Part 239 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

After posting last night, I went outside to look at the actual sunset, and was surprised by what greeted me when I opened the side door.

The darker pictures were taken using the PRO setting, and the seagull joined the sunset viewing. And the actual Sun in the tree made a face. I’ve been seeing a lot of faces in my pictures. It’s trippy and cool, but also a little disconcerting.

Ben ate his “white chicken”, had his meds at 5:45pm, then his bath at 6pm. We dropped Daughter off at the hospital with no problems. Then came home, The Boys were tucked in and wished a Goodnight, and they slept. I did all the yadda yadda yadda and konked without my pill.

I woke up a bunch of times and Sophie Cat was on top of me every time. I woke for good at 5am, stiff and sore thanks to Sophie. Zeus must’ve heard me go outside to look at Venus and the Moon. He came outside which meant he’d gotten Ben up to open the door. GRRR! I found Ben on my bed looking lost. I grabbed his new slippers (all three of us got new slippers early. We usually wait for Santa) and put them on him, then covered him up. We stayed in my room until 5:45am or so, then went to the living room. I got his tablet, charger and water bottle. I discovered his tablet had been unplugged all night, the battery was at twelve percent. I hate when he does that. There’s no reason to unplug his tablet while he’s in bed. The charging cord is long enough, and it’s plugged into an extension cord… lots of give.

We settled on the couch and I texted Daughter while waiting for my coffee. I really should’ve activated the Dragon when I first got up. At 7:15am we left to get Daughter from work. She was waiting for us, which was good since there was a line of cars parked all along the curve of the driveway in front of the main entrance. I asked Daughter as she got in the car really fast if they were discharging everyone at 7:30am or what. She didn’t know why all the cars were there either. We went home, and went inside, fought our way past the whining, wiggling Dogzilla Monster and settled in. Daughter went to her room to change into comfies and watch her shows, Ben and I settled in the living room.

Just before 9am I noticed Sven was by his dish. Actually, he had one front foot IN his dish. Ben had turned his lights on and uncovered him around 7am cuz he wanted to play with the big “Resident Evil Train” that I’d Frankenstein’d for him. The “train” blocked my view of Sven, so I hadn’t realized he’d been eating. He’d gotten all three worms and whatever berries had been left, but the greens were crunchy-crumbly. I got him fresh greens and berries, but he was done eating.

I spent the morning trying to read through my WP reader. Ben spent the morning interrupting me. He needed tape, he needed help, he needed small circles cut out, he needed “red, blue, white lights”, he needed “big little Police“, he wanted “like this” without any picture or instructions. He is an expert at timing the interruptions for maximum frustration and aggravation. I gave the Head exploding, grey matter splattered speech again, and he didn’t bat an eye. Guess I need new material.

After the 10:30am med, Ben settled a bit. I gave him the train tracks he HAD to have, that we’d ordered. They came yesterday evening and I didn’t see the delivery until he was in the bath, too late. He built an oval track, then had me do some more modifications to his train… more taping stuff together, then taping it onto the train. He also did the Chalk Thang for a while. We just hung out. I finally got some uninterrupted time and made it through my Reader.

Around noon I was fighting sleep. I was fading into that fuzzy, almost asleep area. It’s a pleasant place, but not so great if you’re trying to write something. I inevitably erase, or type a bunch of random characters. The deleting is what bugs the most. The 12:30pm med alarm pulled me back from the brink. It was tough though. Today felt like a good day to sleep. It warmed up this afternoon and there was a nice breeze. Perfect weather. I gave Ben the half Adderall and went outside to look at the sky, get my blood moving, feel the Sun on my face… then I returned to Couch Sittin Duty when Ben came to get me.

Daughter got up around 1:45pm. She is off work for the night, then goes back tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday nights. Ben told her to go back to bed, he wanted “Gramma stay living room.” She would’ve gladly complied if I’d agreed to it, which I did not. I was ready for some Horizontal Time.

I took the Sun going behind the apartment pictures around 3:30pm. I’ll still be watching the actual sunset sky, but there are no clouds today. Ben will be having steak for dinner tonight, and Daughter ordered Mexican food for us. I need to go out to the stores after Ben is settled. I should’ve gone this afternoon, gotten it overwith. Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda… right?! I don’t have a lot to get, so it should be quick.

This is song is Forty Years Old… mind blowing! I saw Journey in early 1987. Great show!

Anyway You Want It – Journey

Thanks for stopping by. Another mellow day. I love it! Maybe drama will become an occasional thing instead of the norm. Wouldn’t that be nice? We could ALL do without the drama, right?! No plans for tomorrow except Driving Miss Daisy in the evening. We’ll probably sit around being bums all day. You’re invited to be a bum with us… or join whatever Adventures happen to come up. ¡Hasta mañana!






22 thoughts on “Part 239 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. Jupiter& Saturn have been visible in the south for a while. Mars is visible in the east after sunset, Venus before sunrise. Those can be seen with just your eyes. I think Neptune & Uranus can be seen with binoculars or a telescope. I have a great site bookmarked
      That site has a map of the night sky, plus you can put in your location and see where & when the planets are visible.
      I’m totally geeking out on this “Astronomy Scientist” thing😁

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  1. Nice calm day :). May tomorrow be the same! I’m mellowed out too. Great for sleep but I’m just not turning out intense rants on my blog like I have been, lol. Maybe I’ll write about cotton candy clouds tomorrow. 🧚‍♀️🦄🌈💐🍭🍬🧁

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    1. Cotton candy clouds would be good… maybe sticky, but good!😂

      I was at the grocery store tonight and could not find Edam cheese🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ They had every other kind… Thanksgiving coming and all… I should’ve just gotten some Gouda and Brie… but I wanted the Feta and chedder🤤🤤🤤 cheeeeese!
      They didn’t have the K2 either🤷🏼‍♀️ I wasn’t surprised about the vitamin, but the cheese… yeah! They have imported cheeses, goat cheese…all kinds of cheese, but no Edam. I’ll keep looking… I’m on a mission now😉💕🦋

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      1. Best place to get the vitamin might be on Amazon or some other online option or a health food store. I’ve never eaten Edam either but now I feel I need to.

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    1. Right!?!?
      Everything is “a few years ago”… hard to believe that song was on the radio when we were smoking weed in the sauna (not turned on) in 7th grade.🙊 I remember like it was yesterday… I just cant remember what day TODAY is😉😂

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  2. As usual, I’m picking something completely random out of your lovely recounting of the day: When it comes to Mexican food, two questions: What is your favorite Mexican restaurant? And, specific restaurant aside, what is your favorite Mexican dish? For me, Ojeda’s is my fave restaurant (small, local chain, there won’t be any in Cali) and my fave dish is currently a tie (though it fluctuates quite often, depending on the day) between puffed tacos and chile relleno stuffed with brisket, both of which are offerings at Ojeda’s. (Have I mentioned that I adore Ojeda’s? Perhaps a time or two, yes?) I seriously could eat Mexican every other day. Hi, my name is Brian, and I’m a queso-aholic…

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    1. My favorite used to be Cada De Bandini when it was in the “Mayor’s House” in Old Town. They lost their lease or something and moved up to Carlsbad, it’s like 35-40 miles away. Good Enchiladas Verde, but too far to drive. We’ve gone to Casa De Pico and I usually get some combo plate… I like most of it.
      We don’t do “restaurant” Mexican very often. Usually it’s a “taco-bertos” … whatever local hole in the wall taco shop. Do they have those in Dallas? Carne Asada fries, rolled tacos, ginormous burritos?? Huge greasy quesadillas?

      The sad part of Mexican dining for me is my allergy to avocados😭😭 Guacamole is so good, and my GI tract feels like its moving white hot barbed wire and broken glass, for hours & hours, if I have a tiny taste of avocado. It ruins the experience to have to say “No Guac, please” and get the stare of incomprehension ☹

      I also have a need for cheese! I’m not giving it up either😝😂

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  3. Great photos! When I walk the dogs at night I am lucky I haven’t fallen and gotten hurt because I am just staring at the sky looking for the planets and the constellations that I know. It’s cool to see so much up there! It directs Declan to watch YouTube videos about the planets on the big TV, so it has been a very educational month 🙂 Sounds like a good day (minus all the arts and crafts interruptions and directions 🙂 ). Here’s hoping for a chill day today too!

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    1. I’m learning SO much with my Sciencey Stuff. It’s fun, and even more fun when I can tell someone, “just look in (whatever direction) at (whatever time) and you’ll see (whatever planet)”
      Today started at 4am.🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ it was a hyper morning from 5am until about 9am. I got to see Venus, sunrise, my gull, then it brought its friend/mate back for a visit a little later. A LOT before 9am😂😂 I think the chill has begun, and Daughter should be waking up soon.
      I hope Clan Coupe is having a good weekend, especially the real leader, YOU!😉💕💖💃🏼

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