Part 236 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I started taking pictures from different places. I tried by the south wall, but the Sun had already passed over the apartment building. I even stood on a chair to get above the trellis thingy or whatever it’s supposed to be. I think I may have a problem seeing the Sunset on Winter Solstice. I’m going to be seriously bummed if I can’t complete my project. Stupid apartment building

After the Sun was below the “horizon” I came back inside. It was Intermission time and there may’ve been some pretties later, but it was too dang cold! My fingers were numb and my nose was cold.

Ben ate his “orange chicken” then wanted Pink Cookies. I brought him the opened box that he’d only partially decimated, and the Oreos. I told him I’d look for new Pink Cookies at the store. Bath and bed with the usual prompts and delay, no problems.

Things, Stuff, food, pill… snoring and drooling by 11pm. I woke around 2:30am again but burrowed deeper into my blankets and went back to sleep.

The wakeup, at 6am this morning, was the “under the blankets wiggle-jiggles and heat-stealing cuddle” variety. He wanted me to go to the living room right away, but I was holding out for 6:30. By 6:20 he asked/commanded enough times to be annoying. Plus, he was hurting me a little with the elbows and the way he was shoving his feet between my calves. I told him “okay, alright, enough already! Gramma will come living room.” Then Daughter walked down the hall announcing “I’m up.” Woot Woot! I stayed in bed, knowing she’d head straight to the baño. No sense getting out of my warm bed until the destination was unoccupied.

I heard the call of a seagull, so when I got my coffee I looked out the kitchen window and said Good Morning to the solo gull. I took a few pictures since the Sun was up too, and thanked my avian friend for visiting. I asked where their friend was and the solo gull groomed it’s feathers for a few seconds. Hmmm… must’ve had a falling out. That grooming clearly communicated to me that my friend didn’t need the other gull… Or maybe I was just making it all up in my head. Possible.

I left Sven covered up. It was 40°F (4°C) according to the Guessers. I believed it. Zeus had his face out my bedroom window, staring at Sophie Cat, and his breath was visible in the slanting rays of the Sun. I decided to wait until it warmed up a little before waking up Mr Grumpy Beard.

At 7:20 Ben put on his backpack and mask, then he and Daughter went to wait for the GLYSB. It arrived early and Ben had his temperature taken, then scanned his card… 7:27am… and took his seat. I was shakin my booty in the doorway and Zeus was whining next to me. Coffee refil and Horizontal Time!

I was a lazy bum until about 11:30am, then I put clothes in the washer, put on “public” clothes, shoes and mask and went to the grocery store. I bought four of the seven boxes of Pink Cookies and all the other stuff on the short list. I also bough a dang full turkey! I got the smallest one they had, but there were far fewer than the last time I was there, and still no breasts only. If I should happen upon a single turkey breast or the entire “breast saddle” as it’s called, I’ll buy that and donate the full bird somewhere. I really, REALLY hate wasting food! Anyway, I got home, put the junk away, then got Horizontal again. Daughter had gone to sleep before I left and she was still sleeping when I got home.

Ben was scanned onto the GLYSB at 1:27pm. Daughter got up a few minutes later and waited for HRH to arrive. The arrival was at 1:48pm, and he came into the house in a mood… something about dominoes. He was asking “Where’s the dominoes?” and talking about them disappearing. He came into my room, flopped onto the bed and yelled about them disappearing, then started tossing my shoes over his shoulder as he frantically “searched”. One of the shoes hit me, and I said “Ouch!” I handed the shoe back to him and told him I didn’t know what dominoes he was talking about, but they weren’t under my shoes. I told him I bought Pink Cookies for him, like I said I would. The domino issue evaporated and he went to eat the frosting off a box of cookies. Alrighty then…

He started singing “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” which is a “Happy” song, then settled down and watched his tablet or whatever, he was quiet, calm and in the living room. I hollered out the 2:30pm med alarm when it went off. I also told Daughter that I washed the clothes in my basket. That if she wanted to wash her stuff, I’d take them all over to the dryers. I also told her that if she didn’t feel like it, the clothes could sit in the washer overnight… NBD.

I started doing my Science at 3:15pm, looking for another spot to take the pictures from. I have a real problem… I’ll be working on a solution. Ben was being all kinds of hyper. Not in a bad way, just in a kid way. I came out to take pictures at one point and found him standing by the mud hole, pants around his ankles, peeing. Such a kid thing to do! He’s eating his steak now, meds at 5:45pm, bath at 6pm, then Hallelujah, bedtime. I just hope he sleeps until the Sun is at least lighting the sky.

The first lines of lyrics

And the men who hold high places

Must be the ones who start

To mold a new reality

Closer to the heart

Closer to the heart

Alex Zivojinovich / Geddy Lee Weinrib / Neil Elwood Peart / Peter Henry Talbot / Alex Zivojinovich (pka Alex Lifeson)
Closer To The Heart – Rush

Thanks for coming along to the grocery store, and hanging out on another mellow day. No GLYSB tomorrow, but no work for Daughter either. We’ll all be hanging out in our pajamas all day, most likely. You can hang out in your PJs too. We’re not fussy, and we don’t have a dress code here at the Casa, you can wear whatever you want. Or nothing at all… we really don’t care. It’s been chilly though, so you might save that option for warmer weather. ¡Hasta mañana!






19 thoughts on “Part 236 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. I hope you find just the right spot to keep on with science. The sun moves such a little bit each day. It’s really fun to watch and see how it does it! I love jammy days! 🤗❤️💫☕️🎶

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Sun has moved really far since summer Solstice and even since the Equinox. It seems faster since Equinox cuz the “horizon” is closer to me. The entire Project would be better with an unobstructed view and maybe 2 or 3 landmarks🤷🏼‍♀️
      Jammie Days are the best! I think it supposed to get up to 70° tomorrow😲
      It wasn’t too long ago that 70 was our LOW🙄 wonky weather.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very gracious invitation Angie. I’d be dressed in my usual “homey” clothes, loose pants and loose long shirt, known as “ Shalwar and kameez!
    I’m glad it was a good day for you all. Hope for the same tomorrow too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, you don’t have to tell me twice. I’ll be in my PJ’s all day. Even if I’m going through a drive through. 😉 Is it “Let’s go fly a 🪁 ” from Mary Poppins? I love that song! I think somebody better figure out how to make Pink 🍪 in case they stop stocking them, heaven forbid!

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  4. What is it with boys peeing outside. It’s like they are marking their territory or something. Like, how hard is it for them to walk into the bathroom and pee?
    My boys were the same.

    Made a caesar salad w grilled skirt steak. So yummy.also made an Apple strudel for Ken.
    He’s feeling crummy i can tell.

    At least he is sleeping now.
    Nighty night


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Very sweet to make sweets for your sweetie!😉😂
      It’s not just boys… the girls would look for their “spot” every time we went camping.🤷🏼‍♀️
      Personally, I prefer indoor plumbing, but in nature, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go😂

      Sleep well my friend! Speedy recovery for Ken!🤞💕


  5. Not a bad day! It sounds like you have a nice cozy day planned for today as well. Nice! I have to hit the grocery store today as well. And then I have to replace a garbage disposal – thank goodness for YouTube! And that my neighbor is Mr. Handyman and retired in case things go horribly wrong. But the kids won’t be here so that should help things 🙂 I hope you guys have the nicest, coziest day ever!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m the fixit person too. I remember when the water line from under the sink to the fridge ice/water sprung a leak. I contacted the owner, since I rent it’s his problem, right? He couldn’t get a plumber for hours🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I didn’t want to wait hours. We store canned and boxed stuff under there since we have almost zero cabinet space, and some of the boxes had to be tossed. I went to Hope Depot, found someone to help me find the parts and fixed it myself. Since then, I pretty much do everything. I have a dripping bathroom faucet that needs attention. Good luck with the “sink grinder”!🍀💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It really is amazing how easy some of the fixit jobs are. I love YouTube for that – I have saved so much money being able to fix things myself. The garbage disposal is in! Thank goodness for my neighbor though – that is definitely a two person job maneuvering that thing under the sink and locking it in place. But – it’s in! Whew!

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  6. Partner and I also have the same approach to turkey, in that buying a whole bird is rather wasteful, as we won’t touch the dark meat. (And really, he’s not a big fan of turkey to begin with. One meal and he’s usually done for a while, whilst I can have turkey and dressing and gravy multiple times before I get a little bored.) So if we can’t find a nice turkey breast for the holidays, we’ll figure something else out. I can remember lean years when food was scarce, so I’m not going to waste anything if I can help it…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! I have gone without food. After the ex left and we got evicted, yadda yadda yadda… we were flat broke! Ben ate, he was about 10 months old, but there was Nothing for a couple days, a slim pickings for weeks after.
      I will keep looking, Older HAS to have turkey, younger is vegetarian, and I’m like your Partner… meh🤷🏼‍♀️. I guess if it comes to it, I can put it out for the crows and my friend the gull🤷🏼‍♀️


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