Part 244 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Ben was having an ADHD or Autism, or combo, OR just a BEN night! He dumped his chalk, he dumped dominoes, he was looking for his box of alphabet letters, he was playing with his gears, the big plastic ones and the small metal ones… he was outside, he was in my room, he was in the kitchen… closing windows and doors, turning lights off or on… just a SpazmaTaz of motion and mess! He seemed unable to stop to eat until after his meds… even then, he wasn’t eating, he was goofing with stuff. At 6:15pm I ran his bath, then he decided he was hungry. At 6:45 Daughter came and got him and practically had to throw him in the tub, he was distracted by everything. Daughter washed him real quick and he was ready to get out. Bedtime was more repeating, prompting and distractions… but finally accomplished.

I had taken all the pretties and cleaned up all the messes when Daughter came and got him…

Then it was Things and Stuff… I scheduled a WallyWorld pickup for Wednesday afternoon between 3pm-4pm. They didn’t have any morning slots available and I didn’t want to actually GO grocery shopping. It seems like I’m at the grocery store or the market every day.

Anyway, I did email and WP and other Stuff, ate soup (yes, Daughter made the soup) and took my pill around 10:45pm. I was asleep before midnight. WOOT WOOT!

I heard Ben get up around 6am, but Daughter was awake already (I was shocked too) so she called him into her room. Zeus, of course came straight to my room to sniff my ear. I was awake, listening, wondering if Ben was going to stay with Daughter or come Bounce me. He ended up staying with her until he’d stolen her body heat, then made her go to the living room.

I got up, started the Coffee Dragon, made my pit stop and went to say Good Morning to my avian friends. Seagull did a very high, circling fly-by and landed at the 7-11 across the street on the corner. I said hello and took a few pictures, but the quality is crap. My phone camera only goes to four times magnification and the quality isn’t good. I can’t wait until I have a real camera.

A regular Casa Cuckoo morning followed. At 8:55am I took over Couch Sittin Duty so Daughter could go to her room and Zoom with Ben’s med doctor. No changes. Thirty minutes later Daughter was back on Duty and I was Horizontal again.

Ben followed me into my room. After much wiggling and bedquaking, he was comfortable with his tablet and ready to give Royal Commands. First command was Pink Cookies, then came the opening of the soda. When he was really settled with tablet, cookies and soda, I went to clean up the abandoned chalk area in the kitchen walkway. I’d nearly fallen trying to step over and around the mess when I got the cookies.

I’d been in the middle of an email when HRH made his demands, so I finished that, after cleaning. Then I realized that it was 10am and went to uncover Sven. I got him fresh green and topped them with the blueberries and the same three worms, then moved him a bit closer to his dish. I was all set to paparazzi him, but he didn’t move except to Glare. I waited a minute or two, just to see if he was seriously not going to eat, and he kept Glaring… so I told him he was disappointing his fans… more Glaring.

Around 11:00am Daughter ordered a delivery from the Golden Arches. I got fries, and a burger for later. I ate all the fries and, again, did NOT go into a Food Coma. (Keanu?…) Ben ate some of his nuggets but wasnt really hungry. Or he was full from eating the frosting off the Pink Cookies.

He hung out in my room until 2:30pm. The alarm for his 2:30 meds went off, I gave him the meds, then he headed for the dirt hole. His tablet was down to 32% battery… it needed a charging break anyway. I was all caught up on my Reader and texting with a friend, waiting for WallyWorld to let me know my shtuff was ready for pickup. I realized way too late that scheduling for 3pm would probably mean no Sciencey Data for the day.

WallyWorld was late filling my order, so I lagged going to pick it up… just long enough to a couple pictures for Science. I saw a seagull when I was leaving with my groceries. Probably not my gull or mate but it was cool to see one. WallyWorld is even farther east than my house. Gulls are scavengers, so they go where the food is. Lots of food gets thrown away behind grocery stores… while people go hungry. Anyway… I brought the stuff home, stopped Ben from busting the wall and got Horizontal again. We’re moving into the countdown, no dinner cooking cuz he has Happy Meal nuggets, meds at 5:45pm, bath at 6pm, bedtime after… I’ll be watching the sunset… gathering my Chi.

BE where you are, right now…

Stand – R.E.M.

A weird morning for me. It wasn’t bad but I had a hard time getting started. It was another good day. Ben gets into stuff, makes messes, wants to bust stuff he shouldn’t… like walls… but all kids do stuff they shouldn’t. Tomorrow should be a repeat of today. Without WallyWorld. ¡Hasta mañana!






24 thoughts on “Part 244 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. Yep. And Ben has ADHD too… he just gets jittery at times. He used to grind his teeth all the time. I’m sure it feels awful for him, but it’s exhausting to be around it.
      He was calmer tonight… thank goodness.
      Enjoy your Thursdays!🤗🥰💕

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  1. Man! The word for today in my world was definitely “distracted”. I think I’ve got my focus back. You’ve got me dreaming about Big Macs 🙂 Fun song 🎶.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel like I am at the grocery store every day too. I have to go back again today as well. The in-laws canceled Thanksgiving at their house (which is TOTALLY fine with me) but now I need to get the stuff to make it myself (Bob has a hard time breaking routine – he already told me I need to make the turkey dry like his mom does (I thought we hated that part? I know I did.)). And the stores are getting nuts again. My local one was out of paper towels again. No taco shells, no waffle mix. I can’t believe we are doing this again. PA got new mandates yesterday. Another lockdown for us is imminent. And all three of the kid’s schools have had numerous positive cases. Really drags the mood down. But for today, Declan goes in, so I’ll focus on that. And I laughed about Sven. He did let the fans down 🙂 C’mon, Sven! I need ya, buddy! 🙂 Hope you have a good day today! Nice and chill!

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    1. We went to the more restricted tier on Tuesday. The stores are okay here so far, but I will be going again soon, since WallyWorld was out of some of the stuff… like BLUE RAMEN 😱🤦🏼‍♀️ plus the Pink Cookies only come from the one store🙄
      Bob likes dry turkey? Ugh! My ex was like that… maybe that’s why I’m not a huge fan🤔 I think we’re doing ours on Monday or Tuesday… Daughter is working the Holidays themselves.
      I’m really surprised that there haven’t been any cases reported at Ben’s school. They’re only 2 days a week, but they’re bringing the whole school through each week.
      The idjits make it harder for all of us.

      I hope you survived the store. 😉😂💕

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      1. I did! I drove a little farther and got the paper towel situation addressed. When I got home I realized Declan had taken a bite out of every apple and the jelly was empty for Bob’s PB&J lunch. AGGGGHHHH!! Back again tomorrow. 🙂
        No blue ramen!?! Oh no! I hope you find some soon. I have been fortunate in that area, and every time I go I buy two more 6 packs. If things are going to get nuts again, I am going to be ready!

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        1. Ben found the second to last box of Pink Cookies… I’ll be headed to the store again too🤦🏼‍♀️ WallyWorld didn’t have the Blue Ramen, but the cookie store usually has it, and I’ve seen it at the corner market… $0.75 a pack, but if I get desperate, I’ll pay.

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    1. You don’t want to shop at WallyWorld (Walmart) I don’t even go in the store… just do the pickup. It’s a horrible company and part of my soul dies every time I give them money. Ben’s “orange chicken”, the chicken nuggets he likes aren’t carried by my regular store anymore, so I do what I gotta do.

      I’m surprised walmart hasnt taken over the UK yet. I think world domination is part of their master plan. Do a search of “walmart shoppers” for images… yes, people really do wear that stuff.

      Always smiling😁💌💌💌

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  3. Supermarket waste is terrible and hotel and restaurant waste. I know there are a few schemes here to use it but not enough is happening – lots of people still go hungry. We live in two of the richest countries in the world, it is shameful.

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    1. Yes, shameful! And with the Kootie keeping people from working… a lot more people are relying on food banks or state food assistance programs. I’ve lived with “food insecurity” (nice words for going hungry, right?🙄) so I donate money, donate food, do whatever I can. No one, in either of our countries should be hungry.

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  4. Running with E R Kendrich’s comment: The amount of food waste in this country (and not just the supermarkets) is stunning. I feel bad if I have to toss ANY kind of food, so our “meals” around here often consist of completely unrelated things that are at risk of turning. We call them “snacky trays” to give them a flare that they don’t really have, but at least we eat them. Yet the dumpsters behind stores and restaurants (especially the buffet kind, where idiots pile more on their plate than they can eat) and whatnot are filled with perfectly edible food. So sad.

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    1. Yep! I’ve had times of “food insecurity” so I’m especially concious of wasted food. We only toss things that even the dog shouldn’t eat, and I hate that we let something go bad.
      My ex M-I-L called a leftovers meal “Musgo” cuz everything in the fridge Must Go.😂
      I think buffets may be a thing for the history books… at least here in SoCal. They all shut down when COVID came to town. I don’t know what the casinos on the reservations are doing… I’m sure they came up with a way to part fools from their money.

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