Part 274 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Between 2:30pm and around 5pm, the sky went through some serious changes.

The weirdest weather… maybe it’s normal for other places, but I don’t remember seeing a weird wall of clouds, then completely cloudy, then patchy, then poof! gone… so quickly. The two pictures taken over the apartment building, #3 and #4, were taken an hour apart. Then an hour later it’s glowing yellow. Weird, but pretty… and Parrots! They didn’t hang out, just did the fly-by, but it was enough to make me Happy Dance!

Ben was eating his steak while I was taking pictures. When he finished, he said “Look what I did!” and held up his plate. Made me giggle. I heaped the praise, then ran his bath. Amazingly, everything went smoothly with getting him ready to Drive Miss Daisy, which also went fine. The Boys were tucked in and Daughter was texted. The only issue was discovered after The Boys were in bed… Zeus had gotten into the trash to get the styrofoam tray thingies the steak came on. There was about a pound of chalk dust on top but that didn’t deter him. The Big Dumb Jerk.

I cleaned up his mess, got Horizontal and did some WP stuff. Apparently I also dozed and drooled… so attractive. Anyway, I got a late start on the Things and Stuff, but they were done. I nuked an Amy’s bowl, ate, took drugs and was asleep around midnight.

The Bounce and bedquake occured at 1:45am. Yes, ONE forty-five. It took me until 2:10am to realize that first number was a one. I should just switch to twenty-four hour time, I used it at my job, it’s familiar to me. Of course it probably wouldn’t’ve helped exhausted crossed eyes see the time any better.

Ben wanted me to go to the living room with him and I staged a Peasant Revolt. There was no way I was getting up at 2am to start Couch Sittin. He ran off, baño bound I believe. I was texting Daughter to share the news. I waited for him to come back to my room, but he must’ve dozed on the couch. I eventually dozed while waiting for him. Next I knew was 4:45ish door kicking. I yelled for him to stop and got up. At least it was the light kicking and not battering ram pounding.

I got us settled, texted “Happy Birthday” to Younger, then texted Older to let her know the latest. I took a few pictures of the sky while Venus was still visible. The sunrise was Meh, and it was chilly and I was tired and there was no Georgie or Gracie, soooo… I just stayed inside until it was time to get Daughter from work.

Daughter was late coming out this morning cuz she had to wait to change out of the hospital Kootie scrubs into her own clean scrubs to leave. There’s only one bathroom designated as a changing room. I’m going to start leaving a little later. We got home, settled in our customary areas and began the Post Work routine. Daughter said she’d be up at noon. I told her “Guido doan believe you” she said “You’ll see.” I told her I was more than willing to say “Guido believe you now.” (It’s from Cars… we speak in movie quotes a lot).

At 9am I heard Daughter’s laptop go off, and Ben rolled over. Daughter was obviously going to sleep, and Ben had been stretched out, earbuds in, watching his tablet under a blanket tent. When he rolled over the blanket came off his face and I could see that his eyes were closed. I waited until 9:10, then grabbed my stuff, covered him with the throw I’d been using, and went to my room. No reason to stay on the couch if he was gonna sleep.

I worked through my WP comments and Reader and I dozed a bit. (What is with all the drool lately?! My sinuses are clear… it’s kinda gross.) The 10:30 med alarm brought me out of the last doze. I turned it off and ignored it. I was not going to wake Ben up to give him a pill. He woke up around 11:30am. I heard him making noise but stayed in my room til he called for me. That was at 11:45… “Gramma come living room please” at least he said please. I gave him the pill and settled into the dent for some more Couch Sittin.

Daughter got up at 1:30pm. She was apologizing and saying she tried to get up at noon. I kept telling her to forget it. That it was no big deal. I told her about Ben having a nap and when I gave him meds. She took over Couch Sittin Duty and I got more coffee and headed to my room for Horizontal Time.

I heard Ben making his Happy Sounds so I guessed that he was doing his chalk thang. I didn’t know for sure cuz I was in and out of dozing. It was very relaxed in the Casa and I was very tired. Also, there was no pressure or urgency to get something done. It was nice to relax. When it was time to take the Sciencey Pictures I peeked and saw Ben doing the chalk thang so I’d guessed correctly.

It’s just about sunset time. There are zero clouds and a brisk breeze. I think I might just watch from the comfort of my bed with the side door open. It’s been a lazy day, and after the Sciencey Stuff, the point of watching sunset was relaxing and mental health. I think laying on my bed is good for my mental health too. No Driving Miss Daisy tonight… no stress… Nice!!

Best thing about the 90s Grunge look?? The long beautiful hair and the comfy clothes. Best music of the 90s? Gotta be Pearl Jam

Even Flow – Pearl Jam

Aside from the 2am Bounce, and the 4:45an door kicking, today was a very mellow day. I spent a lot of it unintentionally dozing, but I guess that’s to be expected after only two hours of actual sleep. Plus, I’m just chronically tired. My body is stepping in to tell me I’ve pushed too hard for too long… I WILL rest, whether I want to or not. Tomorrow’s agenda has nothing until we take Daughter to work tomorrow night. Care to guess what time the Bounce will occur? Come by and find out. ¡Hasta mañana!






18 thoughts on “Part 274 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. 1:45?! Oh my gosh, that is so early. I am glad the rest of the day was pretty mellow. That must have helped to have to wake so early with so much broken up sleep.

    I swear I wear the scrunched up face when I realize some of the things Molly has eaten that were on top of some real food. And I can lay out the biggest freshest water bowl but she still chooses the toilet for her water of choice. So gross! Big dumb dogs.

    Here is hoping you get a full night of restful sleep and have a great day ahead!


    1. Yeah, I couldn’t believe it was 1:45am either. I swear it said 4:45am the first time I looked at it. Then to see 2:10 or whatever it was… I wanted to cry! Thank goodness the rest of the day way chill!

      Zeus has never drank from the toilet. It surprises me actually. And he only gets in the trash when we all leave. They’re Big, Dumb and aggravating at times, but they’re Sweeties too. I’m still glad we rescued Zeus from the shelter, as I’m sure you’re glad you’ve got your Big Dummy.🐶💕
      Ben is asking about presents every day, several times a day. I bet D is doing the same😂😂 I hope you have a great Saturday, and Hey! You still have GLYSB days to look forward to💃🏼💫✨💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d love to see Pearl Jam too! They don’t tour as much and shows are hella expensive. Maybe when we’re all old(er) and (more) decrepit, the tickets will be cheaper😂😂
      You’re not sleeping much either, I notice. Not good for either of us.☹💌💌💌


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