Part 229 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I took my pictures and Ben played with his chalk. Daughter asked Ben if he wanted some “orange chicken” or something else for dinner or if he was full from the crazy bread. He said he didn’t want anything, so she continued watching her shows. I was able to take all the Sciencey pictures and edit them before I ran Ben’s bath at 5:45pm.

After his bath, Daughter got him into a nightgown and shoes and we took her to work. Ben went right to bed after we got home. He was tired. The Boys were snug and warm and wished a Good Night. I texted Daughter to let her know we were home and all was well.

Things, Stuff… Around 8:15pm I texted Younger to see if she was still stopping by after work. She’s been supposed to bring me a Sage bundle she harvested and wrapped since like last Wednesday… she’s forgetful. Anyway, she had the Sage and was coming by. She didn’t stay long, she’d just gotten off work. She took a pair of her sunglasses I found in the car, she took my box of frozen mini choco pies and she took $20… expensive Sage. She always finds something to take home with her. Shopping at Mom’s is an adult child’s favorite store, especially the Cash Back deal.

After Younger left, I ate the Amy’s bowl I’d heated up earlier and texted Older to let her know Ben was sleeping and to ask her to schedule the rent payment. She did that, and texted that she was putting together a list for me to take to the store when I go to the pharmacy. UGH! She wants to stock up, thinks things are gonna get freaky starting when the polls close or when early results start coming in. Either win or lose, the Orange Idjit and the wingnut MAGAhatters are unpredictable, and living in a different reality. She’s right to worry, but I wasn’t looking forward to a huge shopping trip.

Anyway, I took my pill around 11pm and ate a couple cookies (the two cookies actually had MORE calories than the bowl thingy I ate) for Sweet Dreams and for calories, then konked. I woke up at 4am with the “ohmigosh, I overslept” feeling, then konked back out when I found my phone and saw the time. Then the alarm woke me up at 6am. I had to find my phone again, which was running a stopwatch… it took a few seconds to exit that and turn the dang alarm off.

Activate Coffee Dragon, pit stop, uncovered Sven and said Good Morning (left old greens til after Happy Dance), got a cuppa, then went to let Dogzilla out. I started waking Ben up at 6:20, and he actually jumped right up and ran for the Bath Room… Potty Emergency.

I gathered his stuff and started packing his backpack. He said “No bus today” I told him the GLYSB would come, but we had to go get Mom first, then doped his face. He laid under the blanket on the couch for a while, and I showed him the blue vest he’d been buggin about yesterday morning. I promised yesterday that he could wear it today. I really should’ve known he’d want the dang white buttondown shirt and the black and white striped jacket too. So while he started making upset noises and scripting, I went digging in Daughter’s closet, looking for the shirt and jacket, Huffing and Puffing the whole time. I found them, showed them to HRH and told him to take his nightgown off.

I got his top half dressed, and was trying to get him to step into the basketball shorts, when he said “long pants”. I told him Nope, he’s wearing all the stuff on top, he’ll get too hot later, shorts. I was actually surprised he didn’t argue more. Finished getting him ready, got me ready, double checked his backpack, took a few pictures of Sven and the sky, had a couple sips of coffee, then it was time to go get Daughter. Ben looked around for one more thing to bring, like he ALWAYS does… it’s irritating, then we were off.

Got Daughter, headed home. I parked in the driveway and Daughter grabbed the chair out of the back, I grabbed his backpack and tablet from the back, driver side, and Daughter let Ben out. We got him settled in the chair with a full view of the street, then Daughter ran back to the house for some paperwork she forgot to put in his backpack. The GLYSB arrived three minutes early as Ben and I were taking a selfie. He jumped up, had his temperature taken, scanned his card and took his seat. We waved then I did my Happy Dance, right there in the busy, five lane street!

Came back inside the house, said hello to the wiggle-whiney Dogzilla, ditched the mask and shoes, and got Sven some fresh food, including two new worms.

Then I got Horizontal and waited for 9am. Daughter said she wanted to go with me to the store, she had a list. So at 9:05am I went to see if she still wanted to go… she was asleep. And there was no list anywhere. I guess I was going by myself and only getting the few things on the existing list. She makes me bonkers with stuff like that.

I reserved a WallyWorld pickup for 8am Wednesday morning and started filling the cart. The app kept messing up and after trying three times, I gave up and went to the grocery/pharmacy store. I dropped off my two prescriptions and the pharmacist said the morphine had to be ordered, which was fine, I have extra and I rarely use it. I voluntarily stepped down from five pills a day to two. I keep the prescription for two mostly because I’m accident prone and they come in handy. Plus, Zombie Apocalypse… having pain medication is a good thing. Anyway, I told the pharmacist it was fine, fill the Restoril and I’d come back after I finished my shopping. I wasn’t sure what all to get cuz I still planned to do the WallyWorld thing. I got Daughter’s wine, they were out of Ben’s Pink Cookies, but we still had a couple boxes, they were out of my mini choco pies, so I bought a different brand. I looked at the turkeys, but they didn’t have any that were just the breasts. It’s just gonna be me and Daughter. She has to have turkey for Thanksgiving. Younger is a vegetarian, so she won’t eat any, Partner might… if they come by. Daughter’s BFF and her other friend might come by… none of us like the dark meat though, so it’s a waste to buy and cook a whole turkey. Anyway, no turkey breasts at the grocery store, they did have “eye of round” steaks though which is the cut we prefer to buy for Ben, so I grabbed three packs. I paid for the few things I’d gotten and took them to the car. I got texts that my prescriptions were ready, so I went back in and was stoked that the morphine had come in their delivery, so ALL the meds were ready… four for Ben and three for me. Then I was homeward bound.

I put the stuff away, put Sven in the shower and tried to do the WallyWorld thing again. I got the reservation and about seven items went through. Ugh! So I went through and filled the cart again, and added those to the existing order. At first it looked like only three items went through, but the confirmation e-mail showed all of them, so that was good. Daughter can add or remove anything until 1:45am, so another accomplishment.

I got Sven out of the shower and took him outside in the sunshine for a little while.

Then I did email and texts and Daughter got up a little after 1pm and I told her about the WallyWorld thing and the grocery/pharmacy thing and then we got text notification that Ben was on the bus. No more GLYSB til next Monday.

Ben was scanned off the bus at 1:47pm. His teacher said he had a good day. He seemed to be in a good mood. I got his shoes and socks off and didn’t even try for the jacket and tie. Those can come off before bath time. He was very calm and relaxed… maybe tired. It’s nice that Daughter is off work until Saturday night. We can all just relax and rest… Hide in our little Casa Cuckoo bubble.

It’s just about time to do the Sciencey Data Gathering Stuff. Daughter is ordering a delivery from Panda Express, Ben will probably have steak. Then more relaxing. I might even eventually look at some news sources and see what’s been going on. The neighborhood is quiet this evening… I hope it stays that way.

This song speaks for itself…

Talkin’ About A Revolution – Tracy Chapman

Thank you for hanging out during the Hour Of Chaos, and the Driving Miss Daisy and the Shopping App Mishap, and the actual shopping… thanks for sharing our Adventures! Tomorrow we start the day with a grocery pickup from WallyWorld, 8am… hopefully all the wingnuts will be sleeping still, if they’re of a mind to be active. I need to go to the Post Office too. I have a Birthday Gift to send and it’s already late. Luckily it’s for a friend that won’t care that it’s late. We never know what tomorrow may bring… that’s life. At Casa Cuckoo though, there’s usually laughter and fun. Even the worst days here have some Adventures mixed in. Come back and hang out with us. ¡Hasta mañana!






24 thoughts on “Part 229 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. I still have no idea what’s going on with the election. I haven’t looked. I think I’ll wait til tomorrow… it’s gonna be a clusterfuck no matter what happens tonight, or next week… maybe next month. I’m just happy no more trees have to die for all the dang mail, and no more random texts and emails!
      Turn off the news, take an emergency valium and cuddle your adorable lil guy😻
      Dr Angie’s orders.
      Or be like my daughters and ignore me and do whatever you want😂😂😂🤗🥰💕

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Sven looks like a happy dragon. 🙂 You had a very busy day! My GLYSB days are pretty busy as well. But every now and again I get to stop and take a break. Who knows what the day will bring today! Although I hope something good. Because watching the election results is making me physically sick to my stomach and feeling down. Ugh! Well, let’s hope for a good day for us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t looked at any news still… I know there’s nothing official yet, and the back & forth drama isn’t good for anyone except the talking heads.

      Ben is having a SpazmaTaz Crackerjack day🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ It’s Arts & Crafts left and right… which is whatever… except Daughter is right there & he still comes to me, plus he takes something I just taped together, untapes it, changes one little thing and wants me to tape it again🤯🤪
      Still probably better than watching the news though🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Ah, the day is half over… we can do it!💪💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely to read this. A slice of ordinary in the big cake of madness that is the world. Orange man is getting in touch with his YMCA roots. I think that they thought it would be a very smart way of getting at Biden’s extra couple of years.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. I haven’t looked at news still. I don’t understand the people who support him. There are always wingnuts, but the “average” people who think he’s done anything except tear our country apart… I dont get it. Biden wasn’t my 1st choice. I was hoping for Kamala or Bernie… but even “W” Bush was better than Trump. Even crazy, senile Ronnie Reagan was better than Trump…
          All the political work I was involved in during the late 90s & early 00s… we’re further behind than we were then… surreal…

          Liked by 1 person

          1. That’s because the right had a bounce-back with all the conflicts that had been started. Terrorism and regime change just play into the hands of people providing simple solutions. But your man over there is something different. He’s a fairground performer gone rogue. Ours is not much better. Saving grace is that they are both gifted incompetants.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I’ll be interested to see the breakdown of actual votes, state by state. The way the right has redrawn the districts skews things. So many states going for the Orange Idjit, but was that the district lines or the popular vote?? I want to see how many of my fellow Americans have the same beliefs as him. I know there are more than I imagined… not cynical enough I guess, but I still believe that “average” people are “live and let live” in their beliefs.
              It’s all so sad, really. I keep writing about a 2nd civil war, but we’re really already having one. There just arent any huge, organized battles like the first one…

              You’re back on lockdown… how are tempers on your side of the pond? Bonfire Night tonight…

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Yes, we have Bonfire night as a way of celebrating the burning of a guy named Guy. 400 years and still burning him! Lockdown has comes as a reminder of the walking plague that is now the world. Let’s hope that nature returns as it did before.


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