Part 299 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

If you missed the start of this series, you can find it here. A lot of things will be the same or very similar.

Sunset last night was chill. Not very exciting but the vibe in the house stayed mellow, so all good. I heard the Parrots but missed them like three different times. I’m just happy that they’re still around.

Ben was extremely focused on doing his chalk thang. Daughter kept telling him to get his bowl of white chicken off the counter and eat. I got tired of hearing her tell him after the tenth or twelfth times, so I got up, got the chicken, forked a few pieces and told Ben to open his mouth. He ate it and wanted more. I forked a few more pieces and handed him the fork. He ate on his own after that. We have to get him started sometimes, and words won’t do it.

Meds, and bath followed. Daughter konked out on the couch when I went to the corner market. Ben had gotten out of the tub, put his bathrobe on, and was sitting on his bed eating Apple Jacks. I had to laugh, but Daughter didn’t find it amusing. I guess she felt guilty about falling asleep and not waking when he went by.

She got him into jammas and tucked in, then went to bed. I did all the usual, including randomly dozing off. I got the Stuff done that I wanted to get done, ate some food, took my meds and read some fluff articles, waiting to sleep. I stayed away from WP cuz I didn’t want to have to apologize for weird or missing comments. I konked around midnight.

At 2:30am I woke up and saw Zeus sitting in my doorway. I heard Ben in the living room, and I listened for Daughter and konked back out while I was listening to hear if she was up with him. I woke again a little after 3am, sent an email to a friend that was just emojis, and listened. I heard Daughter and was gonna go back to sleep, but Nature’s Call.

Back to bed and back to sleep. I woke around 6:15am and had to use the baño again. Stupid dry air making me thirsty, then having to use the baño a bazillion times. I looked out the window and thought about going out to look for Venus, but gave it a pass. After a visit to the Coffee Dragon and a chat with Daughter, I decided to go have a look at the sky. Between around 6:40 and 7:15 I was back and forth a bunch of times, and I took over seventy-five pictures.

It was nice to see crows and gulls, even if it wasn’t Georgie and Gracie. Mister Crow stopped by for a little chat, but left when another crow landed.

Daughter and Ben hung out in the living room most of the morning, except for about thirty minutes of SpazmaTaz, hitting himself and falling on my bed while watching himself in the mirror around 9am. After he quit with the bedquakes, and nearly landing on me, he sat down and completely stole my blanket. I got up and got one off his bed. He decided I wasn’t any fun and left. I guess I was supposed to steal the blanket back? Maybe he was just moving on to the next thing. Whatever, I was just glad the bedquakes were over.

Unfortunately the SpazmaTaz returned around 1:30pm. He had a lot of energy and he’s a hyposensitive, sensory seeker. I understand his needs and I don’t mind a little bit of bedquaking, flopping around, silliness. After a while it gets annoying. Anything repeated over and over gets annoying.

We’ve got a Santa Ana building, and the dryness is irritating my skin. My plaque psoriasis has been flaring intensely. It feels like an itchy sunburn, with that too tight feeling. I’m using a thick moisturizer, but that only helps a little. Plus it takes time and effort to work the cream, which is denser than butter, into the skin of my entire six feet of body. And here I am, whining again… ugh! Anyway, I’m more irritable than usual, and the high pressure that goes along with a Santa Ana makes Ben more agitated. It’s just a bunch or minor irritants, nothing major. I asked Ben to stop. He wouldn’t, or couldn’t so I went and hid in the bathroom for ten or fifteen minutes. He moved to the living room while I was hiding.

Around 4pm I went to get more coffee and found Daughter and Ben asleep on the couch. I’d been thinking it was awfully quiet out there for a while. I took a picture of them and left them alone. They’ll wake when they wake. It’s nice to not worry about it.

It’s about time for me to go look at the sky again, and watch the sunset. Maybe I’ll actually see the Parrots tonight. If they come by, that is. Maybe if sunset is a bust again, I’ll have a little nap too. Anything is possible at Casa Cuckoo.

This song was released in 1987. Sad that the lyrics are still so relevant…

The Way It Is – Bruce Hornsby And The Range

Sleep wasn’t great, but that’s a chronic problem for me. The rest of the day was pretty good. It was nice to not have any errands or anything to worry about. Tomorrow is Daughter’s birthday and she wants to sleep and lay in bed all day. She also wants In-N-Out, so I’ll be on Couch Sittin Duty and making the drive and waiting in the line for Double Doubles. I was going to make Lumpia too, but haven’t been able to find the egg roll wrappers. Tomorrow should be pretty mellow too. Fingers crossed. ¡Hasta mañana!






18 thoughts on “Part 299 ~ The Adventures of King Ben & Zeus the Big Dumb Dog

  1. That stinks about your psoriasis. The flare ups sound like they are no fun – not like psoriasis is enjoyable on any given day, but on days when it barks that must be really tough. I hope the weather gives you and your skin (and Ben) a break.

    Happy early birthday to daughter! I hope she has a great day doing nothing and relaxing. I hope you all have a great day actually, enjoying some chill time!

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  2. It must be tough dealing with psoriasis when it’s flared up. Wishing you relief and comfort from this irritation my dear.
    An early happy birthday to your daughter. Hope it’s a good relaxed day. Lots of hugs for you my friend. Good night.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I keep thinking about one of Rory’s questions… what liquid would I want to be submerged in? That’s easy… I keep saying warm oil would feel wonderful! Good for my skin AND my achey muscles.😂😂
      We’re having a good day so far🤞
      I hope your Wednesday was fantastic and you have peaceful sleep and beautiful dreams!✨💃🏼🌈🕊😴💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Warm oil seems perfect. And if someone can give you a good massage that’ll be even better. Take care. Thanks for the lovely wishes. It was a busy day.


  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! The lines around In and Out Burger are ridiculous. It amazes me people wait for that. I bet they could go to the store and make their own burger by the time they get their food.

    Egg rolls and Lumpia. Nom. I don’t make that very often. It’s a ton of work, but worth the effort.

    Sounds like casa cookoo is still having sleep issues. It must be hard for your daughter who works nights.
    Have I expressed my gratitude lately for her and those that are helping the community? Sooo thankful.

    Have you looked up herbs that might help with skin condition? I believe in these old fashioned remedies. I wish you could lessen your stress. That would help the skin condition immensely.

    Only thing new here is Curtis’s dog Hank is extremely ill. He’s a boxer, only 7 maybe and has cancer we think. Spent $1,500 already and still no official diagnosis. The emergency hospital wanted to keep him overnight and do a scope of his internal organs. Poor guy is pooping and peeing blood. It’s been horrible to see my son grieve his beloved friend and pet. And I’m going to miss him too.

    Sorry for the sad news. The chickens are doing great. I must go feed them and put them in their run.

    Take care friend


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    1. Poor pup! Euthanasia is such a hard choice. It’s tough to let go and tough to know when the time is right.☹

      Sleep continues to be an issue. Ben has always had problems and so have I. Daughter chooses to work nights and she can sleep whatever time it is… she rarely has trouble sleeping 😂😂😂

      I’ve been taking vitamin K2 for the past couple months. Along with vitamin D which I get from the Sun, K2 is supposed to help with the scales. Not helping so far. Stress really is the biggest factor. Not much I can do about that🤷🏼‍♀️

      Enjoy the adorable chickens, Farmer Teri😘💕🌻🦋🤗🥰


  4. Perfect song choice, with the Bruce Hornsby tune. The words are so relevant right now, even if they are sad in the “big picture” sense. It makes you wonder why so many people refuse to grow. They can’t be happy, yet they still resist…

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    1. It seemed like we were gonna change the world back in the 80s… what the hell happened?! Reagan happened, but still… LGBTetc (I forget the rest of the letters🤦🏼‍♀️) have more rights now, but it seems like nothing else has gotten better. And a lot if stuff got worse, just in the last 4 years… sigh.
      I’ve still got my 80s hope though. Maybe we can still make an inclusive peaceful world.

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