Part 253 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Starting with Science and sunset…

… Mars was not only above the Moon, it was to the right of the Moon. Good old Jupiter and Saturn are still exactly where they’re supposed to be. They’re moving ever closer together, from Earths perspective. Not in actual space… that would be really really bad!

Ben had his meds, then bath, then into some warm PJs and we Drove Miss Daisy. We dropped Daughter off at the hospital and came back home. Zeus goes straight to Ben’s bed when we get home. He’s a Good Dog and knows his job is to take care of Ben at night. Ben went straight to the fridge. His meds must’ve given him the munchies. I told him there were snacks next to his bed, and he headed that way.

The Boys were tucked in, wished a Goodnight, Daughter was texted, and emails were written. Things and Stuff were done, food was prepared, and eaten… I was Managing my Time. WOOT WOOT!

Daughter texted me that she had a patient that tested positive for the Kootie, but they were asymptomatic and it was two weeks ago. She still had to wear full PPE to work with that patient. She has always been super careful. She’s never brought anything home from work. I texted with her for a few minutes, then took my pills around 11:15 and hoped I’d get at least five hours of good sleep. I konked around midnight.

And woke at 3am, and 4am, and 5am… I got up at 5:45am and nuked a cup of coffee, then texted Daughter to let her know I was awake. The Boys got up around 6:15am. I got Ben settled on the couch with his tablet, water bottle, baggie of Apple Jacks and grey fuzzy blanket. He was a very content monarch in his blanket tent. Yes, I remembered to Dope His Face.

I went to look at the sky and for my avian friends, but it was dull and quiet. I took a few pictures anyway… I can’t seem to help myself. It was very chilly so I didn’t stay outside long. Also, no birds… I guess it was too cold for them too.

At 7:10am HRH and I went to the car to go get Daughter from work. We couldn’t leave right away cuz the windshield was covered in frost.

I cranked up the heat and we waited. It took six or seven minutes for the frost to melt enough for me to be able to see. I texted Daughter to let her know we were running late so she wouldn’t worry. We picked her up and the vibe in the car immediately changed. I asked her what was wrong, she looked like she was gonna cry. She started to talk about the patient with the positive test, then stopped to yell at Ben to sit back. The entire drive home, Ben was getting more wiggly and she was telling him to sit back, be still, stop touching that… She’s what I call a “broadcaster”. Her emotional state radiates out from her, very strongly. Ben is sensitive to it, and I’m super sensitive to it. The drive home was very uncomfortable.

We got home, went in the house and she immediately went to her room, got out of her scrubs, grabbed comfy clothes and headed to the shower. All because of one patient.

I found out, eventually, that he went to E.R. over two weeks ago from a Skilled Nursing Facility with a wound that wasn’t healing. The hospital tested him for COVID because they test everyone, and his test came back positive, he was admitted for wound care, he had no COVID symptoms. He has been in the hospital since being admitted. They did another test, and it came back positive also, but he still has zero symptoms. He’s still being treated for the wound. Daughter wore full PPE, just short of a Haz-Mat suit, every time she interacted with this patient. She has never brought anything home, and Skilled Nursing Facilities, where she worked for years prior to this job at the hospital, are full of things like MRSA, scabies, and hepatitis. I appreciate that she is being cautious, but she’s being a little over dramatic about it. She’s causing emotional upset by worrying so much about infecting me and Ben and both of us dying. That’s what she thinks about. Not that she just got over pneumonia and has a higher risk of complications than either Ben or I. Not that I have just as much chance getting it when I’m out doing ALL the errands. Not that Ben goes to school with other kids from all over the county who have poor hygiene skills like him. She’s worried about one asymptomatic patient that has been in the hospital over two weeks with zero symptoms.

Anyway, she got in the shower and Ben ran all over the house, dumping containers of chalk, dominoes, finger lights… making a huge mess and not able to decide or settle on an activity. He even went out to the dirt hole, but that didn’t settle him either. He finally started to calm down when Daughter went to her room.

We hung out on the couch with our devices, just chillin. I got Daughter’s laundry out of the washer and put mine and Ben’s stuff in. Aside from a few Royal Commands to fetch a soda or more Blue Ramen, we just sat together until 11am or so.

He got up and ran out to the dirt hole. I got up a few minutes after he did, to peek and make sure he wasn’t doing something he wasn’t supposed to. All was well! I cleaned up all the messes in the living room and went to get Horizontal and charge my phone.

At 12:30pm I took Ben’s med out to him in the dirt hole. He came running in the house about five minutes later, hit his head on the front door (on purpose) and fell down. I got up and went to him. I helped him up and to the couch. He must’ve hurt himself with the piece of brick or the pointed stick he uses in the dirt hole. It’s the only thing I can think of that would cause him to do the head hitting thing.

After I got him settled on the couch and got the thermometer to take his temperature and make everything All Better, I got my stuff from my room and joined him on the couch.

Daughter got up around 2:15. I got the other load of clothes out of the washer and got myself ready to go to the Quarter Lady’s domain. I put my clothes in the dryers, fed in the quarters I had, then went to get more. That’s when I saw her… she was mopping the floor. I said Hello. She asked how I was, I answered and asked her the same, she replied then went back to mopping. Hmmm… banal smalltalk. Am I suddenly just another customer? Does she not recognize me? I’m not her Best Friend OR a Thief… I had feelings that would need to be sorted later. I got my quarters, fed them in and went next door to 7-11. I was looking for dinner rolls for Daughter. I was avoiding going to the grocery store. The few things needed could be found at the market. No rolls at 7-11, but they did have cars… police cars. I bought two. Then I went to the market to get the rest of the stuff and almost walked out without Daughter’s big Monster Energy Drink. I grabbed it, handed the cashier a $5 and left, there was a line of people by then. She told me it was $4.05 as I was leaving. I’ll get the dollar back the next time I go. It’s a neighborhood market and they know me.

I went back to get the clothes at 3:15pm. I didn’t see Quarter Lady, but I was kinda rushing. I needed to get back home to take the pictures for my Science Project. The Sun sets earlier and earlier, and since I’m using the appartment building, I have to collect my data an hour before sunset. Anyway, I took the pictures, then I folded and put away the clothes. Then I got Horizontal.

It’s just about time for sunset. My nightly de-stress and recharge. We’ve got a Santa Ana for this weekend. Gusty winds from the desert, no clouds, low humidity… it was 12% earlier. My plaque psoriasis is NOT happy with the dry weather. We’ll be doing a repeat of last night’s routine. Driving Miss Daisy after feeding, Doping and bathing HRH.

A song that my Mental DJ treated me to…

Fly By Night – Rush

I’m so happy you came by to share another day’s Adventures with us. Today felt like it dragged by. Nothing really bad happened, minor annoyances, but that’s life. We have the same routine for the next couple of days. Daughter isnt off work until Sunday night. Ben is likely to be more restless… because of the Santa Ana this weekend. Windy, clear and dry… dangerous fire weather. The high pressure ALWAYS makes Ben jittery. I’ll probably have to keep him distracted and entertained. Maybe I can give you some distraction and entertainment too. ¡Hasta mañana!






14 thoughts on “Part 253 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. I feel bad for her too. Using logic doesn’t help. She’s just a worrier. She loves being a nurse, she’s really just terrified that she will infect both me and Ben, we’ll both die and it will be her fault. I think she’s bringing extra clothes, to change into after her shift, with her tonight. Hopefully she won’t have to work with that patient tonight, but they generally keep the same nurses in the same area if they work consecutive nights.🦋💕

      Liked by 1 person

  1. That’s pretty neat to shop at a market where they know you and you can get your change next time you pop in for something. 😊. I hope everything goes well for your daughter this evening. I have great respect for nurses and ALL they must go through to care for their patients and their own families. Hugs 🤗💞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve lived in this neighborhood for almost 30 years. The family that owns my house also owns the building the market is in, an until recently owned the market too. They got tired of running that business so the sold the market, but yeah… I like to shop at my local businesses when I can. Plus it’s practically next door… I’m over there several times a week for snacks or today I got a few packs of Blue Ramen cuz I didnt want to go to the grocery store.😉😂😂 I had a list with me and almost walked out without 1 of the 4 things on the list🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ I was chatting with the cashier, who has been there forever.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It is tough to be in close contact with patients with COVID. She is a worrier like my eldest. They will imagine scenario and get upset. I hope it’s a chillax day tomorrow. Take care my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, she’s a worrier. I told her to try not to stress too much and she said “I’m a worrier. It’s what I do.” I hate that she ties herself in knots, but she is who she is. She gets upset with me because she thinks I don’t worry enough… that I don’t care.🤦🏼‍♀️
      Hope your Saturday is super!🌻🦋💕🤗🥰💫

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First, great respect for Daughter and all caregivers in this wretched mess of 2020. (And in all years, really. It takes a certain gumption that is admirable yet so often overlooked.)

    Second, what’s up with Quarter Lady? Still don’t like her.

    Third, a big Monster Energy Drink costs four dollars in Cali? Dang. They’re about two bucks around here. (I can’t drink them because it can trigger my anxiety, but Partner dabbles from time to time.)

    Fourth, isn’t it swell when the folks at the corner marker know you well? I can barely get in the door and they already have my total rung up on the register, because they know exactly what I’m in there for… 😉

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    1. My city has a tax of almost 10% plus there’s the CRV (CA Rendemption Value) you pay a little extra for aluminum, glass & plastic… like the old deposits, to encourage recycling. And, the market is hella expensive on a lot of things. They charged me $0.79 for a package of Ramen. The beer is cheap though🤦🏼‍♀️ Honestly, EVERYTHING is more expensive here. They call it the “Sunshine Tax” and we pay… what choice?

      I don’t know about the Quarter Lady… I’m still processing… what was up with the small talk? At 6′ tall, I’m generally remembered.🤷🏼‍♀️

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  4. I’m sorry daughter is so stressed about the patient. I am a broadcaster too when I am stressed. It is no good, but I just hand my bad feelings out. I wish I didn’t, I’m just trying to unload them. I hope things go okay for her at work until Sunday when she can take a mental break. Quarter lady?! Next you will be talking about the weather with her. Well, no stink eye over the quarters, I guess! I hope Ben gets through the weekend okay too, with the weather the way it. My fingers are crossed for you guys to have a chill weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Daughter was distracted from Kootie guy by a new patient. He was lonely, needy and refused to do things for himself. He hit the call button so many times for stuff he could’ve done for himself. She gets frustrated with people who CAN take care of themselves but once they’re in the hospital the want the nurses to do everything for them… like hold the urinal for him. People who honestly can’t move their arms/hands would love to do for themselves, then you get people who take advantage, think she’s a servant. One more night and she has a few days off.

      Countdown to GLYSB Day!🎉💃🏼💫🌠💕

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