Part 252 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Science, beauty and mental health care, all in one place… the sunset.

… in the Science area, I gave bad information yesterday regarding the Moon and Mars. I wrote that Mars would be to the left of the Moon. Obviously from the last picture you can clearly see that Mars rose before the Moon. I can, with confidence tell you that if you see what appears to be a star, and it’s orangish in color, you’re looking at Mars… or perhaps clean your glasses and/or get your eyes checked. The second to last picture is Jupiter and Saturn, where I wrote they would be. Jupiter looks kinda weird in the picture, cuz it’s difficult to hold a phone over your head, pointed at a tiny section of sky, keep tapping at the screen to make it focus on Jupiter, yes! but show Saturn too, then press the dot that makes the shutter sound. Anyway, my apologies about the Martian Misinformation. Did anyone see the planets? Or the Moon?

Ben ate his steak in the living room with Daughter, then came to my room to get under the blankets on my bed, blanket tent style, and watch his tablet. Daughter delivered his night meds under the tent, promptly at 5:45pm. Then HRH indicated that he was quite ready “to go bedtime”, so I ran his bath. Bubbles were requested and bubbles were delivered. He and Zeus were in bed around 7pm.

The usual Things and Stuff for me, then back to my Comments, and my Reader, which I managed to get all the way through. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything. Apologies if I did, it wasn’t intentional. I ate, took my pills and konked around 11:30pm.

I woke several times, because I always do, but I didn’t check the times. Ben and Zeus came racing into my room a little before 6:30am. Bounce, bedquakes, ear-sniffing, then a cold draft as Ben got under the blankets for the heat-stealing “cuddle”. It’s still a cuddle in my book, and I’ll take it! The med alarm went off and HRH was commanding a relocation. Onward to Couch Sittin Duty.

I got Ben’s water bottle, tablet charger and grey fuzzy blanket. I covered him, Doped His Face, and plugged his tablet in. There was coffee left from yesterday, so I nuked a cup and went to look at the sky. Perfect timing too… Georgie and Gracie were headed my way. I said Good Morning. Georgie landed for a bit, but Gracie continued on. I made a couple more trips out, but it was chilly, low 40s F (5°C), so I didn’t stay long.

Ben partially uncovered Sven and turned on the lights. He likes to set up little diorama-like scenes in front of the terrarium, and he needs the light to make it right. Sven was still in his house, still sleeping. According to the Guessers, it’s supposed to warm up a little bit early next week, so I’ll start waking Sven up then. I could take pictures of him, but he’s just laying flat against the tile that has the heat pad under it, in his house, sleeping… not very exciting. We’ll wait until he’s awake.

Ben, Zeus and I settled on the couch. Ben was munching dry Apple Jacks, and watching his tablet, Zeus was laying under my legs, and I started going through all the Black Friday emails. I actually did some shopping. I got just about everything… spent nearly $400 in about fifteen minutes. Then I made myself stop, and started just deleting the emails. We all buy stuff for each other, or for ourselves, throughout the year. At Christmas we all get new pajamas and socks. I was able to find five sets of matching PJs this year, five three-packs of PJ bottoms, a grip of socks, and two pairs of sweatpants for Ben. I think I did pretty good for $400, and it’s useful stuff. I’ve got a bunch of stuff in the closet Stash that’s been set aside for under the tree.

Daughter got up around 9am and took over Couch Sittin Duty. Ben finished his cereal and asked for cookies. I asked if he wanted Oreos or Pink Cookies, and he chose the latter, big surprise, right?! I went to my room for Horizontal Time… and started on my WP comments and Reader.

At 12:15pm I was caught up on my Reader. WOOT WOOT! I got another cup of coffee, and nuked it to celebrate. Then I walked over to the market and came home and made a new pot of coffee. The new Coffee Dragon is unfamiliar to me and it took longer to get things going, and activated. But I managed. Younger texted to see if she could stop by after work to get mail and food. I told her of course she could, DUH! and asked what time she got off work. She texted that she’d probably leave at 4pm since it was slow at work. I asked Older Daughter if we were doing laundry today, and she said no, she figured the laundromat would be closed. I chose not to tell her that they are open on holidays too. I didn’t feel like doing laundry either.

Ben was eating Pink Cookies on my bed when I got back from the market. I made him scootch over out of my spot and joined him. We were both using our devices, but laying right next to each other. Another form of “cuddles”, Ben Style.

Ben hung out with me for a while, then went to the dirt hole for a while, then hung out with Daughter for a while. Very calm today, wanting to be close. It’s unusual, but not unheard of. Daughter started cooking “white chicken” for Ben around 3pm. I went out to look for my one legged Hopper friend in the Pecan tree, and it wasn’t there. I looked very carefully at the surrounding branches, then searched the ground. It had either moved to a completely different part of the tree, or it wasn’t able to make a second escape. I was a little sad, but that’s Nature. It had already lost one of its rear, “hopping” legs, it was doomed to be a meal. Birds have to eat too. I have pictures and my memories of discovery, identification, and visiting.

I took my Data Gathering pictures, and went back inside. Ben was eating his chicken and watching his tablet. He likes to eat his dinner on my bed. With the side door open, it’s almost like a picnic.

Daughter has work tonight, so we’ll be Driving Miss Daisy. Before that will be meds and bath time. Ben has been in a mellow, relaxed mood all day, so I don’t anticipate any problems. Younger will be stopping by on her way home from work, but other than Zeus getting too excited, that shouldn’t be a big deal either.

In honor of Thanksgiving in Anerica…

Eat It – Weird Al Yankovic

Thank you for sharing another day with me and The Boys… and Daughter, and Georgie and Gracie…Daughter will be working her three twelve hour shifts, starting tonight, so Ben and I will be Driving Miss Daisy in the evenings and mornings. The hospital is right next to a big shopping center, it will be interesting to see if many people will be doing the Black Friday thing. We’re under a curfew from 10pm to 5am so no Midnight Madness sales. Anyway, today is the actual Thanksgiving Holiday and in the spirit of the day, I want to tell you all how very thankful I am to have you visiting every day. Yes, it’s a blog post, but it truly IS my online home. I welcome each and every one of your visits to Casa Cuckoo! Your friendship and support has helped me more than I have words to express. Thank you! ¡Hasta mañana!






19 thoughts on “Part 252 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Happy thanksgiving dear Angie. Hope your evening is good and so is tomorrow.
    Your photos are awesome. I really never could identify any planets in the night sky. Thanks for the information too.
    🫂 hugs 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I knew Venus, it’s the “Morning Star” and Mars cuz it’s orange… I had to look up Jupiter, and Saturn. I’m learning about all kinds of things. It’s fun for me to look up and know exactly what I’m looking at. It gets dark so much earlier now, people will see the night sky more. 🤷🏼‍♀️ why not pass on what I’ve learned? Someone else might find it fun too.
      Have a Fantastic Friday, Sadje!🤗🥰💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was sweet! After he’s awake, he’s a little heater, so he was warming ME up😉 He’s not a real affectionate little guy. He’ll give hugs if you ask, but only for a second. So days like today are rare. We take full advantage when they do occur.🤗🥰😍

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Angie, to All of you 🎶💃. I Did see the planets. Last night I saw Mars and the moon rising in the East and I even saw Jupiter and Saturn! Thank you for all your sharing with Us. And, you’re a great science teacher! 🥰🌙💫🪐☀️🦃💞

    Liked by 1 person

      1. There’s some new emojis recently. I’m still learning them all. There’s an earthworm now. 😂🪱and a 🪶 which is way cool! Thanksgiving was very nice, thank you! I’m worn out 😴🎉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Not only do I not have the emojis… they don’t even show up☹ I just get a box with an x in it😭
          I bet you have an iPhone… Apple seems to roll out new emojis before android. We usually get them eventually. Something to look forward to, right? 😘💃🏼💫💕🌻🦋

          Liked by 1 person

    1. My house has always been an open place. When the daughters were growing up, in their teens especially, they brought all their friends to our house. Our house has always been judgement free and accepting, which was important to many of the friends who hung out. We even had a few overnight stays, and all I asked was that they let their parents know they were safe.
      This online version is awesome! I get to visit with lots of people without it being to people-y🎉💃🏼✨💫🤗🥰💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sounds like a nice chill day! Awesome! I am so far behind in the Christmas category. I haven’t gotten anything, and worse, I don’t know what to get. I plan to start thinking about that later today. For now? I am on major catch up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It makes it easier that we always get the same thing for the girls & me every year. Ben doesn’t really care what he gets, as long as he gets stuff😂😂
      Crayola is having sales… they have craft kits, you guys could make stuff for each other🤷🏼‍♀️ it’s a weird year💕

      Liked by 1 person

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