Part 258 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I went and got our food. I had a few bites when I got home but I wanted to be outside, camera ready… it was sunset time…

In case you’re interested, I got the “BBQ pulled pork on tots” it’s deep fried tater tots, pulled pork, coleslaw, and three onion rings with bbq sauce and ranch dressings drizzled over all. It looks like a mess, but the tots are crispy outside, but soft inside, the generous amount of pulled pork is moist and nom nom, the slaw adds great taste and texture. I can never finish it all , even spread out over a couple hours. I usually eat the rest the next day, adding a bit more bbq sauce and ranch.

Anyway, I was watching sunset and it was meh. Then I heard familiar squawking, but in a building wave, almost a roar… Parrots! A LOT by the sound…

from the first sound to the last sight of them was maybe fifteen seconds total. They fly SOOO fast! I was doing some Happy Dancing for sure, especially since they flew right overhead. I celebrated by eating more tots during the “intermission” part of sunset, then took more pictures.

Ben was playing with his chalk, his letters, and building a DC Pictues logo with taping help from me.

After sunset was over I got Horizontal. Ben grabbed his fries and tablet and joined me. When the med alarm went off at 5:45, I hollered it out, but got no response. I figured she didn’t hear me, so I got up and went to get the meds. She was asleep, or in a Food Coma. I got the meds and took them to Ben in my room.

A little after 6pm I asked him if he was ready for his bath and bedtime. He was, so I went to run a bubble bath. Daughter woke up during the bathing process. Ben played for a while after he was clean, then Daughter tucked him and Zeus in, and went to bed herself. Casa Cuckoo was quiet by 8pm.

I did some Stuff, but skipped the Things. I was pretty tired myself. I did some WP stuff, but kept dozing off. So I started writing an email that I wanted to send to a friend. I kept dozing off, and even erased everything I’d written at one point. I did manage to get the email written and finally sent around 12:30am. I took my pills and gave in to the Konk.

I surfaced a couple times but went right back under. I didn’t actually wake up until the med alarm went off at 6:30am. The house was quiet and Sophie Cat was still on top of me, which meant Dogzilla was still in Ben’s room. Cue Keanu!

I expected an imminent Bounce, so I stayed in my warm bed while I could. Unfortunately Nature called, so I got up to answer. Daughter got up and let Zeus out, who came directly to the baño door for some sniffing. I called out “Good Morning” cuz I wasn’t sure at that point if anyone other than Zeus was in the living room. No answer.

There was noone in the living room when I exited, so I nuked a cup of coffee and went to look at the sky and see if Georgie and Gracie were around. The Sun was up and there were a couple crows around, but I’d missed Georgie and Gracie if they’d come by. It was still chilly outside so I took a few pictures and went back in for my coffee.

Daughter and Ben were up and getting settled on the couch. I got Ben’s tablet, refilled his water bottle and filled a baggie with Apple Jacks for him to munch. Then I grabbed my coffee and went to my room. Ben joined me a little while later. He got all the way under the blankets, tent style and quietly watched his tablet.

Daughter put her clothes in the washer around 9:30am. I put my basketful in after hers were done. Then around noon, I masked up and mentally prepared myself to visit the Den of the Quarter Lady. I was bummed when I walked in to see that someone had snagged my usual dryers AND my backup choice. This did not bode well. I found two dryers that were acceptable, put the baskets down, and went toward the change machine. As I approached, I looked in the “office” area… it was Cleaner Lady, sitting and eating a mess of something and reading one of those tabloid papers. Dang! I got my quarters and put my clothes in… hoping that Quarter Lady might be there when I came back after the clothes were dry.

I got home and resumed my attempt at getting caught up on my WP reader. Then at 1pm when the alarm went off, I went to get the clothes. Cleaner Lady was still there, still sitting and looking at her paper, but she had a new mess of food in front of her. I got my clothes and left… disappointed again.

I should just forget about this whole thing with the Quarter Lady. I don’t take kindly to being called a liar though. I don’t lie. Then she was super sweet, like we were friends… now she gives “small talk”? And sometimes isn’t even there… ah well, until we get a new dryer or Ben stops launching the outside hangers into space… piñata style, I’ll be making trips to the laundromat, the Quarter Lady’s Domain. I will continue to be prepared cuz I just dont trust her. She called me a liar. To my face. Not cool!

I brought the clothes home, folded and put them away. Then I dove back into my Reader, still trying to get caught up. I read and commented steadily until 3:15pm, except for a couple breaks to open a soda or tape something for HRH.

At 3:15pm Daughter asked “Would it be alright if I went and laid down for an hour?” I told her “NO!” Then I told her I didn’t care. That I’d see her in a couple hours, only partially joking. She said couldn’t sleep for two hours, she had to get up and make Ben’s dinner and stuff. I replied with “Yeah yeah, sure sure.” She went to her room. Ben said “Gramma come living room.” Big surprise there.

So into the living room, which was such a disaster that I started Huffing and Puffing immediately. I also started cleaning up immediately. I can’t handle it when everything is all over the floor and there’s no room to walk, and the couch is covered with Stuff … just mess, chaotic mess! It makes me feel anxious and jittery. And of course the alarm to go take pictures of the Sun and the apartment building went off in the middle of all this, cuz that’s how Casa Cuckoo life, or MY life anyway, works. I got my pictures, got the living room straightened up, and began my Couch Sittin Duty. Ben munched poofs and watched his tablet, sitting next to me.

The Sun is getting ready to go behind the western hills. Time for me to be ready with my phone camera. Gotta keep an eye on the time too so I can fix food for Ben and wake Daughter up in time for work. I don’t believe she will get up on her own. I just dont…

Good band… good song.

Something To Believe In – Young The Giant

Another Adventure completed, another Adventure waiting. Can you believe we’ve been hanging out every day since March?! Are you tired of Casa Cuckoo yet? My Science Project is almost over, and I need to find a new one. Any suggestions? Tomorrow’s agenda includes picking Daughter up from work and Couch Sittin Duty. I’m sure we’ll find some other stuff to do. I hope you’ll join us. ¡Hasta mañana!






15 thoughts on “Part 258 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. The whole sky is full of parrots! They must get loud when they fly over. They make me think of the movie Rio. Did Ben ever like it? What size are they individually? Are they larger or smaller than Georgie and Gracie? Hope everything is smooth flying tonight. Hugs 🤗 🐶🎶✨🍪☕️🌷❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are really loud! Really REALLY loud! You can hear them a long way off.
      They are about the size of pigeons. Smaller than Georgie and Gracie. Bigger than a Mockingbird or Jay
      Ben did see RIO a while ago. He liked it but didn’t get “Stuck” on it like some of his other movies.🦜🦜💕💃🏼✨🦋🤗🥰

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Definitely still short of sleep. I’ll never “catch up”. I’m resigned to 6 hours being awesome, 5 is good enough and 4 is doable… less than 4 is tough though.

      I was so excited to see so many Parrots! I just love them, and I never know when they’re going to be around. I had just commented to someone recently that I hadn’t seen them in a while, maybe they were done with my part of the county for a while… then there they were. They fly SO fast, it’s amazing to see so many birds all at once. And they’re really REALLY loud, squawking the entire time.🦜💃🏼✨💫💕🤗🥰

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I lucked out with the pictures. I was already outside and standing in the one “open” spot and they kindly flew directly overhead. I almost fell over backwards taking pictures but I didn’t so that’s good 😂😂
      The mellow days are becoming more frequent. I like it. Ben and his selective hearing is getting a bit annoying, but he’s 12. I have a feeling when the hormones hit we’re gonna have problems. My 3 nephews lived with us for about 6 months so I have tiny bit of teen boy experience. Tiny bit.
      I’m doomed.😂

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    1. Yay! New Music🎶💃🏼 I’m always looking for new bands, or old bands I missed. I like so many different kinds of music. I try to mix it up. I always hope someone will find something new, or be reminded of an old favorite.

      Funky’s and Parrots! A good night!✨💫💃🏼💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. They don’t usually travel together in such large groups, but occasionally the all group together. It may have been their Farewell for a while. They migrate around the county, going where the food is. 🤷🏼‍♀️
      I hope not. I love them, even though they are incredibly LOUD!💕🦜✨💃🏼💫

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  2. I love Young the Giant. I have a lot of their songs downloaded on my old iPod thing for when I run on my treadmill, but I haven’t been running there (or anywhere) so I haven’t been listening. Nice treat! All those parrots! That was pretty cool. The other day Declan and I were driving down the highway when a huge swarm of birds flew overhead. It got a little dangerous there because we were both in awe staring at the sky – although my eyes should have been on the road. Still so cool to see! Well, I hope you guys have a great, chill day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Young The Giant is one of those bands I forget about, the I hear song and I remember how much I like them.

      It’s pretty cool to see so many birds all take off and fly away together. The Parrots are so LOUD!! They are continuously squawking, even when they’re flying. And they fly SOOO fast. I’ve heard them and run outside and still missed them. I always get so excited when I see them! One of these days I’d like to photograph them in good light, to show everyone their true color. Someday…🤞🦜💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 they’re never around long enough to try to teach them words. I’m sure you’re not the first person to think of that.😉🦜
      I can just imagine the whole group of them speeding by squawking out the F-bomb, or “shite”… or your favorite, ‘pants”😂😂😂😂💌💌💌

      Liked by 1 person

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