Part 256 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Sciencey Stuff and a Meh sunset.

The rest of the evening was chill. All the usual Things and Stuff after The Boys were tucked in. I took my pills around 11:30pm and went right to sleep.

I woke up around 4:30am but burrowed down further under my blankets and dozed for thirty or forty-five minutes. I got up around 5:30, got coffee and thanked my Coffee Dragon for having it ready for me, peeked out the kitchen window, and did a Keanu “Whoa!” I had another drink of coffee for warmth and went out into the cold.

I took a bazillion pictures over the next hour or ninety minutes. I don’t want to burn you guys out on photo overload though, so I’m working on reducing the number I post. Georgie and Gracie came by for breakfast, then another couple came by. Four gulls this morning. Georgie and Gracie did NOT want to share. There were gulls and crows all over the sky this morning.

I kept having to go back inside to thaw out my fingers. Thank goodness Daughter was home to get Ben ready for the GLYSB, cuz I would’ve been bummed to miss the show Mother Nature put on this morning. It was truly spectacular and I was very excited and very happy!

The GLYSB arrived on time and after the Happy Dancing, I got Horizontal under a blanket until it was time to run to the post office and grocery store. I must’ve dozed because it was suddenly 9:30. I distinctly remember 8:30, so either I slept, or time slipped a notch. Either way, I needed to get going to the store. I needed to drop off prescriptions, two for me and one for Ben, and I needed Ben’s today. I got myself ready, and away I went.

I wound up going by two stores, Rite Aid and Vons. Ben needed more melatonin and Daughter’s wine is cheaper at Rite Aid too. I stopped there first, then went to Vons. I was happy to see the pharmacist that I’ve “known” for twenty years was working and also the efficent tech. My two prescriptions weren’t due to be filled until the second or third of December but I figured I’d drop them off since I was there. Some of the other staff got confused when I tried to do this previously. Anyway, they said they’d have Ben’s med ready in twenty minutes, so I started my shopping.

I was bummed to see the display with Pink Cookies was now filled with Green cookies. I grabbed one box, thinking that maybe if we told him it was because of Christmas, and since the box is the same, he might at least try them. The store also carries a two-pack of the Pink Cookies by a different manufacturer, instead of $5 for a dozen, they were $2 for two. I bought ten of the two-packs. Yes, it seems ridiculous, but if the green cookies aren’t acceptable, then those two-packs are it. Hopefully the Pink Cookies phase will be over soon. I was able to get everything else on my list, picked up Ben’s med and headed home.

Daughter was sleeping so I carried everything in and put it all away. Then I needed a break. The quick trip took me almost two hours from start to finish. Today was one of those slippery days when time seems to fly by. Before I knew it, Ben was scanned onto the bus and on his way home.

Since I noticed that Daughter hadn’t taken chicken out to defrost, and she was just waking up, Ben wouldn’t have food waiting for him when he got home. Yes, we have all kinds of snacks but he didn’t seem very interested in them over the weekend. I put on my mask and went over to Little Caesar’s to get him some Crazy Bread. Then I stopped in at the market and got eight of the little two for a dollar bags of poofs.

Ben got home at 1:45pm… so much for the 2:05pm drop off time on the schedule that Transportation sent. Anyway, he came in and looked around, looking for food and/or a toy. He saw the Crazy Bread, then he looked on the table where I’d set the box of Green Cookies. I told him that the store didn’t have Pink Cookies, they had Green ones for Christmas but it was the same cookies. He took the box, opened it, and started eating the frosting off. WOOT WOOT!! That is HUGE!!! These guys have a VERY hard time with ANY change. For Ben to even try the cookies was a major deal. If we could only get him to try other new things…

Ben ate part of the cookies, then started on the Crazy Bread. He hung out in the living room with Daughter, watching his tablet or playing with his chalk. I took my Science Project pictures when the alarm went off, then went back to going through my WP reader. I got a very late start today and time felt slippery today.

Ben came in and asked me for new chalk. He really does go through it fast. I just got two boxes delivered yesterday and I should probably order more. Daughter took chicken out when Ben got home. I guess she’s going to cook his dinner a little later tonight. She also talked about making soup. I told her I wasnt sure I was ready for soup again.

Almost time for sunset. We shall see if Mother Nature gives us a dramatic show, or a gentle easing into darkness. Of course, with a big full moon, it won’t be total darkness.

In honor of tonight’s full moon…

Moonshadow – Cat Stevens

Another groovy day. Some surprises along the way, surprises can be fun. Time, time, time… it drags and slips. Today it seemed to fly by with not much to mark its passing. Tomorrow is another GLYSB day, and another opportunity for Adventures. Will you join us? ¡Hasta mañana!