Part 318 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

No clouds to speak of, so sunset was kinda Meh last night. I’ll take a Meh sunset over rain though.

Meds, bath and bedtime… easy and no grumpies from Gramma. Younger was planning to come by and get her mail after she got off work at 9pm, but she changed her mind. She texted me around 7:45pm to let me know she’d come over today (Sunday) after work… around 3:30pm.

I did the usual, started an email a little after 8pm, konked in the middle of writing it, woke up and finished it just before 10pm, ate my Big Mac, took my pill and got under my blankets.

I woke at 4:15am to BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Ben was kicking the front door. I yelled at him to knock it off. I tried to get him to come get in bed with me, he wanted me to come to the living room. As I’ve written before, his persistence is stronger than my ability to ignore, so I went to start Couch Sittin Duty. Daughter yelled for him to stop when I did, so she was awake, but her ability to ignore is greater than mine. Perhaps I should take lessons?

I was sitting on the couch with Ben, cold and grumpy, occasionally dozing when HRH would let me. My hands were ice cold and going numb, so I went to hold them under warm water to get my circulation going, stop them from hurting. I glanced out the window, and oh, WOW! I spent the next forty-five minutes or so going back and forth. I’d take pictures until I couldn’t feel my fingers, then come inside, drink coffee and hold my hands under warm water, then back out again.

I made a video of the best pictures, and for those who don’t want to watch a minute thirty-one second video, I picked five pictures for a Gallery.

Sunday Sunrise (1:31)

Daughter got up and took over Couch Sittin Duty around 9:15am. I got more coffee and went to my room to get Horizontal.

Ben and Daughter hung out in the living room and I leisurely read through my WP Reader and comments. I hollered out the med alarms, I refilled my coffee, and Daughter came into my room to chat a few times… the groove at the Casa had definitely mellowed.

I took a stroll around the backyard around 1:45pm, and was surprised to see the entire sky overcast. It felt humid. What kind of wonky weather was this? The Guessers site had shown the temperature warming up, but I was expecting sunshine, not horizon to horizon blah.

I planned on putting Mr Grumpy in the shower, then taking him out to bask in the sunshine, but there was no sunshine. He was still mostly snoozing anyway. He moved a little bit, and I was watching to see if he was going to eat, but he just laid down again. Maybe tomorrow.

Younger called just after 3pm to see if everything was okay so she could stop by to get her mail. She knows how things can be with Ben, and she knows it’s better to check before coming by, especially in the afternoon. I told her that everything was groovy, come on by.

She stopped by, fought the Dogzilla into submission, played her role in the Sweeney Todd-esque drama Ben was creating, earned a kiss from “Benjamin Johnny Depp” and received her mail. She hugged me and made her grand exit.

It’s just about time to watch the sky to see if the cloudy Meh is going to turn color or stay white and grey. I’ll need to make a trip to the little market at least, possibly the grocery store. I don’t want to do either.

Not what you’d expect from Black Sabbath. It’s not a hardcore guitar, head banging kinda song. It’s mellow and very cool IMO.

Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath

A very rude awakening, followed by a freezing but pretty sunrise, followed by a mellow late morning/early afternoon. So basically, a “normal” Casa Cuckoo day. The big excitement was Younger stopping by for ten minutes to get her mail. Hopefully tomorrow will start a little later, and a LOT quieter. There’s nothing specific on the agenda other than a Zoom, but that’s Daughter’s deal. Thanks for hanging out, let’s do it again tomorrow. ¡Hasta mañana!