhoods, as we don’t have THAT many who actually live here, but our neighborhood is known for “having the good stuff”. Some of the houses go all out, including ours, with me cramming fistfuls of candy into plastic pumpkins and loving every minute of it.

    I knew the turnout would be considerably lighter this year, and I was even on the fence about participating, not wanting to encourage “unsafe” behavior. But I also didn’t want to disappoint those who did venture out, especially if they were taking all the right precautionary measures. So I sterilized myself from head to toe, shoved wads of factory-wrapped candy into individual Ziploc bags, positioned a mask and hand-sanitizer at the front door, and waited.

    There was one doorbell ring and one knock, four kids total, all of them masked and heart-warmingly polite. Suffice it to say that left with a big enough haul from one house that they didn’t really need to go anywhere else. But still, only four. More crapfest fallout from this crapfest year. Sigh.

    You know, I really should turn this into a post. You always inspire me, even when I’m doing all the talking. Thanks, Lady A! 😊😊

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    1. I look forward to reading the post!🎃

      We walk Ben to a neighborhood like yours. Not because of the candy, most of it he’s too picky to eat, but because the whole street does it up righteously! Even costumed neighbors walking the streets to keep everyone safe, and to scare the “big kids”. It was always fun! I never saw so much as an uncarved pumpkin at any house on the whole street. They were playing it safe too.

      Next year, or maybe 2022… We’ll have the craziest Halloween EVER!!💪💌

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    1. We dont usually get anyone, end of a long driveway with a front house on either side of the driveway.🤷🏼‍♀️ having emergency candy isn’t a bad thing.
      Ben didnt wake up until 6:30😲 it was daylight outside. And I took my pill at 11 so I was asleep before midnight…. it was “Great Pumpkin” miracle, Charle Brown.🎃 I hope you get a miracle sleep too.💕

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  3. I think it’s on the holidays and special days that our situation really hits home and we remember life just isn’t normal. New national one month lockdown in England has been announced from Thursday (we’re all ready on a two week one here in Wales) and my children are both studying at universities there. I’m keeping my fingers crossed they’ll be allowed home for Christmas. Here’s to future holidays!

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    1. We are clinging to are reduced restrictions by our fingernails! The university and the restaurant/bars are big sources of the spread. I will be SOOO upset if the schools have to close again because of people who want to get drunk and be stupid.
      You guys in UK have a leader like ours…more worried about the economy than people’s health. Fingers crossed for a Family Christmas!!💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Absolutely. Really hoping we get a different government next time – people must remember how greedy and arrogant they’ve been and the lives that have been lost because of it.

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  4. That was a pretty sunrise! And Sven’s look in that last picture cracked me up. I would have stopped taking photos too. I’m sorry daughter was so sad to miss her favorite holiday. I hope she had some fun with BF last night doing something special for the day! I hope she is feeling better too and that you all have a great day today as well!

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    1. I don’t know what happened to BFF, but she never came over🤷🏼‍♀️ Younger and Partner came by and Ben liked that. It was a very calm evening & Sunset… wow!
      GLYSB tomorrow!💃🏼✨ Quarter Lady & whatever other errands today. Daughter has to work tonight & tomorrow night, which means a mad rush on both GLYSB mornings.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤪🤷🏼‍♀️💕
      I hope no one is sick from too much candy… I’m thinking Miss Sass would be the one😉😂😂😂🤗🥰💕

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      1. I had to go to Target yesterday to get some things that are cheaper there than in the grocery store and I let her pick out a sweater. She’s already been to me in tears this morning because “somehow” a blowpop got stuck to her new sweater last night in her sleep. I told her to soak it (approaching problem calmly at level 1) and she grabbed a pair of scissors claiming “IT’S RUINED!” (approaching problem at level 10). I got the scissors off her, and when I wasn’t looking I saw her take a bowl of water up to her room. Oh, Miss Sass….how she keeps my days colorful!

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        1. It will be interesting, from a purely Scientific perspective 🤓 to see is autism makes her teens different from my girls. So far she’s pretty much the same as they were. Very high drama, especially Older…she’s still high drama🙄😂
          🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀 you’re gonna need a field of 4leaf clover luck & TONS of patience. You’ve already got a great sense of humor… it helps!

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    1. Of course! Younger’s ex was in a drama club in College and they did a shadow cast performance of RHPS… Daughter and I dressed for the occasion, as many audience members did. It was fun… but cold.
      Just watching sunset is reserved for summer months, when it’s much later. Now with the time change, I’ll at least get to run back and forth and SEE it all before I have to Drive Miss Daisy.🤷🏼‍♀️
      I waiting til Spring, then hopefully the restrictions will be even less and I can go down to my favorite beach and watch a proper Sunset from the end of the pier! Bliss!🥰💌💌💌

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