Part 285 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

The rain storm took a bit of a break around sunset, but it was still mostly cloudy and dark in the west. The east was a little clearer and the nearly full Moon (Full tonight – Tuesday) was up and beautiful, so I took pictures of the Moon!

Ben ate his “orange chicken”, watched his tablet and bickered with Daughter. He went to bed around 6:45pm. Daughter went to her room and I did all the usual. Mostly I worked through all the negative energy I had soaked up during the long, grouchy day. I was almost in tears at one point. Not because I was necessarily sad, but because I was FULL.

Being an Empath is like being a sponge. I soak up all the emotions of those around me, and like a sponge, when I’m soaked through, it spills out. I didn’t cry. Sometimes it helps, mostly it gives me a stuffy nose and a headache.

Anyway, I konked out at some point after 10pm, woke around midnight and took my meds, then konked again.

The med alarm woke me again. Same routine… The Boys met me in the living room, yadda yadda yadda.

When opened the side door for Zeus I saw blue sky so I went around to the back gate to check out sunrise.

No visit from the G’s today, but a couple of crows stood in for them on the market roof. I did see one gull flying in from the west as I went back inside.

Regular morning routine with me and Ben and dog named Zeus*… sorry, I’m my own little Musical, breaking into paraphrased song at random moments. Ben watched his tablet, Ben did the chalk thang while loudly making Happy Noises, Ben told me to get dressed and go to the store, Ben played near the Mud Hole and had to be cleaned up… a regular Casa Cuckoo morning.

I ordered a grocery delivery last night cuz they offered me free delivery. The delivery came at 9:45am. I gotta say, this is the second time I’ve used InstaCart and both times were great. I like that you can choose replacement options and leave notes for the “shopper”. I got text updates and when they didn’t have my first or second choice for butter, I got to approve the choice the “shopper” made. The website was a little slow, but that might’ve been on my end with Daughter and Ben both online too. Okay, I’m not trying to be a commercial here, just passing along my experience to my Blogging Buddies.

Daughter rolled out at 10:45am. Thankfully she didn’t start with apologies and excuses. We said Good Morning and she took over Couch Sittin Duty… after the Ceremony, obviously. I visited my buddy, the Coffee Dragon on the way to my room and Horizontal Time.

An update for Fans of Sven The Grumpy Dragon… he is still in brumation mode, in his house. He cracks an eye and gives me a glare once in a while, but that’s it. The weather Guessers predict temperatures in the low 60s F (16-18C) during the day and low-mid 30s F (0-2C) overnight for the next week or so, so I’m gonna leave him be. Hopefully we’ll all warm up more soon.

The med alarms marked the time and the morning became the afternoon. It was a much more mellow, much nicer day! Ben played in or around the Mud Hole again and needed to have his clothes changed, again. He managed to get his slippers mud-caked too. I have tons of laundry to do. Sigh!

It’s almost time to open the side door and see what the sky is doing. It’s been changing all day. Dinner, meds, bath and bed for Ben and hopefully the same for me. Early would be nice.

* The song I paraphrased earlier got stuck in my head. No car radio today and the DJ in my head got stuck on The Carpenters yesterday, and continued playing their songs until Lobo knocked them out and took over the Earworm Spot.

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo – Lobo

Thanks for daring to come back after all the glaring and grouchiness of yesterday. Except for a few scattered “showers”, both storms, the rain and the grouch, seem to have passed. Good News! Which Ben has been singing for days now… a second song is in order

Good News – Randy Newman

Laundry tomorrow, and Daughter goes back to work tomorrow night, we’ll have some fun before then… ¡Hasta mañana!






20 thoughts on “Part 285 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. Ugh – I feel your pain being around the negative energy and then having it just spill out without being actually sad, but just feeling someone else’s awful. That stinks you felt that way. I am glad today was better in that respect.
    I am happy the shopping experience was a good one. I haven’t used a delivery service yet. It is good to know how the process works though. And here is hoping that Sven gets all the sleep he needs so he can start entertaining us again! I never realized how much I appreciated a bearded dragon’s “look.” 🙂
    I hope you have a smooth night, a restful sleep, and a great day ahead!

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    1. I’ve only used delivery when I couldn’t find what I wanted, like Ben’s chicken, at Vons or WallyWorld. I searched and usually I get a delivery service thingy and both times were free so why not?! It’s good to know in case the Kootie gets me. Daughter doesnt drive, so it would have to be delivery. Or have Younger drop stuff outside🤷🏼‍♀️

      We had a hiccup at the end of the night. Ben started falling asleep while Daughter was cooking “white chicken”. We woke him up, gave him his bath but he didn’t want to eat, just kept saying he was ready for bedtime. Daughter got super frustrated. She keeps trying to make him stick to her schedule instead of just going with his. I understand being frustrated that he didnt want to eat after she cooked, but why start a fight over it? 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
      I know you get that part too. So, another “grumpy shower”.🤷🏼‍♀️
      I miss Sven’s Judgey McJudgeypants looks too.😂 It’s just too cold for him. I envy his ability to sleep for weeks at a time!
      I hope you get/got good sleep and have a peaceful Wednesday!🤞💕💃🏼✨

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    1. “orange chicken” is what Ben calls the TGIFriday’s boneless chicken bites… frozen chicken nuggets. He will occasionally eat other kinds but prefers those. They’re “orange” because the breading is an orangish color. It’s actually more tan, but I dont question it.
      There’s also “white chicken” which is cubed chicken breasts fried up in butter with salt, pepper & garlic powder.

      I really need to make a “dictionary” for all the names and phrases of Casa Cuckoo.🤔💕


  2. The atmosphere we live in effects us, and being an empath, it would be more so for you. I’m glad that it’s better today. When I was in Seattle, the instacart delivery was the best in my experience too. They were efficient and quick. And once or twice, if we ordered early enough, they found TP 🧻 for us too.
    Hope you get to go to sleep early tonight. Hoping for a a lovely day tomorrow. Hugs and love Angie

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    1. Thanks, Sadje! I’m glad you had good service with them too. It may just be a US thing or even a west coast thing, but ya never know what little bit of info will help someone. I just throw it ALL out there🤣🤣
      I’m gonna try to make it an early night. We’ll see if the universe and HRH cooperate 😉😂

      I hope your Wednesday is off to a good start, and gets better!☕💕🤗🥰✨💫

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  3. Love the Lobo song and the pics. That last one in the first group w the moon framed in the lights & wires is really great! Hope tomorrow is more chill. Everyone seems anxious for this crap year to be gone 💖

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    1. I thought about you when I wrote the line with “…and a dog named Zeus”. I knew you’d know the song. I’m glad Lobo kicked the Carpenters out. I like them, but enough already.
      With his speech issues, Ben sounds like a preschooler when he’s singing. Listening to him sing Good News cracks me up. You should teach it to your granddaughter. 😉😂
      I usually try to put a favorite as the last picture. I’m glad you like it too.😻 I’m trying to be a “Photographer” now that I’m not doing Sciencey Stuff anymore… ya know, so I don’t get bored😂🤣😂🤣

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  4. I’m not familiar with Instacart. I’m going to check and see if I have it around here because that would be very cool. I have thought a lot lately about how we are going back in time in a way to when groceries were routinely delivered and not actually shopped for. Perhaps there will be a return to perishables being delivered as needed in a routine service kind of way. I could live with that. 😊

    I understand that Full feeling you mention. It can be sort of overwhelming at times. I hope laundry is lovely and gulls are gleeful today and that the coffee dragon is happily burbling his dragon song 🎶😊

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    1. That would be kinda cool to have service people come… only on specific days and times though. I dont like unexpected visits. I’m a grouchy old hermit lady… get off my lawn!!!😘🤣🤣

      Errands… yep laundry and a trip to Vons to get Ben’s Adderall filled…and since I’m there anyway🙄🤦🏼‍♀️ Maybe I’ll treat myself to a Starbucks😘☕🐉💃🏼💕🦋

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    1. Yep! We do all have grouchy or sad days. I remember when my girls were young and I’d get PMS and just be irritated at EVERYTHING. I couldn’t help it…
      I’d tell them to just stay away from me as much as possible, that I didn’t mean to be a grump (I think I used stronger language 😉) but I was probably going to hurt their feelings.
      I hated being like that, but I really couldn’t help it. I give a lot of leeway, I just wish she’d go to her room and not broadcast her grumpiness everywhere🤷🏼‍♀️

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      1. I think it’s good to be honest with our children so they learn we’re only human. If I ever felt I’d been unfair I’d apologize. We can only do our best and we have to rub along together – it doesn’t get easier as they grow older! 🙂

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  5. I totally get the empath thing. I ran around last week bringing food to my uncle and cousin who have Covid. Home made chicken broth, lasagna with pasta made from scratch, gingerbread cookies, oranges from our tree, a juice of beet melon ginger turmeric celery and apple I made, and chocolates. I had to drive an hour and a half to deliver them. My poor 88 yr old uncle! Met them on the driveway. They wanted us to go in. Nope Nope nope. Andrew came with me and he wouldn’t shake their hands or anything. They came down with it Dec 5th, so most likely they weren’t contagious, but we weren’t taking any chances.

    I’m also feeling bad for a 91 yr old aunt who lives in Alameda. this was her first Christmas ALONE. She has colon cancer and can’t get the virus. I’ve been wanting to bring her food also. It hasn’t happened yet. She is a sweetheart. Loves stickers!

    Have a good day


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    1. That was super sweet of you! 3 hours round trip and all the work to make the stuff… very sweet!!
      And very smart to keep your distance. When Younger was exposed before Christmas and had to get tested, we were already making a plan B for Christmas in case she turned out positive. Luckily she was negative and Ben didn’t have to wait or miss having his Auntie come over.💕

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