Part 235 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Everything stayed relaxed last night. Ben ate his pizza, had his bath and went to bed with no problems. I did the usual Things and Stuff, ate some food and forgot to take my pill before the Food Coma hit.

I woke around 2:30am… it seems like the new regular time. I had the debate about taking my pill then or not, and decided not to. I dozed a little but I never really went back to sleep.

Around 5:30am Zeus was making noise. I didn’t want him to wake Ben up, so I let him out of the room, then made him go right outside. If he’s going to whine, yip, and scratch at the door, he’s going outside to go potty. It was cold and it was still wet, but I made him go anyway. I went out to see the Moon and look for Venus. Both were bright.

I didn’t start going crazy with the pictures until closer to 6am. There was no sunset last night, it was raining, so I was feeling a little “Beautiful Sky” deprived… I may have an addiction to sunset and sunrise. Is there a Twelve Step for that? Oh, nevermind… the Addiction Specialist doctor I was sent to during the whole Work Comp thing said I didn’t have an addictive personality. I was dependent on opiates, but not addicted. Tangent over, back to sunrise… my seagull made an appearance and had a friend/mate along…. two seagulls now.

When one seagull was on top of the building alone, and I was looking out the kitchen window, I was talking to it. I said Good Morning and thanked it for hanging out, told it I thought it was beautiful and I was happy to see it. It seemed like it heard me and was posing for me. It batted its wings a little, took a few steps, looked at me (or in my direction anyway) then puffed up its feathers and batted its wings again, took a few more steps and a hop, turned in my direction and stood there. I was talking to it the entire time. Daughter was telling Ben that “Gramma lost her mind.” Ben, as he often does, took the last word and said “Mind? What mind?” It was pretty funny!

Daughter had to wake him up, and he didn’t go to the living room until 6:45am. She gave him his meds and they hung out while I was back and forth taking pictures. Daughter got herself ready for the work thingy too.

A little after 7:20am they went down to the end of the driveway to wait for the GLYSB. I stood in the doorway with Zeus whining at my side… SO annoying! The seagulls and the crows were flying from the market roof to the neighbors roof and over our house. I watched the birds and talked to them while waiting.

At 7:40am when the GLYSB hadn’t arrived, Daughter called Transportation. Apparently our beloved driver forgot she was supposed to get Ben this morning. WHOOPS! She would come get him ASAP. Daughter was actually happy about the mixup, she’d been complaining about not wanting to go to the work thingy for days, and approximately every five minutes this morning.

Ben was scanned onto the GLYSB at 7:58… almost a half hour late. Plus, no alone in my house today since Daughter didn’t go to the thingy. Like I always say (write) “Things at Casa Cuckoo are always changing.”

I got Horizontal and went through email, edited the pictures, and looked at some news articles. Ben had uncovered Sven and turned his lights on before going to wait for the GLYSB. Sven still hadn’t moved anything except his eyes. I don’t blame him. I wish I could just randomly sleep for a few days when I didn’t like the weather.

Even though the Universe didn’t play fair, and I didn’t get my alone in my house time, I kept my solemn promise and didn’t do anything productive during the GLYSB time. I did walk over to Little Caesar’s and the market at 1:15pm but I would’ve had to pick Daughter up at noon if she’d gone, so I don’t think it counts. Besides, getting wine and cheesy bread for Daughter and crazy bread for Ben is hardly productive.

Ben was scanned onto the bus at 1:25pm. I guess the driver decided to be early to pick him up from school. I say “No fair!” School isn’t supposed to end until 1:30pm. What about all those valuable instruction hours? Hmmm? He was late arriving and he leaves early? It’s just not right. (I’m totally joking, but kinda serious too…) He was scanned off the bus at home at 1:48pm.

He came in and did something with Daughter’s laptop, which she left laying out and open. I was listening from my room, staying distant. I was concerned there might be a problem. Ben is really bad about touching and/or taking things that don’t belong to him. We are constantly telling him to ask first. And Daughter knows that Ben will grab electronics left out, yet she leaves her phone and her laptop out, open and inviting. They both should know better. I guess Ben must’ve had an okay day cuz he didn’t push back at Daughter, and though she talked to him about asking in a sarcastic tone, didn’t take the laptop away or immediately turn off the movie he started. Good deal! I relaxed.

Everything was quiet and calm… I hollered out the 2:30pm med alarm and Daughter gave him the meds. He brought his tablet into my room and laid on the bed with me for a bit.

Ben stayed with me for almost an hour, watching his tablet and eating Blue Ramen. He asked me very politely to get him a soda, so I did. Just before 3:30pm he finished the ramen and went back to the living room. Zeus was kind enough to get all the Ramen that Ben dropped or spilled. Another good use of a K9 companion… vacuum cleaner.

The isn’t hiding behind a wall of clouds today. Time for some Sciencey Data Gathering! Then the usual Ben stuff… etc.

Just a random song I like…

Let Love Rule – Lenny Kravitz

Thanks for hanging out. A nice boring day. Well, maybe not boring, I wasn’t bored and I hope you weren’t, but nothing dramatic happened. That’s a good thing. No work for Daughter tonight, and another GLYSB Day for Ben tomorrow. I’ll have to do some errands tomorrow… groceries, post office, maybe laundry. I won’t know for sure until tomorrow. The Sun is supposed to be bright and warmer, the coffee will be hot and fresh, the Sweet Tea cold and refreshing. I’ll even let you have a soda if you’d prefer. Whatever we do, we’ll have some laughs and some fun. ¡Hasta mañana!






22 thoughts on “Part 235 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Sounds like a pretty nice day. Never dull or boring at the Casa but nice is nice. I wish I could sleep through bad weather days too, lucky dragon. Hugs! 🐉☀️✨🌦🌟🐶🤗❤️

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    1. I’ll probably try to get him moving tomorrow. I always worry about the animals. If it’s warm in the afternoon like its supposed to be, I’ll throw him in the shower then take him outside for a while.

      It sure would nice to sleep through the night… days and days… I can’t even imagine.😂

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  2. I like how Ben cracked a joke without even trying 🤣. I think you are right and that a pretty sky pictures dependency is completely different from an addiction.

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    1. Sometimes Ben comes up with some hysterical scripting and it makes us wonder if he meant to do that. This morning was great😂😂😂 what mind is exactly right!🤪

      I really did have to see an addiction specialist. A pain doctor I got sent to was convinced I didnt really have pain… I was just an addict 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ He was the cause of me being bedridden for 3 months… the Jerk!🤬

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      1. Oh man! That’s brutal. I’ve always wondered how doctors seem to know so much about another person who has a condition they have never had. I love those doctors who talk to you as if you are an expert on aspects of your health and then provide you with the technical information you need to make decisions. I’m glad you got what you needed.

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    1. I’m never bored, unexciting is A-OK! I’ve had enough drama in this life. I’d be content to never have any, ever again … but with Ben, and both my daughters being so good at drama, I’m sure there will be more in my future.🤷🏼‍♀️
      I hope your Tuesday is drama-free! You’ve got some of the same Daughter issues, don’t you😘 🙄🤪😂😂 Too bad we can’t ground them or give them punishment chores like when they were younger🤣🤣🤣🤣

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      1. Yes, we have daughter issues, but I think we have gotten used to the occasional drama and tantrum. I can see that you won’t be bored by the mundane as you have the gift to enjoy life. Thanks 🙏

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    1. Thanks, Robyn! The driver was early today😂 Daughter is off work again tonight so it should be another mellow day… as long as I get Pink Cookies before Ben gets home🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂😂

      Are you enjoying saying bye-bye-bye to all 3 of yours? It must make your mornings complete chaos, but then a huge relief when D’s bus pulls away.💃🏼🎆💕

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  3. What a cute banner! I hadn’t seen that before. Someone’s crafty! Your day sounds lovely, just the right amount of alone time (even if it was very short and not really there due to your daughter playing hooky from work)…your conversations with the birds seems reasonable to me…Sven has it right…why not hibernate when the day is cold and long and gray? And Zeus? What a sweetie! I know you call him the ‘big dumb dog’, but he seems a loving and patience boy. Wonderful life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Melanie! The banner was a gift from Rory. He had Lisa do it. A very kind and generous Dude, our Rory!
      Zeus is definitely a Good Dawg! He’s a velcro dog though, and it gets a bit annoying at times.
      You’re right, I am blessed and I know it! I am truly grateful that my daughters and I get along, even if they can’t get along with each other🙄 and Ben has been having more good days than bad.
      I very much prefer the days when nothing much happens. The days when stuff does happen, STUFF Happens! Fact stranger than fiction, couldn’t make it up, STUFF! We had enough of that over summer🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
      Thanks for stopping by! Come hang out anytime😉💕


  4. I remember those days when the bus arrived. It was such a relief to have a few hours to breathe and regroup.
    Too bad you didn’t get the house to yourself, but at least you got out.

    Sitting here in a parking lot waiting for hubby to get out of an outpatient surgery. He wanted to drive himself, but i insisted on taking him. Hoping it’s not a big deal. Haven’t we had enough this year?

    Take care

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    1. Oh no! Another surgery? I hope it’s nothing serious! They don’t usually want people driving, even outpatient. I’ve got experience with surgeries 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

      Honestly Teri, this year isn’t my worst year. I’ve have 2 or 3 that were personally 10 times worse. Except having Ben home all day, nothing in my life really changed.
      I do feel bad for everyone that is having such a hard time, I do understand, having been through really bad times previously. Things will get better. That I know for sure!! It might get worse first or it might take much longer than we’d like… but it WILL get better!

      Sending hugs!🤗💕💖💌

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  5. Please continue talking to the birds whenever possible, despite the eye-rolling from certain observers. I firmly believe that some of us have a way with animals, and some of us don’t. We get it. And, usually, the animals get it. It’s more of the “sending out good vibes” thing that we have often chatted about. You get what you give, and every living thing on the planet is part of that karmic circle…

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    1. I fully intend to keep talking to the birds and the trees and maybe even the humans😉
      I did some reading about gulls last night. A few articles that cited research studies and it’s very likely that gull recognizes me and my good intentions.
      I’m WAAAAY past caring what other people think. I enjoy positive feedback, sure… but negativity and naysayers get ignored.
      Like Bartles & James, Thank You For Your Support!😂😂

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