Part 273 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

I took pictures, cooked “orange chicken” in the toaster oven, and kept an eye on Ben while Daughter slept. Sunrise was Meh at first, but there was a brush fire to the north and I think the smoke is what caused the orangish clouds. They weren’t there before… no clouds, all day.

Daughter did get up at 5pm, which honestly surprised me. I took a few more pictures… the one of the Moon with Jupiter and Saturn was taken around 5:30pm.

At bath time, Ben put up minimal resistance but it wasnt really a problem. We got everyone and everything ready and left a little early. Daughter wanted to get the unknown overwith. She was pretty sure she’d be working with COVID patients. We dropped her off, came home, The Boys were tucked in, and Daughter was texted.

She texted back with the news that she would be working with COVID patients. That meant changing into hospital scrubs, (then changing back to personal scrubs to go home) working with a partner, and full PPE. She told me the Emergency Department had Thirty-one people who were COVID positive, waiting for beds to open. They are going to convert her entire unit. I asked her if her co-workers were angry about the stupidity of not wearing a mask, or following guidelines, she said “Oh, yeah!”

It sucks that there has been such a surge in cases… that people chose to ignore their safety, and the safety of others. Daughter had been stressing about work, concerned that she’d get it and infect me and Ben. It’s actually better for her anxiety to just dive in, and get used to working with the Kootie people. That way she’s not gonna wonder every day she’s scheduled whether or not it will be with the Kootie. Now she knows, she will be working a COVID unit, ALL the patients will have the Kootie.

Things and Stuff, I ate my entire Double Double Animal Style, which surprised me, texted with both daughters periodically, uploaded the four minute Parrots video to YouTube as suggested by wonderful reader Jeff, dozed a little, took my meds around 11pm and konked around 11:30pm.

The Bounce came at 4:45am, followed by “cuddles”. I managed to keep him in bed, under the blankets with me until 5:30am. Amazing, right?! Then it was off to the living room for Couch Sittin Duty. I didn’t sit down though, I was looking at the sky. If I have to be up before dawn, I wanna see Venus… and I did.

Too bad I can’t see Venus from my kitchen window… I’d stay warmer inside, right next to my friend, the Coffee Dragon, and take ALL the pictures from the window. No visits from Georgie or Gracie today.

We left on time to get Daughter from work. We waited… and waited… and waited… Her relief hadn’t come to take report yet, so she couldn’t leave. Finally after fifteen minutes of overtime, forty-five minutes after the other nurse clocked in, Daughter had the Charge Nurse drag her relief out of the break room. Daughter specifically asked the Charge cuz she’s had issues with this gal before. She wanted someone in the “higher levels” to witness the problem, maybe DO something about it.

Anyway, instead of leaving at 7:25am, she got in the car at 7:47am… exhausted. We came home, Daughter went to her room, said she’d be up at 2pm, all I said was “okay”, without sarcasm or disbelief (really! I was an Honor Thespian in school… I can act!), and Ben, Zeus and I settled on the couch under blankets. I’d turned Sven’s lights on earlier, so before falling into the dent in the couch I peeked at him. He cracked an eye, then closed it. I moved the lights and heat coil directly over him and left him alone to sleep, envious.

Ben and I just hung out. I left a small, new box of chalk in Ben’s newest chalk bucket. Something for him to do. We had a few bad moments when he was freaking out about a specific piece of chalk, pointing to the box. I tried to help him. He kept saying “light green chalk” so I went through the bucket, pulling all the green ones out, but he was still freaking out. Then the 12:30pm med alarm went off for his Adderall. I gave him the half pill and got the other identical smaller box of chalk from my closet and gave it to him. That’s forty-eight pieces of new chalk today. It solved the looming catastrophe though, so all good.

Daughter got up at 2:15pm, we did the super secret ceremony for the Changing Of The Couch Sitters, then I went to get Horizontal and charge my phone. Oh man, my back was happier on my bed! Zeus had been laying on the end of the chaise part of the couch, the Couch Sittin spot. He started out curled in the standard K9 position, but over time he’d stretched out, full length, diagonally. I was left trying to sit around him. Why didn’t I just make him move? Because I was cold and he was warm. I traded being a popsicle for being a pretzel. I’m very flexible so I prefer pretzel to popsicle, TYVM. Ben continued to play with his chalk, leaving multi-colored piles of chalk dust here, there, and everywhere.

I went out to take the Sciency pictures at 3:25pm like usual and found the sky completely covered in dark clouds in the southwest. I’d looked out on my way to Horizontal Time and the south was hazy, but the west was clear and blue. I guess the high pressure we’ve had left us. I don’t know if there will be a sunset to see tonight or not.

Daughter is cooking Ben’s steak dinner early. He really hasnt eaten much today, even though the snacks were placed within reach by his loyal peasant, me. Then, we do the routine before Driving Miss Daisy.

I’m really liking Dirty Honey. I’ll be keeping my ears ready for more from this band.

Rolling 7s – Dirty Honey

Just another mellow Thor’sDay… glad it’s not Tuesday, cuz that was a mad day, a rushed around crazy day… just another mellow Thor’sDay. Song rip-off aside, it was a mellow day. Tomorrow’s agenda starts the same as today’s. Hopefully a later wake-up for me, and an earlier clock-out for Daughter, but just as mellow. No Driving Miss Daisy tomorrow night. And Hopefully Younger will get a nice birthday present of an email with a negative test result. This IS Casa Cuckoo so all those nice things could happen or part of Skynet could fall into my backyard. Ya just never know. ¡Hasta mañana!






Thank you for the Compliment, JB!

16 thoughts on “Part 273 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

    1. The Christmas lights is the kitchen window🤣 If I could see just a little farther south… unfortunately the window in set in an alcove between the bathroom and the hot water heater shed thingy. Jacked up, cobbled together house🙄🤦🏼‍♀️😂💕

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  1. Sounds like a pretty chill day – nice! Sorry daughter has to work so close to the kootie – that must be so stressful for her. I don’t know Dirty Honey either but liked the song. I will have to check them out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There’s a video on YouTube of them doing an Aerosmith song… awesome too. Dude can sing and the band can play. I think they must be fairly new cuz they dont have a lot out there. There was another band with the same name… what are the odds?😂
      Yeah, mellow is good! Daughter is talking about not getting the vaccine IF they offer it to her. There are only so many🤷🏼‍♀️ I told her with her recent bronchitis that turned to pneumonia and her 2 previous cases of pneumonia, she should take the vaccine. She said she’d make a deal with me. She’d take the vaccine and if it killed her🙄 I had to get a tombstone with “I told you so” on it to remind me.
      These are the conversations we have😂😂💕🤗🥰🌨❄☃️

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  2. I can imagine daughter was exhausted when she got in the car. That’s lousy about her relief clocking in and then hanging out in the break room so long. – Pretty cool song and beautiful catch of Venus. ☺️🎶✨💝

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Yeah, she was pooped! That girl has lagged before, on a GLYSB day. Grrr!
      Daughter’s schedule is wonky for the rest of the month because of the holidays. It’s good she’s only working 2 nights instead of 3. But then only one day off. The rest is so weird I can’t remember… we have it on 4 calendars🤣🤣
      Hopefully we’ll miss Venus tomorrow. I wouldn’t mind… honest.😉😂💕💃🏼✨🌠🦋

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  3. Love the sunrise photos. It looks so serene out there. Happy that you had a mellow day today. The relief nurse not checking in on time is so irresponsible. If it were a school day, you’d be late for the yellow bus. Sleep well my friend. Hope tomorrow is a good day. Hugs 🤗 and love ❤️

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    1. Thank you. Sunrise did look serene today… it was quiet, but very cold!
      That nurse was late on a GLYSB day! Now Daughter requests Sunday & Monday nights off so she’s home on school days. The gal told her “you should’ve just left”🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ without giving report… on a COVID unit. How did she become a nurse???? Scary thought!

      Jumma Mubarak, Sadje!🤗🥰💕

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      1. It is not the done thing to leave an active unit without handing over to the new coming replacement. Very irresponsible of her.
        Thanks my friend for remembering. Have a restful night

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    1. I think Dirty Honey is fairly new. I like them a lot. A little Aerosmith, Guns & Rose’s, maybe some Black Crows mixed it. Talented group.
      Always smiling! That’s why I have so many wrinkles. It’s not just cuz I’m old.😂😂😂💌💌💌

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    1. Thank you!💕 It was more stressful leading up to her unit turning COVID. The waiting and the unknown. The hospital has very strict guidelines to protect the staff, and all the PPE. It’s actually turning out to be less work for her since people aren’t on the call light asking for silly little things, like she’s a waitress, or servant. 🙄Plus, working in pairs, she always has help.😉

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  4. “The waiting and the unknown.” I completely agree that, for easily-stressed or anxious folks (like me!), it’s often better to just face whatever you’re dreading and do your best to move forward. It’s not EASY to do so, of course, but it’s better in the end.

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    1. Yep! We were talking about it tonight and she was telling me all the steps for taking the PPE off, after coming out of the room. Crazy! But it’s good that they’re taking it VERY seriously! She feels safe. And she agrees that it was better to just dive in. People doing it for the first time are freaking out.

      She’s actually like a “lead” now since she was one of the first nurses in her unit to work COVID so she’s helping to train everyone else😂😂

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